Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cielo Rosso Swimwear...From Sunset to Sunrise

By Laura Medina

As a fashion photographer who is lucky to shot swimwear on the beach, Michael Castillo didn't feel lucky.  More like concerned, he can't help but noticed and watched swimwear models constantly fidgeting with their bikinis and bathing suits, especially as they run, jump, and move.  The non-stop pulling and yanking adjusting, on the straps, strings, and openings, were holding back the shoot; and Michael would watch models being self-conscious, not being care-free as the fashion shoot he hoped for.

Determined to remedy this, Michael took it upon himself to make trendy, sexy, but comfortable swimwear that moves with the woman, unconsciously and care-free.  Traveling and living with models, he knows women need something dressier when they step off the sands and onto the sidewalk for shopping and dining.  He thought it would made sense to round out his emerging swimwear line with stylish and easy cover-ups constructed from the same swimwear and some eco-friendly but sensible bamboo sportswear/cover-ups that are great for travel and wear on remote, exotic locations.

While pondering of what to name his new swimwear line, Michael just always thought of this amazing red sunset on an Italian beach while in Italy.  It always pop into his head, can't get rid of it.  So, why not?  This is when he decided to name his line, "Cielo Rosso," Italian for "Red Sky," dreamy and sexy as his swimwear line.

Michael made the leap.  He went back to school to learn swimwear construction and fabrication.  He even partnered up with a creative director.  Despite just launching Cielo Rosso, Michael is still learning new skills and knowledge so he can further improve his line.

His fun and functional Cielo Rosso bikinis and cover-ups recently caught the eyes of Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel, who asked him to personally design pool-friendly uniforms for their waitresses, exclusively for the hotel.  Cielo Rosso's comfortable halter tops, bandeaus, and wrap-skirts are comfortable enough for the waitress to cater to the hipster clientele while the hipster guests love staring at the sexy get-ups under the hot sun and sultry night.

This is a big triumphant for Michael.

The plus for Michael was him adding lounge wear that doubles as cover-ups for the pool, the bar, the restaurant, the shops, and the sidewalks in creamy white, travel-friendly bamboo.  The entire cover-up collection has detailed stitched edges for durability and style.

Not so focused on the environmentalism but on the functionality for island-hopping, yachting, and jet-setting (he sensed this scribe travels a lot), Michael emphasizes the anti-bacterial properties, the lightness, the breath ability, softness, and toughness of bamboo.  The knits makes these cover-ups sweat-friendly.

These creamy bamboo lounge wear can double as sleepwear on a sweaty, hot night.  The fiber's anti-bacterial character helps.

The lounge wear, corresponding to the above photos, come in...

  1. Siena-Organic Bamboo Lounge Pants, the perfect lounge pant for any destination.
  2. Michaela-Organic Bamboo Long Skirt with contrasting white detailed stitched edges, is a super cute skirt, making it a great cover up for any swimsuit.
  3. Arabella-Organic Bamboo Shorts are cute, comfortable and doubles as a cover up or just to wear out.

  4. Organic Bamboo Ruffled Edge Sarong in luxurious bamboo fabric.  Its stylish design is the perfect accessory for any Cielo Rosso Swimsuit.

  5. Rimini Cover Up-Organic Bamboo Shift Dress is the perfect cover up for any destination.

     6.  Some of his black cover-ups, such as this strapless maxi dress make for easier coordinating but with better options for dressing up.

Since the whole line can be rolled up into ball then tossed into a carry-on or tote bag, Cielo Rosso is ideal for resort-hiding and island-hopping jet-setting gypsies, a.k.a "the gypsets."

Michael didn't stop there.  With a new collaborator, he wanted to prolong the life of his swimwear and cover-ups with a beach-friendly detergent, Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath,

A 8 oz. bottle contains 117 baths while 2.2 oz mini bottle holds 29 baths of this biodegradable and hypo-allergenic formulas that removes the chlorine to prevent your suit from yellowing while keeping the whites white and removes the chemicals and oils that are harmful to the fabric in your suit. 

In how to take care of your Cielo Rosso swimwear with Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath...

"Your swimsuit should be rinsed in cool water after each time you wear it whether for swimming or sunbathing. Perspiration and body oils react with the elasticity of the fibers causing them to stretch so removing them as soon as possible is important. The chlorine in pools can also harm a swimsuit's elasticity and cause the fabric to yellow, so prompt cleaning is very important"

"After rinsing out the suit, you must wash your suit. Plain water does not remove all the salt or chlorine. Refill the sink with water and add just a dime size portion of Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath. Turn your swimsuit inside out. Swish the suit around in the water, then let soak for a few additional minutes. When the water turns grey, that is the natural signal that the chlorine has been removed. Then rinse the suit well until water is clear. Gently squeeze - don't wring - the water out of the fabric"
Michael Castillo achieve something only a few swimwear designers, much less male designers, have accomplished...not functional but frumpy bathing suits, not sexy but silly bikinis...with daisy dukes as cover-ups...Oh no, he developed a complete resortwear line that is contemporary, sexy, and smart, all rolled up in one that can be worn any where in the world from Hilton Head to Miami to Mexico to Malibu.

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