Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The No-Water Facial for Your Face. The Laser Facial, Skin Laundry

By Laura Medina

As the initial part of a series of "The Damage is Done, Now What?,"  this intrepid, sympathetic scribe has been on a hunt for women and men who are in the same age demographic as this scribe but isn't as regimented as this scribe in regards to skincare and damage prevention.

As this scribe embarked on this beauty/skincare path, in addition to fashion and fine dining, many a people and readers have been asking, pleading, and begging for skin protection, prevention, and the Holy Grail of Skincare, reversing the damage.

Yep...the hunt in collecting and gathering then trying various methods and items have a time-consuming affair but let's face it (yes, pun intended), it was a fun journey trying and undergoing experimental state-of-the art treatments that have yet to hit the mainstream.

Well, this scribe discovered this eco-friendly, water-less, effective, and quick laser facial shop, Skin Laundry on 1230 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, California.

Think of Skin Laundry as a high-tech laser/Intense pulse light (IPL) therapy facial built on the one-stop concept of Dry Bar and Blushington, where they specialize, with laser beam focus (yes, another intended pun), on one beauty method and make it great.

Unlike most laser rejuvenation facilities, Skin Laundry has a softer ambiance of a comforting spa in hushed tones of cream and wood to ease people into the laser facial.

In the lobby/reception area, they have a small, vanity area where you can politely wipe off that day's makeup off your face so they can do the laser facial on you.

When the technician is ready for you, the guest is guided into a treatment that is curtained off.

First, you need to wear a pair of goggles and shut your eyes really tight because they are going to use two type of lasers on your face. Mind you, Skin Laundry only does the face and no other body areas. Also, they only do facials, not tattoo/hair removals.

Then, the technician slathers on a cooling gel all-over the face to ease you into relaxation and buffer the first set of laser.

The first set of laser is a light, prickles of laser beams sterilizing the environmental pollution and bacteria...that...no matter how hard you scrub and wipe, those germs are still there.  This first set of laser eradicates them.  This is the deepest clean a person can get without harsh scrubbing of an old-fashion microdermabrasion or the deep burn of medical chemical peel.  Actually, the little prickles of light beams are pretty mild compared to this scribe's intense microdermabrasion of yore.

The second and final set is the light therapy.  It is not pin-point prickly as the first laser set.  Instead, it is a wider beam of warm glow (Trust me in keeping your eyes shut and keep wearing that goggle. You'll see the two different types of laser beams).  It is this warmth that really gently "repair the damages of past habits or sins."

This final and second half of the light therapy rejuvenates your skin tone by boosting collagen and elastin production, removes sun damaged and aging spots, dramatically reduces wrinkles and fine lines, improves active acne and blemish prone skin, evens out skin tones and improves scaring and blemishes, whitens and brightens your complexion, tightens and firms sagging skin for a youthful   appearance, and here is the kicker...helps reverse the daily damages caused by sun exposure. 

In a nutshell, Skin Laundry provides a deep, thorough clean without wasting water or using harsh chemicals or rough rubbing then it gradually "reverse and repair" the damages from a lifetime of smoking, drinking, and frying underneath the sun.

This isn't an "one-shot miracle."  Skin Laundry is a softer, gradual laser skin therapy that is recommended no more than once a week.  They prefer that you give your face a rest before continuing with the next session.  Ideally, continuing on a two-week basis is preferred if you want to fast-track it safely and gradually.  Oh yeah, the two to one day before your laser facial, they suggest you don't exfoliate (physically or chemically) or use Retina-A. 

What is really cool, other than the free first time session, the entire two-step facial lasts more than 5 to 10 minutes.  They apply their own oil-free sunscreen serum to protect their work and absolutely no recovery time.

Unless chemical peels or even with microdermabrasion, there is no downtime for healing, no additional rest or recovery with additional gels and balms or even beauty balms.  Skin Laundry laser facial is really the pick-me-up-and-go treatment.  You'll be back at the office in no time.

This scribe was really impressed by the clear, soft, and matte resulting complexion, sans Photoshop.

Compared to other laser rejuvenation centers, they're fair.  The first time is free to see if you feel comfortable and like the results.  Thereafter, a single Skin Laundry laser facial is pretty reasonable, $75 for one appointment.  Depending if you have a balls, galas, award shows, and/or that impending high school reunion, you can plan ahead by picking these packages:
a three pack for $220 (saving $5) , a series of six for $430 ($20) , or a pack of 12 sessions for $860 (saving $40) .  

For this scribe's readers, it is nice that you all have set this scribe on a quest to "reverse and repair the damage."

This is the first but not the last in reversing and repairing the damage from youthful ignorance and laziness.

Skin Laundry is the first and one of many options on the market.

For those who don't live and can't make it to Skin Laundry Santa Monica on 1230 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403 or Skin Laundry WeHo on 8789 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90048...don't fret!

This scribe has been discovering and collecting various items, products, and methods out there, that are already on your city's shelves or can be ordered online. 

Expect more and better, it's a never-ending journey. 

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