Friday, January 20, 2017

WGN America's "Outsiders" returns Tuesday, January 24th with brand new Season 2...with Astronaut/Actor, Pete Freeland

By Laura Medina

WGN America has a good sense of humor about itself.

They know how they fill their airwaves, during the daytime, with "Cops" reruns then save their fresh tv series for primetime.

In a nifty crossover for their audience, WGN America is doing then airing "Cops" spoof promotional ads for their new, hot series, "Outsiders," with the second season premiering Tuesday, January 24th at 9pm,  Astronaut/Actor/Renaissance Man, Pete Freeland stars in this crossover "Cops" spoof/ad as Sheriff  Thomas Gray of the city/township of Blackburg, Kentucky.

For those wondering where the heck is WGN America is located, please go to  Type in your zip code, it'll pull up the local channel for WGN America in your neighborhood.  For 90049, they're:

AT&T U-verse TV - Los Angeles - Digital

  • Channel 180
  • Channel 1180
  • Frontier Fios Pomona - Pomona - Digital

    • Channel 68
    • Channel 568
  • Time Warner Cable City of Los Angeles - Eagle Rock - Digital

    • Channel 126
  • Time Warner Cable East San Fernando - San Fernando - Digital

    • Channel 126
  • Time Warner Cable Sherman Oaks - Westchester - Digital

    • Channel 25
    • Channel 126
  • Time Warner Cable - Santa Monica - Digital

    • Channel 126
  • DIRECTV Los Angeles

    • Channel 307

    • Channel 307
  • DISH Los Angeles

    • Channel 239
    • Channel 4934
    • Channel 5533
    • Channel 9446
  • DISH Network

    • Channel 239
    • Channel 4934
    • Channel 5533
    • Channel 9446

  • For those in Charleston, South Carolina:

    Charter Communications - Hickory - Digital - Hickory - Digital

    • Channel 736
    • Channel 82
  • Comcast Charleston / No. Charleston - North Charleston - Digital - North Charleston - Digital

    • Channel 437
    • Channel 71
  • WOW Charleston - Charleston - Digital - Charleston - Digital

    • Channel 910
    • Channel 105
  • DIRECTV Charleston SC

    • Channel 307

    • Channel 307
  • DISH Charleston

    • Channel 9446
    • Channel 5533
    • Channel 4934
    • Channel 239
  • DISH Network

    • Channel 239
    • Channel 4934
    • Channel 5533
    • Channel 9446

  • The previous Wednesday night, WGN America with Ok! and Star Magazines, screen the first episode of the "Outsiders" second season.

    In keeping with the spirit of the Appalachian locale, mentality, and food, snack bags of beef jerky and popcorn were there to snack on.  However since the screening is in Beverly Hills, there is cupcake galore.

    Also keeping in with the "spirit" of the Appalachian heritage, WGN's "Outsiders" teamed up with Ole Smoky Moonshine for a special edition Ole Smoky Moonshine.

    It's infused with ginger and ginseng, and housed in a commemorative mason jar.

    Ole Smoky Outsiders Farrell Shine is inspired by the ‘Farrell wine’ featured in the show – which tells the story of the Farrell clan and their struggle for power and control in the hills of Appalachia, Kentucky – and contains similar ingredients.

    “The Farrell Clan is steeped in tradition, and moonshine is certainly a significant part of their family ritual,” said WGN America’s EVP of marketing and promotions, Brian Dollenmayer.
    “Ole Smoky serves as the perfect collaborator for us as we continue to generate excitement with fans everywhere for the upcoming second season of ‘Outsiders’.”

    The collaboration includes a limited edition moonshine SKU, TV spots, digital media, and in-store POS.

    In addition, fans will have the chance to win a trip to Tennessee with three guests by entering the ‘C’mon Live Like An Outsider’ sweepstakes.

    The group will be flown to Gatlinburg where they will learn how to make moonshine at Ole Smoky’s distillery, and enjoy outdoor activities such as ATV riding, fishing, and hunting.

    “There is a tremendous connection between the Outsiders and Ole Smoky’s fan base,” said Meg Bruno, VP of marketing, Ole Smoky.

    “Creating a co-branded 360° campaign with the team at WGN America seemed like a natural fit for our company.”

    Ole Smoky’s Outsiders Farrell Shine will be available from January 24 in conjunction with the second season premiere of Outsiders. The campaign will run until April 30.

    The basis for "Outsiders" came from the most boring of conversations.  The creator/writer/producer, Peter Mattei's friend was talking about mountain top mining where it's easier for a company to shave off the top than it is digging deep into the mountain.

    Due to colonial immigration of the Scot-Irish during the formation of the United States, these Scot-Irish families settled and made these isolated mountains their home.  From there, among the isolated mountains, they grew into "clans" and formed their own culture, their own laws, then, forget dialect, their own language.

    Growing and forming in isolated environment, this separation from mainstream society, eventually, causes clashes between the working class "townies" down the hill and the isolated clan, the fictional Farrells.  This is the formation of the general tension.

    What sparks then further fuels the flames is the discovery of coal in the Farrell Clan's land and a dying coal-mining town yearning for more coal-mining jobs.  That is the town's heritage and culture.

    It's fighting for keeping the pre-Industrial Scot-Irish hunting and gathering versus a coal-mining town that does nothing but coal-mining.

    What keeps this drama "a drama," from a comedy is that the creator/producer, Peter Mattei doesn't do broad, generalizing strokes of the clans whose ancestors first settle this land.  He treats their isolated, clannish mountain culture with history and respect. These are not "hillbillies" or a joke to be point and laugh at.

    The fictional Appalchian family clan, The Farrells, kept their Scottish/Celtic warrior martial art skills and their holistic wisdom, and to some extent, their Gaelic/Celtic Druid religious belief and rituals.  The Farrells' steadhold on their ancient Celtic/Gaelic ways, further intensified by the Appalachian Mountains' isolation, only increased their distrust of the mainstream "townies." Which, in return, only increases ignorance and fear by the "townies;" who are also clinging onto their own culture tied to economics and jobs.

    Not all of "Outsiders" Farrell Clan are so afraid of the outside, mainstream world.  Hasil, played by Kyle Gallner, is a young Farrell bursting with curiosity then fell in love with a townie, who's African-American.  This obviously changes both their paths.

    Another Farrell who knows there's a bigger world out there is Asa Farrell, the rightful heir to the Farrell Clan throne.

    Restless and curious ten years ago, Asa (Joe Anderson) traveled to the West Coast where he learned in the real world, that money and cooperating with the authorities do matter, especially for family business prosperity.  Something that the cashless Farrell Clan doesn't understand.  Treated like a stranger upon his return, with his new family. Asa's worldly knowledge may or may not save the Farrell Clan.

    Peter Mattei made sure there are strong, dominant women characters in "Outsiders."

    Gwin, played by Gillian Alexy, is an Appalachian Lady MacBeth, a woman who marries for power.  She literally marry the old man, while fanning the flames with his son, who's the same age as her.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum is Haylie Grimes, the mining company executive determined to shave off the mountain top for more coal, more jobs.  She's the one who's really running the town of Blackburg.

    According to Peter Mattie, what really drives the series, overall, is what the characters truly desire in life and how about they do, attaining it.  This is what makes the show compelling as it earns intellectual cultural respect among the growing viewership.

    A character who does good for good things makes for a boring story.

    What most call conflicts is what the writers/producers, Peter Tolan and Peter Mattei say drives a good story and fleshes out characters, preventing them from becoming one-liner, cliché jokes.

    A many character in "Outsiders" have to be ornery in order to carry out good deeds, like David Morse's  Big Foster, aka Foster Farrell the 6th, a "Appalachian Mountain King Lear."  Steadfast to the ancient ways, Big Foster doesn't give a shit about what's popular, specially when it comes from the outside world.  He's about doing whatever it takes to protect his large, insular family and their way of life then yield to sell out.  His steadfastness may his disappearance but he's among good people...

    If prestige is what you seek, WGN America's "Outsiders" is execute produced by Paul Giamatti.

    WGN America's "Outsiders" is a mountain saga set in the present day and how an isolated extended family deal with changing times.





    Friday, January 13, 2017

    Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra for Winter's Awards Season for Anyone.

    By Laura Medina

    Burnt-out on acidic peels.  Gels and serums too chilly for Winter.  Creams too heavy to wear.

    Arbonne cuts to the chase with a gently-warming ultra-sound facial wand that gently warms their serum and eye cream into the dermis without heat-burning or chemical-burning.

    It feels good, gently warming the face on a cold night.  With the gentle heating of pushing the serum and cream deeper and faster into the skin, the subtle results are quicker.

    Never worry about over-heating, the automatic shut-off turns after one minute.  That's long enough to gently and lightly massage the wand over the facial serum and/or a gentle tap or aim over a specific facial spot.  Just gently hover near, not on the eye or the eyelid, the eye orb for further penetrate the eye cream into those crow's feet.

    Performance Boost
    Maximize the performance of your favorite Arbonne® skincare products through improved application.

    Ultrasound Technology

    Gentle waves help push the product onto the outer layers of the skin, getting into the ridges and ultimately maximizing your Arbonne® skincare products for faster results.

    Using the Arbonne Intelligence® Genius Ultra with the RE9 Advanced® Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream for 1 minute twice a day:
    • Improved the appearance of fine lines around the eye when compared to bare skin.
    • Improved the appearance of wrinkles around the eye when compared to bare skin.
    • Improved the overall appearance of the eye area when compared to bare skin.
    • Skin around the eye felt smoother compared to using product alone.
    • Skin around the eye appeared smoother compared to using product alone.
    • Skin around the eye appeared more luminous compared to bare skin.
    • Improved the appearance of dark circles under the eye compared to bare skin.

    Clinical Study

    Using the Arbonne Intelligence® Genius Ultra with the RE9 Advanced® Intensive Renewal Serum for 1 minute twice a day*:
    • Improved the appearance of facial lines when compared to bare skin.
    • Improved the appearance of facial radiance when compared to bare skin.
    • Facial skin felt smoother compared to bare skin.
    • Facial skin appeared smoother compared to using product alone.
    • Improved the appearance of even skin tone when compared to bare skin.
    • Improved the overall facial appearance when compared to bare skin.

    Watch this Arbonne Intelligence Ultra Sound Wand Skincare demo video, in how to properly use the equipment with Arbonne skincare items.

    It doesn't have to be specifically be used with the accompanying Renewal Serum and Eye Cream that comes with the Intelligence Ultra Sound Wand.

    The wand can be used with other Arbonne collections, the Calm Collection, Nourishing Facial Oil, and the Lip Treatment.

    How to recharge it?

    You can charge it up, hooking it to your computer.

    Another skincare item going high-tech...

    YSL Beauty Pop-Up Shop, Showing Los Angeles Another Year of Love.

    By Laura Medina

    This scribe was unfortunately too busy to hit YSL's Bar Marmont (at the Chateau Marmont Hotel) because she was too busy enjoying herself at another YSL/L'Oréal event, the Vanity Fair Social Club, during Oscar Week.

    Have no fear, this scribe didn't miss a beat.

    At the tail end of Golden Globe Week, YSL Beauty decided what's currently hot in Los Angeles.  They selected Downtown Los Angeles' the Ace Hotel DTLA as the hottest stop in the City of Angels.
    Won't blame them, there has been so much mixed retail/bistro/apartment/condo developments, that the long-time down-&-outs can't recognize their own neighborhood.  It's a Brooklynite's/Manhattanite's urban dream...with space and a cheaper price.

    Even the Ace Hotel has its own cultural cachet.  The Sundance Channel's "Portlandia" did an Ace Hotel episode, called the "Douche Hotel" where guests sign in, using a typewriter.  Thank god, the real hotel employees take the spoofing rib in stride with pride.

    Since the good-natured Ace Hotel is the central location for Downtown Los Angeles, YSL Beauty took over the hotel's box ticket office as its beauty pop-up shop.

    Of course, the lipstick bar, featuring their Crème Lip Stains and Rouge Volupté Shine and Rouge Pur Couture Lipsticks were such constant, reliable hits, that despite endless restocking, the plummy shades run out due to Los Angeles' abundance of olive-toned complexions that coordinates so well with plum shade-anything of any finish and texture... 

    The lipstick bar was the most accessible compared to the $100 bottles of perfume and the concealers run a close second.

    Each and every item can be personally engraved in all capital cursive, reinforcing Olde Hollywood Regency Glamour, that had people-in-the know lining up like crazy.

    The engraved cap can and should be saved as a souvenir keepsake and heirloom while the bottom tube can be replaced with a fresh bullet of lipstick...of your choice.

    Being YSL Beauty, they set up two makeup vanity tables for quickie try and test makeovers.

    Hotels should do more beauty pop-up shops, the business it attracts for the locale.

    Alas, it was a mere two-days mirage...

    YSL BEAUTY Pop-Up Shop taking place at THE THEATER AT ACE HOTEL in Downtown LA Jan 10th and 11th. For two days only, customers can shop and discover the world of YSL Lips, build their perfect lip wardrobe from hundreds of colors, shades and finishes, and have their lipsticks personalized with complimentary lipstick engraving. 

    The shop will kick-off with a private preview then open to the public on Tuesday January 10th from 12:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. To celebrate the opening of its first ever Pop-Up Shop, YSL will host a star studded by invite only VIP party, the first U.S stop of THE YSL BEAUTY CLUB tour, that evening with special guest YSL Beauty’s newest Ambassadress, Staz Lindes, and special performances by DJ Myles Hendrik and LA based band SadGirl.

    DATES:    Tuesday January 10th – Wednesday January 11th 2017
    SHOP HOURS:   12:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. 
       929 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015

    Being Hollywood, it was and still a darn good place to discover then promote matching talent with brand as spokeperson.

    Smart move YSL Beauty, keep it going for next year's Awards Season.

    See ya' then.

    Thursday, January 12, 2017

    Golden Globes Lips & Octiva Spencer's Beach Waves.

    By Laura Medina

    Redken Beach Envy Volume Shampoo

    Beach Envy Volume Shampoo and Conditioner deliver a lightweight, texture-boosting blend of filloxane, minerals and polymers to create amplified, loose waves with amazing body!

    Twisted Sista Curl Activator Crème

    It is the ultimate solution for double strand twisting and braiding. Let loose and style wildly as desired...

    Voloom™ Petite for lasting volume for shorter and finer hair

    The new VOLOOM™ Petite Hair Volumizing Iron is the only heated styling tool designed specifically to add lasting volume to short to medium- length hair and finer hair. VOLOOM adds soft, natural-looking volume with body and bounce...

    Nexxus New York Salon Care Maxximum Finishing Spray

    Perfect to finish beach waves, imperfect braids or tousled styles, the spray adds a light luminosity to hair while maintaining flexibility...

    FINDING FERDINAND CUSTOMIZED MINI LIPSTICKS ($6.00) – If you are unsure what trend is best for you, designing your own lipstick from Finding Ferdinand allows for you to create a look that’s uniquely your own.
    AVAILABILITY: create your own online at

    NEW AVON TRUE COLOR NOURISHING LIPSTICK IN BERRY SANGRIA ($8.00) – Anna Kendrick rocked a bold lip on the red carpet using Berry Sangria to make a statement while keeping her lips hydrated all night.
    AVAILABILITY: Later this month on or through your local Avon Representative

    NEW PUR VELVET MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK IN OBSESSED ($18.00) – Sheer lips were the hottest trend Sunday night, and this matte liquid lipstick will give you a subtle and smooth tint that lasts all night long, just like Emma Stone’s pout.

    Wednesday, January 11, 2017

    Watch Out! Miranda Spigener-Sapon of MS Film PR Literary, is the Multi-Media Discoverer & Impresario of Talent & TV Series.

    By Laura Medina

    What started as an independent short movie as a independent film-maker, has bloomed into an emerging television series; and that film-maker has grown into an emerging producer/writer/publicist, "Force Majeure," Miranda Spigener-Sapon.  Industry publications call her, "the next Shonda Rhimes."

    This recent Golden Globe Week was ripe with the debuts of the sci-fi/noir/spy thriller, "Marisa Romanov," by Ms. Spigener-Sapon's production arm, Noirtainment,; and her new client representation of the rising talent, Bobby Ashley of "The Ave."

    Millennial's answer to Spike Lee, Bobby Ashley's Brooklyn-centric, "The Ave." is having  Amazon, Verizon FIOS on Demand, FUBU APP and air/streaming its completed first season while he officially debut the first episode of the second season at Noirtainment's Golden Globe premiere party for both his "The Ave. " and "Marisa Romanov."

    Helping out the local businesses in Brooklyn, Bobby Ashley and "The Ave." cast members debuted and modeled Brooklyn-graffiti parkas and leather motorcycle jackets, representing Brooklyn art and culture to the greater world.

    Being in Los Angeles during Golden Globe Week is a big deal for them.

    That's not all.  The previous night, MS Film PR Literary's other shining talents, Andy Mizrahi (one of's Sexiest Man and Most Swipe-Right Man on Tinder) and "Trust" (America's Answer to Harry Potter) by Jodi Baker did a Question & Answer about women writers and women in publishing and the media.

    As one of People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, Andy was an attentive gentleman and moderator among the women panel.

    Jodi Baker, as a story-teller, spun tales of her becoming a fantasy writer, being raised in New York and being a museum docent/tour guide, where being aware of a multitude of cultures and history from all over the globe, helped her fleshed out the saga of "Trust."

    Golden Globe Week was a constellation fresh stars rising on the horizon.

    Keep your eyes out on Miranda Spigener-Sapon's discoveries. 

    Monday, January 9, 2017

    Golden Globes Beauty 2017 where both tv & movie stars converge, up all night.

    By Laura Medina

    Dr. Jart Night Beauty Balm

    Thanks to technology, television and movie stars and starlets partied up all night at the Golden Globes then they managed to straight pass out without worrying about wrinkles or clogged pores.

    Dr. Jart Night Beauty Balm is a pioneering foundation that have beneficial properties that help your complexion while you sleep.

    Encapsulated breathable colorants inside a moisturizing gel create a transparent, bare skin effect that can be left on all evening or overnight—without causing skin problems. Brightening and anti-wrinkle boosters deliver multiaction skincare, while the mild formula is sunscreen-free for nightime use.

    Adenosine and Peptide: Contain antiaging benefits and supports natural collagen.
    Moringa Seed Extract: Nourishes and moisturizes.
    Vitamin Tree Fruit: Brightens.
    Inositol (Vitamin B Complex): Moisturizes and improves skintone.

    Inspired by Sophie Tucker's minimalist, structural Louis Vuitton gown, Charlotte Tilbury used flesh-toned nude makeup palette on her at the Golden Globes...

    Natural Pink Tones
    Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone, and Hailee Steinfeld were some celebs kept their look soft and sweet with all-natural pink hues. Recreate this trend with Palladio’s Velvet Matte Lip Color ($7) in Sateen, and for those naturally pink cheeks, try the Matte Blush ($7.50) in berry pink. Add the Silk FX Eyeshadow Palette ($12) in A La Mode to for subtle sparkly lids.

    Statement Lips, Bold Brows,  and Natural Texture
    Priyanka Chopra and Kerry Washington were bold and beautiful last night with their deep lips, statement brows, and natural hair. You can recreate this look with Palladio’s Dreamy Matte Lipstick ($7.50) in Darling Damask, and for the boldest of brows try the Brow Obsessed Mousse ($8) in medium/dark brown. To get their sleek, natural textured hair, try Keratin Complex’s Infusion Replenisher ($29), a hydrating styling cream that revitalizes hair and gives a silky and shiny finish. Finish off the look with the Flex Flow ($25) hairspray for a light hold.

    Vintage Curls
    There was no shortage of vintage Hollywood glamour on the red carpet. Leading ladies including Brie Larson, Kristen Bell and Gina Rodriguez complemented their designer couture by opting for large curls to complete their look. Get the look by using Keratin Complex’s line of keratin-infused products and styling tools including Transformer Interchangeable Styling Rod ($169)to sculpt and define your Hollywood curls, then add volume with the Vita Volume ($25) boosting foam and use the Flex Flow ($25) hairspray to complete the look.

    Gregory Russell styles Lily Collins for the Golden Globe Awards 2017 
    For tonight’s 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Lily Collins’ hair made a modern princess statement. 
    Inspiration: Gregory was inspired by Lily's beautiful beaded Zuhair Murad gown to create a voluminous textured updo with braided details
    ·        To start, apply a golf ball sized amount of John Frieda Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse on the roots for lasting volume, and then another golf ball sized amount to the lengths of the hair for body
    ·        Then, brush through and begin blowing the hair out with a multi-bristle brush and setting the “mohawk” section on velcro rollers securing each with a duckbill clip
    ·        Once cooled, start curling hair with a 1.25" barrel, spraying each section with John Frieda Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray before curling
    ·        Then, curl the mohawk section away from the face and fasten each curl with a duckbill clip
    ·        While the hair cools, spray the roots with the new John Frieda Luxurious Volume Volume Refresh Dry Shampoo to add lift and texture
    ·        Next, remove the clips, brush out and section out 1" of the perimeter of the hair all the way around the head
    ·        Add a pearl sized amount of John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch-up Creme to the remaining hair and secure it with a bungee hair tie at the crown of the head
    ·        Then, work through the lengths to define and pin the curls up to create a voluminous messy bun
    ·        Take selected pieces from the perimeter and pin back, leaving some wispy face framing pieces out
    ·        Braid the remaining hair into a fishtail pulling it slightly apart for texture and shape. Fasten it around the bun with hair pins
    ·        Finally, spray John Frieda Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray to lock in the style

    Craig Gangi styles Anna Kendrick for the Golden Globe Awards 2017

    On tonight’s Golden Globes red carpet, Anna Kendrick’s hair says polished elegance.
    Inspiration: The Grecian Vionnet gown inspired Craig to give Anna a more polished, sleek look that would show off the one-shoulder silhouette
    ·        To prep the hair for the sleek style, use the new John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner
    ·        Next, apply John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Styling Creme on damp hair and then blowout the hair straight
    ·        Use a rat-tail comb to create an extreme side-part and pull the hair behind the ears. For extra smoothness, flat iron the top of the hair from roots to mid-length
    ·        Then, without sectioning off the hair, start wrapping the hair around a 2” curl barrel to create an elegant wave. Secure the look with John Frieda Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray  
    ·        To prevent an flyaways and frizz, finish by applying John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch-up Creme on the hands and combing through the hair

    Lucky celebrities, they get to use innovative beauty products before we mere mortals see them hit the shelves.  Once the Golden Globes are over, it's time to physical launch Infusium's new Repair + Renew Line...

    Infusium is excited to celebrate this year’s Golden Globes with Julia Louis-Dreyfus AND Connie Britton, donning their next generation of Infusium products that transform hair heath with every use.

    Renowned celebrity stylist, Matthew Monson (@matthewmonzon), worked his magic for Best Actress in a Comedy nominee, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ effortlessly chic look, while Connie Britton’s gorgeous style was created by celebrity stylist, Enzo Angileri (@enzoangileri). Both stylists used Infusium to ensure these ladies hair stayed healthy during and even after their struts on the red-carpet.

    • For Julia Louis Dreyfus’ look tonight I wanted her hair to look soft, shiny and stunning.
    • First, I washed and conditioned her hair with the Infusium Repair + Renew Shampoo and Conditioner.
    • Next, to protect her hair from any damage, I sprayed Infusium Repair + Renew Leave-In Treatment from mid shaft through the ends combing through with a wide toothcomb.
    • Then I took a quarter size amount of Infusium Repair + Renew Leave-In Crème emulsified in my hands, and worked through the last 3 inches of the hair to help eliminate frizz and flyaways.
    • I started drying her hair using just my hands, and lifting her strands for texture and root volume. After it was half way dry, I incorporated a round brush to finish and create even more volume.
    • To keep with Julia’s signature style, I created a strong center part with a tailcomb. Then separated her hair into large sections, and starting curling using a large barrel iron for a more tousled feeling.
    • To finish the look, I used the Infusium Repair + Renew Smoothing Serum to smooth over the ends and give a bit more definition to the hair.

    • I wanted Connie’s style to look elegant, shiny and smooth.
    • I started by washing and conditioning her hair with the Infusium Repair + Renew Shampoo and Conditioner.
    • While her hair was still wet, I parted the hair down the middle and then sprayed Infusium Repair + Renew Leave-In Treatment to the ends of her hair.  
    • Then I sectioned her hair into about 20 sections and starting drying with a round brush. After, I pinned each section up like a roller and let it set for about 5 minutes for volume and natural wave. I took out the pins and brushed her hair so the waves would loosen. 
    • Starting from the back of the head, I used a 1.5 inch curling iron and began curling the hair to accentuate the soft waves. 
    • When finished, I lightly brushed it out again for that natural look. I applied the Infusium Repair + Renew Smoothing Serum at the top of her head, near her part to avoid fly aways!

    Repair + Renew Shampoo
    Infused with Keratin and Argan Oil, this formula gently cleanses fragile strands.

    ·       For busy women who've been unkind to their hair -- damaging it with daily heat styling, regular color processing and harsh environments.

    ·       With every wash! For optimum sheen and smoothness, follow with Infusium™ Repair + Renew Conditioner, and Original Leave-in Treatment.

    ·       Massage into wet hair, lather and rinse well.

    Available in-stores at Target starting end of January

    Repair + Renew Conditioner
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    Available in-stores at Target starting end of January

    Repair + Renew Leave-In Treatment
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    ·       Use daily for total damage recovery, or whenever hair needs an extra boost.

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    Available in-stores at Target starting end of January

    Repair + Renew Leave-In Crème
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    ·       Blow-dry and style as usual or allow hair to dry naturally.

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    Repair + Renew Smoothing Serum
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    ·       Massage two or three drops throughout wet or dry hair.

    Available in-stores at Target starting end of January