Friday, July 20, 2018

Flower Cosmetic's Drew Barrymore, Snoop Dogg on Haircare & Jessic Simpson Makeup Demo at BeautyCon LA 2018.

By Laura Medina

Drew Barrymore always yearn to be a real person among real people.  Can't blame her, with her chaotic Hollywood childhood and thespian family history.

She's also aware that she got a free fashion and makeup education from her former father-in-law, former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman.

Basically, her Flower Beauty is her way to gaining revenue, long after her acting career is over and connecting with her fan base at an affordable price point in attainable places, like Wal-Mart.

She returned the favor back to her legions of fans at the recent BeautyCon LA.  

This was also the same time she launched her fragrances line and a new mascara for her Flower Beauty.  Her appearance visit was a unexpected surprise for BeautyCon LA.

Fans cheered when surprise guest, Snoop Dogg talked about being all-natural with his dreads, no weaves, no extension but just a lot of conditioning and pampering then wrapping them all up.  Of course, he has to rap for crowds of fans.

Blonde bombshell mom, Jessica Simpson did a makeup demo when she released a beauty secret, six layers of false lashes then top them off with black mascara.

BeautyCon LA is now the bomb.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Premiering on Amazon Prime Video this Fall, Marisa Romanov, "Fringe meets Supernatural with twists of David Lynch."

By Laura Medina

The creator/writer/director of "Marisa Romanov," Miranda Spigener-Sapon described the journey of bringing her sci-fi/noir thriller to screen as fine art.  Chiseling a sculpture actually.

She said that with each step, with each story and plot and character development, is like using a chisel to better refine the story.

What started out as a way to use up leftover 16mm film, is now on its way as Amazon Prime series, aligned with Sony Television France and Noirtainment.

That leftover film became a festival prize-winning indie nine minute short that made a Paramount Studio executive to tell Miranda, stick with this movie then further develop it.  This was the seed to "Marisa Romanov."

Marisa Romanov was inspired from a 9-minute short film that Miranda wrote and directed that went on to be part of the Official Selection of the International Venice Film Festival on September 2001, earning Audience Choice.  The film was also screened in an Alternate Selection screening during the 2001 Berlin Film Festival, earning accolades as the Audience Pick. Additionally, a book deal on the prequel has been secured by Winterwolf Press and the feature film rights have been optioned by Vaussier at SPT France. The novel will be written by Miranda Spigener-Sapon along with Ross John Gosla.  The series will be Executive Produced by Jean-Michel Vaussier of SPT France, first time Showrunner/Creator Miranda Spigener-Sapon along with Executive Producers Pete Freeland, Nick DeLaRosa and Producer Soraya Tascon from Noirtainment.  
Elias Toufexis 
Elias Toufexis, one of the lead actors on the sci-fi/noir thriller series, talked about how lucky he is to in the series,..
"I moved to Los Angeles after working on a lot of American shows that shot in Canada.  I usually died on them so I was literally running out of work."
"When show runner, Miranda, wrote me about working on Marisa Romanov, I initially dismissed it. I get a lot of offers for parts that either don't usually pan out, or are badly written and produced that I tend to pass."
"This time, the script is great and Miranda is a great producer and show runner.  I am so excited to begin."
Joining Elias are Pete Freeland, fellow co-star and one of the executive producer on "Marisa Romanov."  He's a Renaissance Man, astronaut and character actor and producer.  The stars are the limits for this gent.
Jean-Michel Vaussier, a development executive with Sony Television France and an Executive Producer/Development Consultant at France 2 Television Network, with Miranda Spigener-Sapon, is helping in helming this soon-to-be international television series, a sci-fi/spy thriller that the whole world can get thrill out of.


It's ESPYS Day & Night, Sports' Answer to the Oscars with Regard Magazine & HUE For Every Man Skincare.

By Laura Medina

Sports' answer to the Oscar has arrived.  The ESPYS Awards are going to air on ABC tonight at 8pm.  What started out on ESPN, has moved onto the big time, to ABC.

As with any awards show, it comes with awards week with rounds of parties of all sorts celebrating that particular field for that award.

ESPYS Awards Week or ESPYS Week is a sport nut's wet dream, literally.

REGARD Magazine's ESPYS afternoon pool party hosted by "WWE Total Diva" and current REGARD Magazine issue cover model CJ Lane Perry,..

it was afternoon pool party for the ultimate sports fan.

Just in time for the ESPYS, REGARD Magazine released their Sports Issue.


Bravo's "Stripped" Ali Levine

Bravo's RHOC's Gretchen Rossi

Bai Ling

 Colton Underwood, former NFL player and "Bachelor," remember the ESPYs are all about celebrating the best in the best athletes.

Kibwe Trim, LA Clipper/Actor & Joslyn Pennywell, "America's Top Model" Season 11.

MMA/Kick-Box Champion & Playboy Cover Model, Mia St. John, the ESPYs are all about paying respect and honoring all sorts of athletes covering the spectrum.

This is what awaits the celebrity and athlete guests, sport fantasy pool/garden party.


Portion-controlled down-home, comfort food done right and the all-afternoon protein rich bites to fuel muscle recovery.

Fried chicken, BBQ chicken wings, poached shrimp, and Shrimp&Grits by Soul Hollywood, "Food for your soul in the heart of Hollywood."

Let's get real, professional athletes are going to collect rounds of injuries that will sideline them, eventually into retirement.

CBD skincare has gone deeper.  Papa and Barkley, had a pop-up massage therapy tent to soothe aching and sore muscles with their CBD ointments, oils, and balms.  Whatever soothes and rejuvenate the skin cells, can calm down strained muscles and joints.

Speaking of skincare, the ESPYs is also an ideal time for HUE For Every Man to launch, right before being sold in Target on July 29th.

For NBA player and now brand ambassador and investor in HUE For Every Man,, Matt Barnes said that in today's perspective, men of all creeds and color want good, decent basic grooming essentials that fits all men of the color and texture spectrum, at reasonable prices in attainable locations, like Target.

HUE For Every Man set up a pop-up barbershop so folks can get a full-on experience.  Every man and woman can spritz their Black Pepper Awakening Mist to wake up and refresh.

ESPYS Day and Night was Dudes Day and Night.

Monday, July 16, 2018

John Singleton's Heartbreaking Letter to His Hometown, FX's "Snowfall" Season 2 House Party Celebrating the Roots of Gangsta Rap, Urban Folk Art, & Real LA Culture.

By Laura Medina

The director of the urban drama classic, "Boyz n the Hood," a snapshot of the crack's aftermath on what used to be a family-friendly neighborhood into a nefarious crime-ridden ghetto, only to rebound into today's bargain deal for cash-crushed yuppies, John Singleton loves and respected his boyhood South Los Angeles neighborhood so much; that he felts it is now the time to fully explain to folks what happened to his childhood neighborhood. As a real-deal, true-to-honest, South Los Angeles Angeleno, John Singleton needs to educate people how Reagan's fight against communism in Nicaragua, the Iran-Contra Affair, ruin his neighborhood.  Basically, according to hearsay, the CIA created a tunnel system where the Contras would grow, refine, and supply cocaine to Los Angeles' cocaine dealers.  In return, the CIA funnel the Los Angeles cocaine profits back to the Contras, to pay for weapons to overthrow the Sandinista socialist government.  No decent American tax money involved. Singleton isn't afraid to say he personally witnessed as tween, watching a safe, family neighborhood transform into a crime-ridden neighborhood, best known for un-family friendly West Coast gangsta rap and its accompanying culture in graffiti urban folk art and the toxic masculine attitude culture. In "Snowfall," he wanted to show what South Los Angeles used to be pre-crack epidemic and the fall-out that still stings to this very day. The result is his heart-felt yet heart-breakingly honest tale of how a family-friendly, working-class neighborhood, literally into the cracks, FX's crime-history drama, "Snowfall,

To celebrate Season 2 of "Snowfall," FX threw an house party in Crestview neighborhood of LA.

The only key signifiers are an huge In N Out Burger Truck (what Angelenos call a real "burger & fries") and a so-called "ice cream truck."

When the crack epidemic, aka "the cocaine economy," in "Snowfall" hits South Los Angeles at its weakest.  Franklin the drug dealer turn drug kingpin, used discarded ice cream trucks to sell crack.  The crack epidemic came in when the traditional blue-collar factory jobs got up and left LA, leaving South Los Angeles vulnerable, using cocaine and it's cheaper, more addictive crack, as a coping mechanism for the laid-off and the down-graded.

If you watch FX right now, they're running a Snowfall ad, where adults sell their most valuable possessions for crack, out of an ice cream truck.

The ice cream at FX Snowfall's House Party, is for the fans who are in on the joke.  Real ice cream vendors refuse to do this party.  So, FX was forced to hire a discarded ice truck and they were giving away "Snowfall" t-shirts, not ice cream on an hot July day.

Fortunately, for FX's guests invited to Snowfall House Party, the In N Out Burger Truck is deliciously real.

One meal limited per a person, a burger, a bag of chips, and any choice of soda/drink.  Guests literally need a meal ticket to get lunch.

Deceptively plain on the outside, FX's Snowfall House Party was vintage early '80's dupe.  The soundtrack is psychological key for viewers to sense the transition that is uniquely LA.  Early Eighties innocent, fun-loving funk with a light rap, gave away to what people think and know of LA, the angry, thought-provoking, hard-core gangsta hip hop of N.W.A., Dr. Dre, and Easy E. 

Once inside, "Snowfall" House Party was an impromptu graffiti/urban folk art/mural museum-slash-nightclub.

Respected graffiti artists, air-brushed and stenciled sneakers and baseball caps.  Even, guests can customized their own caps with magic markers.


Air-brushing and enamel technology from auto detailing to murals, graffiti, and nail art manicures, shows how a rotten time in South Los Angeles, has a profound effect on spreading its culture to fashion, art, music, beauty, and what it means to swagger.

LA is car culture. So much so, that it has some commonality with the thrifty Deep South.  If a whole car can't be saved, they salvage what they can then reuse for other usages.  An old car re-fitted into a low-rider.  The backseat into a couch.

Even the nail bar/spin table painting bar, the backdrop are graffiti-designed tv screens airing snippets and trailers and teasers from the upcoming Season 2 of Snowfall.  


When a community is hit the hardest, this is when whatever it's best at, erupts then spreads.

In an economic doldrum, New York gave us hip hop, punk/alt rock, and disco.

When it was South Los Angeles' turn, or downturn, it was forced to be resourceful with whatever they have left then rock it.

Whatever discarded vinyl albums that nobody wants, they simply put it back on the turntable, turning it into a vinyl disco pottery wheel, flip on the switch, forget the needle.  Instead, squeeze a squeeze of paint as the record spins into an artform, spin art.  It's another form of graffiti. 

If LA nail art is graffiti at its highest yet most fashion and attainable form, then spin art is LA's emerging art form.

John Singleton's "Snowfall" on FX is his unknowingly love letter and heart-breaking history of his hometown, the real Los Angeles away from polar opposite of Hollywood manufactured, artificial glamour  of transients, striking it rich.

Nope.  It's about John Singleton making his hometown real and how its worst time became an culture tidal wave that over took rap and hip hop away from NY then conquered the globe in what is American music, style, and attitude.  So influential, that Europeans, Asians, and Africans copy it to this very day.

During it's worst time, Los Angeles set the standard of what is hip and cool.

FX and John Singleton just want to explain to you how West Coast hip hop came about and what South Los Angeles used to be.  It was and still is more than just crack.