Monday, January 14, 2019

Mastering the Art of Pizza While Busting the Model with Game-Changing American Classics, Hello LN2 Pizza Shoppe.

By Laura Medina

The cuisine and the ethos behind LN2 (the chemical symbol for liquid nitrogen, hottest ingredient in "made-from-scratch" ice cream) reminds this scribe of what California Pizza used to be and how it started back in the Eighties, when a pizza master mastered the art of the pizza but wasn't held back by traditions and was ready to break out and bust the old mold, to make a new mold.

Husband and wife team, Chef Christopher Robbins and wife/actress Mica Ray...

welcomed 2019, in the 21st century, with what a pizzeria can be.  Putting Chef Christopher's experience and knowledge to good use, wife and owner, Mica want to show folks what her husband can do with pizza dough and more, expanding the riff on pizza and upping All-American classics that he enjoys cooking; and what they and friends enjoy munching...

Since it's 2019, they put the best of today's culinary technology to good use, a standing mixer with a liquid nitrogen nozzle, shooting liquid nitrogen into the customized ice cream batter...

They dedicated the cafĂ© store front to the standing ice cream mixer.  Billowing clouds of liquid nitrogen entertained folks,..

But, it's the mini vanilla cones, sprinkled in lavender sugar is what got folks all riled up for, big kids and little kids got a kick out of the ice cream mixer.

Remember, LN2 Pizza Shoppe got it's namesake from the chemistry symbol for liquid nitrogen, LN2.  LN2 Pizza Shoppe is the wave of the future.

Michelle Boback-Toufexis and Tysha Williams of "Marisa Romanov," cheer on LN2 Pizza Shoppe opening party.

Mary Wilson of The Supremes.
Jon Burkhart
Rex Dean
Stacia Gates

Industry entertainment mainstays from music, television, and film gladly showed up for support, in the foot steps of last week's Golden Globes.

The bustling pizza bar with the glowing, wood-burning pizza oven, kept the crowd nice and warm, on a cold, wet night, with endless rounds of warm, gooey, cheese pizza, sausage pizza, pure cheese pizza, mushroom & olive pizza, and...

Caramelized onion and fig pizza...

In fact, now that LN2 Pizza Shoppe officially opened for business this past Sunday, you can have it all for yourself...and your friends and family.

You all can enjoy the full spectrum of the menu...

Open-faced Duck Bahn Mi toast sandwich.

Instead of usual fries suspects, you have experience fried Brussel Sprouts with dipping sauce.  A good, classic hearty mash potato completes the meal.

A meal ain't complete with dessert.  From the magic of the liquid nitrogen ice cream standing mixer, you can get lavender ice cream with marshmallows nestled in a waffle bowl.

Blueberry Smash and...

Espresso Vodka Vermouth around out the meal.

There's a private event room in the back.  In other words, you can have the best of both worlds, the regular, loyal patrons out front and industry launches in the back.

Not only can LN2 Pizza Shoppe's pizza bar can slam fresh, warm, gooey pizzas, in all sorts of varieties, they have an top notch kitchen for real meals and finger food for parties, like these chickpea fritters.  Don't forget the liquid nitrogen ice cream bar, that the restaurant is named after.

LN2 Pizza Shoppe is where tradition meets innovation, equating creativity that pushes pizza and other cuisines into the 21st century.  All these ingredients creates a fun-loving atmosphere that doesn't skimp on quality.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Bikini Bodies Start at the Golden Globe 2019 Awards Dinner, Which It is.

By Laura Medina

The Golden Globes, by the Hollywood Foreign Press voting for the best in tv and film (the only one that does), has always been a dinner party morphed into an international tv awards show kick starting the Awards Season, right in the middle when people are hungover from the holidays and they're hygging or hibernating in front of the tv.

Sweet Potato Vichyssoise
Wild Micro Chives, Golden Leeks, Organic Red Garnet
Yams, and Roasted Pepitas
Sweet Potato Vichyssoise
Wild Micro Chives, Golden Leeks, Organic Red Garnet
Yams, and Roasted Pepitas
Sweet Potato Vichyssoise
Wild Micro Chives, Golden Leeks, Organic Red Garnet
Yams, and Roasted Pepitas

You can easily cozy up, over a mug, with the same appetizer that keep those haute couture gowns size 8 with Sweet Potato Vichyssoise Soup. No different.

Chilean Sea Bass resting on a bed of black Forbidden Rice and steamed baby vegetables, fills you up for the long haul during a three hours awards show or any other activity.  Bikini Season starts here!

Pistachio Cream Cheese, Cream Cheese Charlotte with Pistachio Center, dipped in dark chocolate.  We all need calcium. 

Running a televised awards shows is massive, proving glamour is hard and tough work to keep up...

The Beverly Hilton has been the home of the Golden Globe
® Awards a total of 48 times and for the last 44
consecutive years (1961, ’62, ’71, ’72, ’74-
current). This will be the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards airing live
from The Beverly Hilton on NBC, Sunday, January 6, 2019.

For this one special night each year, The Beverly Hilton becomes a city of nearly 6,000 people•
Nearly 1,300 guests will dine and participate in the live telecast of the annual award show with 112 tables•

Nearly 3,000 additional guests will attend viewing and after parties throughout the hotel•

More than 140 media outlets will capture a nd report red carpet arrivals and winners to audiences around the globe. 

It will take 11 chefs, 120 culinary staff, 50 bartenders, 160 stewards and 250 servers working nonstop to deliver drinks, hors d’oeuvres, dinners and desserts to attendees at the show as well as the viewing and after-parties.

In fact, all of The Beverly Hilton’s 800 team members will work over the course of the day/evening to support hotel
operations, food & beverage and security.

Meals catering to more than 1,200 members of the media will be served the day of the show

More than 10,000 silverware and plate settings will be used for the award show, viewing and after-parties

Due to Awards Season, there's another reason to sip bubbly. 

Tracee Ellis Ross & InStyle's Editor in Chief, Laura Brown Goes Beyond Gloss at BeautyConLA's Pop-Up.

By Laura Medina

Amid mist the last-minute needs and product placement wants at gifting suites and beauty lounges the day before the Golden Globes, kicking off Awards Season, BeautyCon LA dives deep beyond the gloss, with newly empowered and revamped InStyle Magazine and Tracee Ellis Ross, Diana Ross' daughter, former stylists, and ABC's "Blackish" star.

Addressing her fans...and agism, Tracee Ellis Ross mentioned it wasn't all easy being Diana Ross' daughter.

She worked as a stylist, no different from stylist and fellow panel speaker, Karla Welch.  Being a stylist and a celebrity's daughter doesn't mean riches.  While stomping as a stylist, Tracee had to make do with vintage and thrift finds, not the fresh haute couture and contemporary hotties, she receives now as a television actress and celebrity.

By the way, Tracee isn't afraid to say she has to be in her forties, to be ready to be a television actress and a celebrity in her own right.  Nothing is instant.

The whole panel of : Moj Mahdara (BeautyCon's founder), Laura Brown (InStyle's Editor in Chief),  Karla Welch (foodie turned stylist), and obviously, Tracee Ellis Ross, progressed into again, agism, and sexism, and 2019's idea of feminism. 

Laura Brown, as InStyle's Editor in Chief, said it's ok to show vulnerability but don't be a jerk attacking to prove strength or masculinity.  The vulnerability coming from the pressures and the stress of releasing a monthly print magazine comes with the territory. 

Then, the whole panel chime in, saying it's ok to be feminine while having fun with being a girl and you can still be a feminist. You don't need to mimic men or be extremely masculine to be tough and strong.  You can still be a girl and be tough, efficient, and strong.

Since it's the day before the Golden Globes, Karla Welch had to jump up, right in the middle of the discussion, to starting organizing and styling red carpet celebrities.  To the outside, rude but to industry professionals, the show is going on and a professional must address it to dress them.

As a part of the media lounge decoration, is a sneak peek of next month's InStyle Badass Women Issue, with Melissa McCarty on the cover, celebrating all sorts of bold women breaking the mold.

Elegantly, BeautyCon LA and InStyle Magazine graciously provided a healthy buffet of gourmet snacks of heirloom carrots and cheese and fruit crackers.  This is taking over where Vanity Magazine's Vanity Oscar Club left-off.


Yes, it took awhile for the guest lecture to get ready.

In the meanwhile, guests walked thru BeautyCon LA's pop-up rooms, sponsored by the beauty brands that BeautyCon curated.

After walking thru the rooms, guests ended at the hair and makeup salon and the shop and the media lounge.

The great thing about going to a makeup convention or a makeup festival pop-up, they pick the freshest and the best among emerging beauty brands.

If you're as busy as this glam-slammed rovering reporter and you don't have room or time to apply makeup with brushes.  Finger tips will do with the easy color-impact in a powder sugar texture of Eddie Funkhouser's eyeshadow palette.

The most important discover was Beauty Bakerie, an essential continuation of healthy and safe makeup that's safe.  As in, safe enough for cancer victims, it's safe enough for the general population.

Again, a need or a gap is a mother of invention, an African-American nurse who's surviving cancer and needed a beauty boost, recognized that safe makeup for women of color is down-right lacking.  Using her education and experience as a nurse, she expanded the color range with safe, healthy makeup.  Not just earthy "granola" makeup, Beauty Bakerie proved that safe, healthy makeup can be glamourous to give you a "beauty boost."

Support the healthy glam.