Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Light-Weight & Classic, Gerard Cosmetics

By Laura Medina

Love the multi-benefits of a BB Cream but can't stand the thickness of it?

Gerard Cosmetics built its foundation...pun intended...on a lightweight, breatheable BB Cream that can be worn during sweaty Summer.

It imparts a golden shimmer, giving a warm radiance during Winter and perfectly ideal for Summer.

Gerard Cosmetics returns a retro shade, that happens to be the Color of 2015, then made it a classic.

Not only a classic in color but a classic in texture and formula, Gerard Cosmetics' 1995 Lipstick is a throwback to the year when Grunge and deep neutrals were hot.  It also represents the Color of the upcoming, new year of 2015, Marsala.  A muted version of Chanel's Vamp yet edgier than Bobbi Brown's neutral, milky browns, think of 1995 as a grown-up state of the punky burgundy.

Since 1995 Lipstick gently hint the new "classic," replacing the standard red, it's also classic in texture and formula.  You can re-purpose it as a dab and blur cream blush, the way they used to do it when makeup was in its infancy.

The Nineties, with its subtle neutrals of gray, slate, black, and muted burgundy, Gerard Cosmetics' 1995 Lipstick is one of many version of 2015's Marsala and the new classic for the 2010s.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hyper-Real Skin, High-Definition Makeup, Miracle Skin Transformer & Urban Decay's Naked on the Run Travel Palette

By Laura Medina

Wanna look hot yet "all-natural" while on an holiday, say this time or you're traveling and working for a photo shoot or a TV shoot for an holiday special, and packing hundred pounds of hundred beauty products isn't your idea of fun and relaxation?

Miracle Skin Transformer is here to help.

This unsung hero magically "transforms" your skin beyond camouflaging bad habits, zit pits, and environmental damage.

Packed with healing and nourishing Camapu Plant, Marine collagen, Manuka Honey, Japanese Licorice Root Extract, Blue Mountain Sage Oil,Vitamin C + Ergothioneine, Edelwiess, SmartSal10, Pomegranate, and Sunflower Extract, Miracle Skin Transformer Face 20 is a Swiss Blade Knife that tackles wrinkles and zits, tackles age/sun spot damages, and soothes and heals blemishes.  The Manuka Honey replaces the oil for hydration.

 In six different shades, even Translucent for the ultimate "all-natural" Photoshop Blur (ideal for acne-scarred men or kids too young for makeup), Miracle Skin Transforrmer Face SPF 20 turns your mug into a smooth, velvety, suede canvas for makeup.

If you're hyper conscientious or been really naughty with picking at your pimples and blemishes, or the years have caught up with you in the forms of under-eye bags, broken capillaries, and "cold/flu" redness, Miracle Skin Transformer Treat & Conceal is that extra dab and spot for those and "environmental damage spots and dots" for that extra-smooth appearance.

Working and traveling or really want to impress frenemies and family during the holidays and want it all in one little snap?

The highly coveted Urban Decay's Naked on the Run Palette is the Cliff Notes of their wide array of their hyper-natural and hyper-popular Naked Line.

The chocolatey/rose eyeshadows, matte bronzer/contour and poppy strawberry blush, champagne highlighter, rose suede lipgloss, purple eyeliner, and mascara enhances your natural features and adds a rosy radiance to your eyes, cheeks, and lips for that "Magic Hour" Dawn to Dusk look.

Add that on top of the Miracle Skin Transformer base, you'll get that Photoshop "Hyper-Real" face, ready for a last-minute photo shoot and red carpet or just make everyone envious while you shop and bop from mall to holiday party. 

Urban Decay makes sure you can simply slide their Naked on the Run Palette  through TSA's scanners.

All this, you can pack in your zip-lock plastic bag.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Naked Brit Men for Christmas...Well Into the New Year, Warwick Rowers Calendar

By Laura Medina

On the first rainy night in West Hollywood, one of the Warwick Rowers commented how a night like this, would be considered normal back home in England.

Then, this scribe joked how grateful Los Angeles is, for bringing the weather with them on their American tour, in this parched city.

The Warwick Rowers, from Warwick University, are on tour, promoting their Warwick Rowers Calendar.

Following in the footsteps of the current trend in England of posing nude in calendars to raise funds, the Warwick Rowers are no different.  They needed money to finance their sport and can't think of anything better.

Asked what their families thought of this, they said it was their moms who first bought the calendar.

Brits have a cheeky sense of humor about posing nude while fundraising.  These men aren't above making fun of themselves.
They just don't know how hot they are, until they hit the States.

It has been a media blitz since they set foot in Hollywood, even though one of them did get lost while they went jogging up in the Hills.

But, he has since found his footing for that night's event at the Sofitel Hotel's Riveria Restaurant.

If you want to keep them afloat, buy their Warwick Rowers Calendar for the New Year,

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fast & Fancy Foodie Gifts for Christmas

By Laura Medina

Best Wine for Burgers & Fries, Chateau Loudenne,

Okay, it's down to the wire.  You're everybody's Santa Claus, whether you like it or not.

What to give that pleases everyone at the most minimal of time and effort,, wine, fancy sodas, and treats.  Stuff most people shy away from, for the rest of the year until now, when the holidays give them the excuse to live it up.

Searching for an one shot deal, can't go wrong with wine.

Knowing that the world has changed, especially in France where the French are dreaming about the ultimate burger and fries...and are flocking to New York and Los Angeles to hunt it down, Fredric, sommelier for Bordeaux Wine Council, at the "Discovering Bordeaux" Tasting Event in West Hollywood's Palihouse, recommend Chateau Loudenne for burgers and fries.

According to him, a burger is a ground beef.  Paraphasing him, "It doesn't matter to him if it's Filet Mignon or Waygu Beef, he always pair his burger and fries with Chateau Loudenne."

As for other dishes and snacks, Fredric said don't worry.  There is a wine for everything.  Can't go wrong with wine.

Los Angeles is ripe with quickie gourmet boutiques and shops with cafes to settle and relax while you shop.

One-stop shop is La Boulange at 359 South La Brea Ave @4th, Los Angeles, CA 90036.

Three steps up beyond the average Starbucks,  Starbucks' jewel in the crown, has a section dedicated to treats as gifts.  You can buy palmiers, solid chocolate, chocolate chip, and seasonal holiday cranberry shortbread cookies, breads, pastries, and spreads of Hazelnut and Caramel to pack in your gift basket.  Don't forget La Boulange Cafe Cookbook for DIY-ers.  You can also toss in a La Boulange gift card as well.

 Stir Market,

Stir Market at 7475 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036.

It has European snacks and pastas and sauces and fancy sodas to pack in  your gift basket.

Don't want to cook?

You can order a whole roasted, stuffed Porchetta for a potluck, at the rotisserie.

Searching for that really cool gift that tickles our inner kid?

Get this, Hampton Creek Foods, the people behind the multi-flavored mayo, has this amazing cookie dough snack.

Remember that guilty pleasure (mind you, the French use this word all the time) of licking or secretly eating spoons of raw cookie dough, ignoring the fact it might not be safe for you?

Hampton Creek knows that.   

They invented an egg-less, raw cookie dough that you can eat straight out of the jar.

Shoot, when first introduced to it, Hampton Creek people were treating it as though it was a jar of nut butter.
When you feel like sly and lazy, those ingenious, clever "Big Kids at Heart" Hampton Creek folks make their egg-less, raw cookie dough bake-able!  Yep, you heard this scribe right.

Dollop a spoonful on the baking sheet then put in a oven, pre-heated at 350 degrees.  Bake for 9 to 11 minutes.  Cool them for 5 minutes.

Yes, you can fool them by saying you made "freshly baked cookies" with zero bowls and without the mess!

Cool food gift guide for Holiday 2014. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Give Something Fashionably Functional for Christmas, the new ATS-V Cadillac & Barbour for Your Range Rover.

By Laura Medina

Yearning for that upscale "Country Chic" where one returns to the family country estate, whether it be the Lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina or the family estate in the British countryside so you can be really ecological and hunt your main meal (regardless if it's wild turkey, duck, or venison) then use up all the rest for leather, gourmet duck fat, or decorative antlers for the fireplace.  Nothing goes to waste there.

"Going or Returning to the Country" doesn't mean tramping it up in a beat-up truck in the rain (typical Lowcountry Winter).

You can be elegant about your holiday "Town & Country" pursuits in Barbour for Land Rover Collection.  This is true lifestyle collaboration and branding where the clothes really do match the vehicle for a certain lifestyle in a certain climate or weather for certain activities.

You can tell this is what this "Town & Country" scribe will be wearing and doing during an inclement Lowcountry Christmas.

This scribe loves that the multi-purpose Barbour jackets and overcoats, with the matching Land Rovers, are rugged enough yet stylish enough, to trudge through the mud, from field to parking lot, all in one day of the holiday season.

This is the holiday season for wise investments.  They may not look like it; but they are.

Cadillac ATS-V Coupe & Sedan,

Okay, you bought the wardrobe.  You bought your first house.  Now, it is time to buy your first, real car; or it is the time to lease a new car.

This is what today's women are doing.  In fact, women are the fastest growing segment of car buyers.  After completing your shoe collection, they naturally move onto buying a new car for themselves as an holiday gift or a birthday gift.

Barbour for Land Rover and Cadillac are incorporating more styling and fashion-forward designs into their cars.  Even art school instructors are suggestively nudging their female students into car design.

However, what matters the most is the inside...

At the heart of ATS-V is a 3.6L Twin Turbo engine with titanium Alluminide turbines, patented low charge air cooler and titanium connecting rods for superior response and performance.

 450+ HP
 440+ lb.-ft.TORQUE
 0–60 MPH <4 SECONDS

For those who want control firmly planted in the palm of their hand, the 6-speed manual transmission comes equipped with Active Rev Matching, Performance Traction Management and No-Lift Shift. Or select the 8-speed automatic transmission that provides incredibly fast shift times and a shorter first gear ratio to improve off-the-line acceleration.

Constructed from lightweight carbon fiber, the front splitter, hood vent and rear diffuser help reduce mass and increase aerodynamics for a dominating presence and enhanced downforce that makes the ATS-V a tough act to follow and even harder to catch.

Beneath the lightweight V-forged wheels lie massive race-inspired six-piston front, four-piston rear fixed caliper Brembo® brakes with vented rotors for absolute stopping power.

Specifically designed for the V-Series, Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport summer only tires with a progressive contact patch have a custom mold shape for maximum grip and stopping power.

A sculpted body with sleek lines that gets your pulse racing. Extra-wide front and rear fenders for a striking stature. 18-inch wheels that stand out from the crowd. Raw beauty. Pure power.

Every available element of the all-encompassing interior was refined with the driver in mind. RECARO® seats with sueded microfiber accents, Magnesium Paddle-Shift controls and full color Head-Up Display. Integrated so well the only thing that you feel is the power going to your head.

Yep, just like that car commercial, sometimes a car with a big bow on it, is the smartest gift of them all.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy Grinchmas From Universal Studios Hollywood with Carson Daly, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, & Grinchmas.

By Laura Medina

Happy Xmas! from Mayor Eric Garcetti, The Grinch, Alexa PenaVega,
Carlos PenaVega, Yvette Nicole Brown, Carson Daly, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton.

Yes, Virgina.  Hollywood does celebrate Christmas.  Hey, anything sparkling and glittering and draped in tinsel is good enough for Hollywood.  When the holidays arrive, Hollywood goes all out.

There were not one but two Christmas/Holiday Tree Lightings at Universal Studios Hollywood.

They happened within one week of each other.

 Carson Daly, Blake Shelton, & Adam Levine,

The first one was spectacular enough...when Carson Daly, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton with Santa Clause light the Christmas Tree in the middle of Universal Studios Hollywood's 5 Towers in CityWalk.

At the Christmas Tree Lighting, Carson Daly asked Adam and Blake if they have any plans for the New Year.

Adam said he and Maroon 5 will be on tour for next year.  Blake said he'll be doing nothing.

Don't worry, they'll still be connected with "The Voice."

As a treat to all the loyal fans,  all ten "Voice" contestants did a special "The Voice" concert where each one of the contestants performed a single set.  With a total of ten contestants, the concert lasted two hours.

Folks were just satisfied with that but no.  That's not enough; and that's not all.

Mayor Eric Garcetti, The Grinch,  Alexa PenaVega, Carlos PenaVega,  and Yvette Nicole Brown,

Universal Studios Hollywood had another tree up its sleeve.

A week later, in the middle of the theme park, is the Whoville Village, where they set up an uniquely American yet "universal" holiday, "Grinchmas," for those whose holidays don't always turn perfectly.  It's Christmas for everyone, regardless of cred or color or religion.  Just like the whimsically crooked Christmas tree,  Grinchmas is for the misfits, the outliers, and quirks and the normal folks whose holidays don't turn out storybook perfect but they make the effort of whatever they have then make it specially their own.

The Grinch & Max,

Proving it's for everyone, a galaxy of international news outlets from "Good Morning Britain" to major Latin television networks, such as Telemundo, Aztec, and Fox Latin Mundo, aired Grinchmas then quequed up to interview The Grinch himself.  Another example of American Pop Culture gone endearingly global.

For the opening ceremony for Grinchmas,  200 Los Angeles County elementary school children were the privileged audience for the celebration, opened by L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, Whoville Mayor, Augustus MayWho, Cindy LouWho and the entire town of Whoville, along with Alexa PenaVega, Carlos PenaVega,  and Yvette Nicole Brown to illuminate the curvy, swervy, twisty, turny towering “Grinchmas” tree to signal the start of the festive Wholiday season, only, at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Immediately, once the ceremony is finished, the children spread through-out Whoville to decorate Grinchmas cookies and crafting.  Of course, The Grinch hang around for interviews and one-on-one photographs with big kid fans.

If you're hunting for unique twist on Christmas and getting "ho-hum" grumpy about it, celebrate your quirks then head on over to "Whoville" at Universal Studios Hollywood for "Grinchmas" so nobody feels left out.



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Drop by for a Visit, at a DSTLD Designer Denim Atelier, for the Holidays, only at $65

By Laura Medina

If and when you're suffering from "Christmas Overload" and your nerves are short-circuiting, come to West Hollywood for an antidote, a really hip, chic, and affordable holiday antidote, that's actually a wise investment.

Premium designer denim online company, DSTLD Jeans,, has open their doors, in West Hollywood, only for the holidays which started October 6th thorough the holidays right now.

Visit their pop-up shop,, at their atelier at 8899 Beverly Blvd. and expect to get some personalize service with measuring and picking from 22 various styles, in between sipping refreshments, while discussing perfect fit with DSTLD staffers.

The denim studio is open from Monday to Friday at 11am to 6pm, call for appointments on Saturdays, from 12pm to 4pm, to let them know you're arriving.

For only $65 a pair, you can soak in the industrial chic of the atelier studio, as the staff either locate your ideal pair of jeans or tailor you one.  If you're short on time, they can mail it home, after the tailoring.

Once you're done being treated like a rock star for $65, you'll have enough dough left for a light dinner next door at Madeo Restaurant, where the celebrities eat.

How's that for a Hollywood Christmas?  You'll walk out with a gift that you'll lovingly wear for years.