Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friends with Benefits, Toners that Add & Nourish the Skin, not Strip

By Laura Medina

Come on and meet these new generation of toners, they have graduated from drying alcohol from junior high and high school, that strip away too much of the hormonal acne and blackheads, along with after-school sport dirt and grim.

These toners have grown up with you.

In these approaching dog days of Summer, you'll still need refreshing toner to wipe the environmental pollutants, grim, and dirt and let the pores breathe, but as an adult, you need to replace the dirty oil with beneficial nutrients that nourishes and protects the face and skin.

For those with sensitive or "transitional" skin, these grown-up toners are here for the rescue.

From the former Research & Developer for Avon and Elizabeth Arden, Tony Vargas took his years from high-technology methodology to distill what is the best from all-natural ingredients that come directly from the garden.  Hence the name, Tilth Beauty, cultivating the skin the best way possible to nourish and retain the skin naturally.

Tilth Beauty's Aloe Restoration Toner, after you cleanse, imparts the skin with aloe to soothe, moisturize, and calm; cactus stem extract soothes and hydrates and protects the skin from UV damage, improving the skin's ability to protect itself from UV exposure / absorption;  cactus flower extract moisturizes, nourishes and neutralizes free radicals; Beta‐Glucan (D) calms and moisturizes, and promotes improved skin appearance  through cell turnover and promotes healthy collagen; Abyssine® (Alteromonas Ferment Extract) is a micro‐organism found in abyssal zone of ocean, soothes and calms sensitive skin harmed by chemical, mechanical, and UVB damage.

You can use it in dual ways, swiping grime and dirt as a gentle toner or as a revitalizing spritz, first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.

For the masses and easy access, don't overlook Napoleon Perdis' NP Makeup Aisle at your neighborhood Target.  Trust this scribe, his revitalizing NP Set Detoxifying Facial Toner and his skincare products are there, right along with his glam slam makeup kits and compacts.  Actually, his Detoxifying Facial Toner is one of the very rare toners specifically made for dry skin.

Let his Detoxifying Facial Toner soak your face in antioxidants of Mandarin Orange, Spinach, Carrot, Tomato, and Spinach extracts while the Green Tea Extract, Allantoin, and ProVitamin B5 to tone, protect, and reduce irritation.

Yes, your face may feel clean and tight after a good cleanse but it could also be dry and open to the elements-again.  During these dog days of Summer...if you're too budget-conscious to splurge on a lightweight serum and lotions and creams are just too heavy and thick for a humid, sticky season and month...use these grown-up toners as a fat-free version of skin nourishment pampering the skin with necessary gels and liquids of antioxidants and vitamins.

Let your skin drink them in.

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