Monday, November 18, 2019

Go Ahead & Make a Spectacles of Yourself, Spectacles Video and Camera Sunglasses.

By Laura Medina

Imagine capturing a moment or filming a moment in action, sort of hands-free.

From the people of Snapchat, they took the video and camera out of the phone then into a pair of sunglasses,

The lenses are inserted near the sunglass lenses.

Where's the button?

See where the lady is pressing and holding on top of the frame, near the lenses.  That's where the button is located.

Simple, quick hit and release, you're filming a 10 second video.

Hold, you're photographing a still.

This is how you charging your sunglass video and camera.

If you're sick of pulling out your phone, you can wear your camera. 

Just make sure it's off when you need to go.

So 007.

What We All Need Fresh, Eco-Friendly and Wallet-Friendly Shoes for Fall 2019, Blowfish Malibu Shoes' Harvest Cocktail Party.

By Laura Medina

Over a decade ago, two famed footwear executives decided to combine their business and creative talents to create a unique brand of shoes. Their goal was simple: make quality fashionable shoes and sell them at affordable prices. For every season since, Blowfish Malibu, have delighted shoe lovers with on-trend styles that embody emerging fashion trends from Europe and Asia and capture the fresh youthful spirit and casual living that is distinctively Southern California. 

Their shoes feel like an afternoon in Malibu. They’re comfortable on your feet and good for your soul.
So, what sets them apart, you ask? Each collection is curated to reflect the fresh, laid-back aesthetic that defines the California lifestyle and honors the spirit of youth. Their talented team of designers interpret current global trends to bring you the newest and hottest original styles. The creative process includes careful attention to the details that add quality, style, and an unexpected twist to final designs. They are inspired by those who know that age is an attitude and that looking and feeling great doesn’t relate to a price tag.
Here’s what sets THEM apart:
  • Skilled, experienced, and forward-thinking designers
  • Obsession with comfort
  • On trend, original designs
  • Fresh and creative details
  • Quality shoes at affordable prices

Blowfish Malibu Shoes also went vegan.

To celebrate launching their new Fall 2019 Collection, they reap the bounty of Fall Harvest then unleash a fancy vegan cocktail party with White Navy Bean Pesto and Dips on simple chic toasts. Something anyone can do.  Puree in blender or food processor then toast French Bread slices then you got your own Blowfish Vegan Cocktail Shoe party.  Healthy, simple, clean, yet so elegant... Vita Coco Sparkling Water provide the beverages to wash down the vegan hors d' oeuvres and The Work Bar LA's cocktails.

What more could a girl asks for?  An antioxidant, vegan, all-you-can-munch feast while guzzling sparkling coconut water...and shoes!

Cheers to Fall!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Vulture Culture 2019 when Hollywood is Hungry for Brain Candy: Elizabeth Moss, America Ferrera, Ben Feldman, Adam Scott, Jane Lynch, Joel McHale, Alison Brie,Ken Jeong, Norman Lear, & Rita Moreno

By Laura Medina

It helps to be New York Magazine.  It's prestige attracts Hollywood's hottest, hippest, and coolest stars and luminaries to LA's intelligentsia, hungry for brain candy, suffering from eye candy diabetes.

Vulture Festival presented by AT&T, wrapped up day 1 of this year’s pop culture extravaganza. Saturday morning’s programming began with D'Arcy Carden and Manny Jacinto aka The Good Place’s Hottest Boyfriend and Girl (Not A Girl) Friend, followed by an afternoon with Dascha Polanco, Susan Kelechi Watson, Candice Patton, and Cameron Esposito for Movers and Shakers and Mentors Presented By AT&T Hello Lab. Just in time for the hunger pangs to kick in, Jerry Saltz joined David Chang for an Eating Demonstration, where the two shared a meal and discussed the intersection of food and culture. Bachelor Nation’s  Eric Bigger, Nick Viall, Jade Roper-Tolbert, Tanner Tolbert, Ashley Iaconetti, Jared Haibon, Katie Morton, Chris Bukowski, Colton Underwood, and Cassie Randolph joined us for cocktails at Couples Game Night, and rounding out the evening, Vulture’s own A Star Is Born stan, Hunter Harris, hosted a sing-a-long poolside screening, presented by Virgin Voyages.
Other talent highlights for the day included Marc Evan Jackson, Tony Hale, Claudio de Oliveira, America Ferrera Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash, Nico Santos, Kaliko Kauahi, Tracy Clayton, Tamron Hall, Anne Konkle, and Maya Erskine.

Vulture Festival presented by AT&T, wrapped up day 2 of this year’s pop-culture extravaganza. Amazon Prime Video kicked off the morning with The Man In The High Castle followed by cast reunions for Community and Party Down. Bringing us the latest gossip from the Upper East, Josh Safran joined us to talk about Gossip Girl and his latest project, Soundtrack. We had dinner with Rita Moreno and the One Day At A Time cast and Casey Wilson and Adam Pally took us on a Star Tour through Hollywood where we ran into a few friends (Abby Elliot) along the way. Closing out the evening, and festival, Will Forte and John Solomon provided live narration during a McGruber fan screening, presented by Screenvision. 

Other talent highlights for the day included Jerry Saltz, Isa Dick Hackett, David Scarpa, Rufus Sewell, Jason O'Mara, Chelah Horsdal, Joel de la Fuente, Frances Turner, Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott, Megan Mullally, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr, Dan Etheridge, John Enbom, Rob Thomas, Ryan Hansen, Ken Marino, Steve Guttenberg, Joel McHale, Jim Rash, Danny Pudi, Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, Dan Harmon, Chris McKenna, Ken Jeong, Yvette Nicole Brown, Tim Robinson, Ruben Rabasa, Akiva Schaffer, Zach Kanin, Norman Lear, Brent Miller, Gloria Calderon Kellett, Mike Royce, Rita Moreno, Justina Machado, Isabella Gomez, Marcel Ruiz, Stephen Tobolowsky, Todd Grinnell, Elisabeth Moss, Hannah Einbinder, Vanessa Gonzalez, Steph Tolev, Whitmer Thomas, David Gborie, Irene Tu, andCameron Esposito.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Davines Haircare's "Tomorrow and the Butterfly," Documentary Shows How Aesthetics Has a Ripple Effect on Society, Urban Planning, & Artists Patronage, Beauty Thru Design.

By Laura Medina

Davines Haircare, the Italian family haircare company, continues the Italian tradition of wealthy families taking care and continuing patronage of artists, creatives; and now, the environment then integrating with today's urban planning and architecture for a better environment while improving hair care products and the local economy.

Their documentary,  "Tomorrow and the Butterfly," shows small changes can cause ripple effects in all directions.  Davines is using "Butterfly Effect," sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.

This is why this documentary is split in climate-changing conscious urban planning and architecture; environmentalism in preserving an olive oil tree that Davines use in their haircare products as a form of preservation and conservatism; saving sex trafficking victims by training them to be Davines stylists; then supporting musicians through sponsoring concert tours.

Jorge Blanco, Creative Director North America at Davines, hosted the documentary premiere.

At their documentary premiere, obviously they showcase Davines Haircare products, derived from the produce they preserve and harvest for their haircare.

As any "beauty-ista" knows, whatever you eat, comes out in your skin.  Davines practice what they preach.  

This the list of organic bakers and cheese-makers that practice what Davines support.  Beet and pesto hummus dip and spreads with cranberry bread toasts, gourmet cheeses, and fresh and dried fruits.

They included, on display, their rare, out of print cookbook where the same ingredients they grow and use in their products, is also used in their recipes.  Jorge happens to also edit and author this rare, limited edition, out of print cookbook, based on his New Jersey childhood.

Beauty as food, food as beauty.

This Second Time, It's NY Fashion Week in LA, alice + olivia x FriendsWithYou Launch Party

By Laura Medina

Stacey Bendet and FriendsWithYou’s Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III celebrated the debut of a limited-edition collaboration collection with an immersive event in LA, Paris Jackson and Caitlyn Jenner.

To mark the launch of the collection creatives from across the film, art, and fashion communities joined together in LA where guests danced to the tunes of DJ and sister duo SIMIHAZE, as well Ana Calderone while they enjoyed custom cloud cocktails by Beefeater Gin.

The immersive event featured a custom bounce house created by FriendsWithYou, the positivethinking art duo who has worked closely with Pharrell, exhibited at Art Basel, N.Y.C.’s High Line, Design Exchange, and Albright-Knox, and are even creating an animated children’s show for Netflix—all with the philosophy of spreading the message of “magic, love, and friendship.” 

Caroline D'Amore, founder of Pizza Girl, the daughter of legendary Pizza restaurateur Joe D'Amore, served up custom Heart shaped pizza to guests.

alice + olivia also launched its Kindness campaign with a black T-shirt with bold white messaging that says “Kindness Is For Everyone” in partnership with Ditch The Label. Ditch The Label is dedicated to promoting equality and provides support to young people who have been negatively affected by bullying and prejudice. Their award-winning work spans across the UK, USA and Mexico; empowering people aged 12–25 to overcome bullying. A portion of the proceeds will go to Ditch The Label. 

alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet announces a new collaboration with FriendsWithYou, an LA-based creative duo specializing in immersive installations. The collaboration launches as
part of alice + olivia’s Art Collective, a series of creative partnerships with renowned artists that began in 2013. The FriendsWithYou collaboration debuted in Los Angeles during an alice + olivia event that gathers the LA art scene in Hollywood, combining art, fashion, and fun. 

 alice + olivia’s Stacey Bendet was drawn to FriendsWithYou artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval’s joyous post-pop imagery and colorful style, and saw how their magical worlds would translate into whimsical, wearable art. The collection itself puts optimism at the forefront, with FriendsWithYou’s signature smiling cloud graphic drifting across knitwear, skirts, accessories and shoes. In the mix are alice + olivia’s saturated rainbows, with West Coast inspired silhouettes. 

During the Art Collective event, alice + olivia will also launch its Kindness campaign T-shirt in partnership with Ditch the Label, the anti-bullying charity dedicated to promoting equality and providing support to young people who have been negatively affected by bullying and prejudice. alice + olivia created a black t-shirt with bold, white messaging: Kindness Is For Everyone. The shirt will be available in alice + olivia stores and online; a portion of the proceeds will go to Ditch the Label.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Teen Vogue Summit Goes Behind the Scenes with Creative Artists Agency, HBO, Issa Rae, The Art of Brand Deal, Liza Koshy, Greta Gerwig, Demi Lovato, Camila Coelho, Sophia Bush Then Got Busy with Busy Philipps.

Teen Vogue has matured over the years, knowing today's teens are going to be tomorrow's "Sex and the City" and "Bold Type" career women.  They're getting them ready and all the possibilities it has to offer.

The three-days summit starts with "Career Day."  A field trip that takes you from CAA, Creative Artist Agency then to HBO.

When Team CAA & HBO arrived at CAA's headquarters, they serendipitously arrived in a middle of confidential yet typical long-distant conference call with a client.

A team of three agents hovering over a notebook, the main lead agent in the middle, directing the conference call.  The Product Placement/Branding/Endorsement agent to the left.  Then, a Movie Theatrical Agent flanking on the right.  They fall under the new Digital Media Department, where social media and YouTubers are discovered, represented, then guided in their careers.

This under-wraps is the heart of an A-List talent agency.  CAA is known for it's packaging, taking the talent, finding it's interests and likes and skills then aligning that talent with the right brands to advertise while, simultaneously breaking that talent beyond her or his comfort zone, by advising them to take acting classes to get acting roles in movies and films.  This is the heart of CAA. By inviting Teen Vogue in on a typical conference call, CAA invited them into what makes CAA a pioneer that broke the model in talent agency then lead the pack.

These hot, luminaries of CAA talent agents also what to prove that the abusive stereotype of an Hollywood shark agent, aka "Ari Gold of Entourage" has been fired and there's a new league of Millennial talent agents of great ethnic and gender diversity has taken over, to better represent today's society.

This is why Teen Vogue was invited to hover a top secret conference call with a trio of agents, representing various departments; and the lead agent is a proud Howard University graduate.

In fact, that Howard University/Broadcast Journalism grad was shocked when her professor advised her to be a talent agent.  Shocked, this CAA talent refused to have a stereotypical talent agent throw a chair at her.  Facing she's gonna graduate from college soon, she went ahead and followed her professor's advice then landed in CAA's training program where she succeed to be CAA's hottest luminaries.  She and her contemporary peers has kicked the abusive Ari Golds to the curb.

They want to prove that the real CAA is anti-Entourage, anti-Ari Gold.  Today's current CAA millennial agents do not tolerate physical, verbal, and sexual abuse at CAA.  Those will be thrown out like trash.

CAA's Movie Theatrical Agent is a military brat from a military family in a military town.  You can't get more real than the military.  You can't get more further from Hollywood than the military.  But yes, he hated his college degree so he took his cousin's advice and entered the trainee program.

With his no-nonsense military background, Movie Theatrical Agent always tell a client that he takes on, you better take acting classes and make the effort to show up for auditions and call times. If you're half-ass backwards and not going all the way through it, it's a waste of his precious time and energy best spent somewhere.  You need military tough love and discipline to be a movie and tv star at CAA.

There's a reason these hot CAA luminary agents are spending time and energy on this particular client.

This client, they were discussing with, have drive, ambition, out-goingness, funny, honesty, interests that she wants to pursue and had accomplished and achieved without failure.  These CAA agents mentioned, that as soon as this client finished acting on a movie set, she still continued to shoot then edit her Vine and YouTube videos after filming then before returning to the movie set to act even more.  Continuous acting, from movie set to her own social media videos.

Who is that CAA client?  Liza Koshy.  How did this started?  Easy. Being CAA and having their finger on the pulse.  The heads-up asked their emerging agents, look for then get ethnically ambiguous talent with a lot of drive and sparkle and they're unique.  They got Liza Koshy.

Before any of these CAA agents take on a client.  Yes, talent but that drive and ambition and interest(s) better come from the talent client with inside them.  Because, agents pressuring then squeezing their clients into something that they're not, will break and fail.  Ambition, drive, and interest must come from within the talent.  Plus, they treat each and every client as an individual, going on their own path, making them unique while guiding them.

Think of CAA agents as elevated guidance counselors. 

We'll discuss that battery spark Liza Koshy later on...

Let's focused on established talent, Zendaya....

After being invited to eavesdrop on a Liza Koshy conference about guiding her next career goals and potential projects coming up the pipeline, Teen Vogue field trip moved onto CAA's very own fashion department where they represent their fashion designers, called Licensing where talent, from talent department, are matched up with brands that best represent each other.  This is also equity deals and joint ventures department where business development specialists consider a variety of opportunities for brands seeking to leverage celebrity and influencer partnerships that maximize acceleration with key target audiences.

During the fashion presentation, CAA revealed that they partnered Zendaya with Tommy Hilfilger for Hilfilger's Fall 2019 Tommy x Zendaya Collection, debut at Apollo Theater during NY Fashion Week.  This is where they showcased top secret technical sketches and fabric swatches then talked about the embellishment differences between runway and commercial.  Yes, those Licensing agents are lucky enough to get the actual runway clothes but they need to shortened because agents aren't six-foot tall models.

Zendaya's story continued, of course, to HBO, where she's one of the stars of it's hit, "Euphoria."

The Director of Programming, took time out of her busy schedule, to describe what a tv network Director of Programming does.

She listens to sale pitches, where wanna-be producers/screenwriters vocally try to sell them an idea for a tv show.  If she accepts your sales pitch, you better have a script to give her. 

Well, honestly, 99% of sales pitches she gets everyday are rejected because she's the tastemaker/gatekepper.  Those are not right for HBO.  Good for other networks, but not for HBO.

The 1% she does accepts, with scripts, doesn't mean they won the lottery.  More revisions and more edits, called "polishes," with options, mean they rent the script as they work on it.  If lucky, perhaps the network will shoot a pilot to test it out on the audience.

If the pilot works as a series, then the network buys it in order to turn it into a series.  Once bought and approved as series, then casting and hiring then location scouting happens.  This means the series is happening.

Director of Programming is also hunting for tv series materials.  She's also buys or option/rents rights to books and existing tv series from international tv market that might be a right fit for HBO.

She's the one who bought the American rights to Israeli tv drama, "Euphoria."  Once approved, Zendaya casted in the show.

See, how real Hollywood works.  It's synergy in action.  Where a star is multi-purpose.

Teen Vogue Summit continued to hit it out of the ball park with drive, from Issa Rae then from Busy Philipps...

Yes, Busy Philipps may be socially acceptable on her looks.  Because of her looks, people warn her that she's expendable.  So she focused on her work ethics, first to arrive, last to leave, whether she was a California Pizza Kitchen-she recommend the BBQ Chicken Pizza and Salad-to her starring in tv series.

Great Gerwig debut her take on "Little Women" as the cherry on top best saved for last at Saturday's Teen Vogue Summit.

Sunday's Teen Vogue Summit was the last day. So, everybody talked about slowing, sometimes saying "no," and doing mediation for mental health.

Yes, Camila Coelho admits she is blessed with opportunities but she advised to saying "no" when the brand endorsement is wrong for her.  

Both Camila Coelho and Sophia Bush both talked about "me time."  Whether it's no business talk after 7pm with her husband then they settle in for the night watching Netflix.

For Sophia Bush, other than using her Journalism college background in environmentalism, she tries to separate her public life from her private time with her mom, family, and friends.

Teen Vogue Summit takes you through the career gamut.