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Bastille Day! NARS FAll 2013 Sneak Peek & Lacoste Red, White & Blue Fragrance. Look & Scent like the French!

By Laura Medina

Okay, July the 4th is done and over.  What to do with all these leftover Red, White, & Blue rosettes and streamers?  Repurpose them for France's Independence Day, Bastille Day!

Ditch the barbeque for fancy puff sweet pastries and savory hors d'oeuvres, use Bastille Day to celebrate what we all like best about French culture, snacking on elaborate finger food we cannot make and guzzling bubbly champagne.

Leave the raggedy cut-off daisy dukes at home and make this Sunday an excuse to wear your blackest, chicest lingerie with her chicest yet Summer-y Little Black Dress, say in lace or linen or satin silk.  Shoot, go Rivera and pile on the jewelry on top of your tank and jeans.

Just in time, NARS will launch his Fall 2013 Preview at the 8412 Melrose Ave boutique.  This is how to look "French."

Simple Parisian chic-clean, creamy complexion finished with intense lip color.  For the traditional French red lips, Mysterious Red Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Crimson Red.  

For the "of-the-moment" fashion-forward crowd,  La Paz Pure Matte Lipstick in Orchid for a fresh take on the deep, rich Vamp look or a more current ginger/coral pink Peloponnese Pure Matte Lipstick.

You can go really girly fun with pink chiffon Paimol Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

French chic is not just bold minimalism but also about subtlety, show your "French" and do a French manicure in these new nail polishes...

Fury in regal purple and dove grey Galathee nail polishes.

The big inspiration for Francois Nars was Helmut Newton's rival in the Seventies, the overlook but influential Guy Bourdin.  He made that ground-breaking but heart-breaking lesbian/bi-sexual Gia into the dark and sexy supermodel who paved the way for the dark and sexy but more wholesome Cindy Crawford.

Put those two together and they represent the Sultry, Sexy Disco Seventies.

We all know it's all about the sultry eyes.  Surprisingly, these eyeshadows are neutral with hot touch of teal....

If you're in a hurry and lazy because you have tons of more important events you need to rush to and still need to look fabulous, get these limited palettes and stash your kit in this sexy satin pouch...

For ginger-heads and fair-heads, you can go heavy on the deep but natural "Ride to the Moon" sultry browns eyeshadow palette.

Brunettes and deeper-complexions can go deep and rich with Fairy's Kiss plummy palette.

To complicated for you?

Don't worry, go to "how to get the perfect smokey eye" look at

Want to watch and learn, watch the behind-the-scenes of Nars Fall 2013 Ad Campaign with NARS Founder and Creative Director François Nars and model Toni Garrnhtt at //

Alright for the guys and those clean-faced androgynous, French preppy women (the true BCBG), you can "smell" French with Lacoste's Red, White, & Blue Fragrances, especially on a hot, sweat Sunday.

The iconic Lacoste Tennis Short, it can't go no more than French than that.

René Lacoste named his creation, "LACOSTE L.12.12 shirt."

L stands for Lacoste, 1 is a reference to the unique fabric (cotton petit piqué) and 2 means short sleeved. The second 12 relates to the number of prototypes that had to be produced until René Lacoste was happy with the result, giving a unique insight into the champion’s sense of perfectionism and hands-on approach to design.  

His company instill his beliefs into these three fragrances.  These resulting fragrances are as cool, refreshing, and light as his petit piqué fabric tennis shirt.

“With EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12, we have distilled the experience of pulling on that petit piqué fabric which gave René Lacoste that all-important feeling of lightness, coolness and freshness. The fragrance comes in a collection of colors representing three different moods, classic and pure; masculine and powerful; or relaxed and natural.” Lewis Peacock, P&G Fragrance Creation Team


Rouge Edition

EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Rouge harvests a triple blend of spices at the heart to create this energetic scent. The fragrance is introduced with a refreshing, colorful blast of iced red tea, spiked with spicy mandarin liqueur and juicy mango.  A second burst of energy notes emerge with a stimulating spice cocktail of Madagascan black pepper, Indian ginger and Guatemalan cardamom, which provides a vibrating contrast. The long lasting signature of this aromatic woody creation sustains its character through acacia wood accompanied by golden Laos benzoin and labdanum. The result is a masculine and spicy fragrance with a spirit that can be captured in one word – ENERGETIC.

Blanc Edition

EAU DE LACOSTE L.12.12 Blanc, which takes its inspiration from the classic white L.12.12 shirt, opens with a fresh, woody and herbal blend of grapefruit, rosemary, cardamom and cedar leaf to create a clean and aromatic first impression. These notes blend with a uniquely masculine, floral heart accord comprised of natural tuberose, ylang ylang and olibanum to give the scent its purity. The base of the fragrance merges cedarwood and georgywood with fresher notes of vetiver. The result is a timeless classic but with a masculine and woody tenacity.

 Bleu Edition 

The Blue edition moves from the pure classic scent of L.12.12 Blanc to something more powerful. The top notes combine a dose of citrusy grapefruit with cool aquatic notes of peppermint and watery fruits. At the heart there is a smooth and aromatic accord of sage which blends with an earthy dry down of patchouli, amber wood and oak moss to create a deep, powerful, and intensely masculine scent. 

French style, French fashion is all about the details.  

The square falcons with rounded corners and the constant back & forth development between France and Vietnam to source the right materials reflects Renee Lacoste's simple elegance.

Remember, French style is not about being outlandish.  It's good taste in simplicity.  Now, use Bastille Day as an excuse to enjoy the best of French culture and food and booze.  

It's your excuse to live like a French for a day-no excuses

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