Monday, July 15, 2013

A Summer Fling...Old Navy Hooking Up with Disney for this Summer Only

By Laura Medina

This is how Hollywood does Summer, celebrate with one of American's most egalitarian clothiers, Old Navy then have them hang out with the All-American, family-friendly studio, Disney.  By putting them together, immediately after July the 4th and right before Bastille Day, have the two companies put out a cool line of collector's item tee-shirts with iconic Mickey and Minny Mouse on them then sell them only at Old Navy, only for this Summer,

To celebrate this innocent hook-up, Old Navy and Disney threw a family picnic/ice cream social on the Walt Disney Studio Lot with some help from emerging Disney stars and mom-to-be Jennifer Love Hewitt, modeling one of the Disney tanks, while enjoying a much deserved Mickey Mouse ice cream pop.

At the family fair/ice cream social (so appropriate under the noon day sun), a family of Old Navy mannequins model the collection.  Across the boulevard, big folks and little folks were treated to one free Old Navy/Disney Mickey or Minnie tee-shirt to commemorate two launches, the tee-shirts with vintage Mickey and Minnie culled from the archive and a launch of a new retro-styled cartoon short, "Stayin' Cool."

The biggest stars were, of course, Mickey and Minnie.  Tots lined up to get their picture taken with them at the photo booth.  The lucky families lunched on a burger and hot dog picnic while staying cool with Disney-edition blue lemonade and Mickey Mouse-ear ice cream pops.

Sure, there were other "sideline" entertainments.  Kids of all sizes and ages got a temporary Disney tattoo.  The big kids lined up in the sun for a Disney cartoon sketch by a team of real Disney cartoon artists.

But, the headlining entertainment was the official premiere of "Stayin' Cool," the latest release in line of cartoon shorts airing on the Disney Channel.  The public premiere for it wouldn't air until July 19th but those lucky big and little kids were treated to the exclusive "Stayin' Cool" premiere vintage-stylized Mickey, Donald and Goofy must find creative ways to keep cool on the hottest day of the year.

Old Navy collaborating with Disney isn't the only way to re-introduce these Disney characters and cultural heritage to a new generation of  3 to14 years olds.  These series of retro-styled shorts set up in contemporary comedy situations is another way to re-introduce Disney heritage to a new generation of kids while bringing back memories for their parents.

As for this scribe, it was a rare and cute family ice cream social on the historical and influential Walt Disney Lot...with tons of cool, soon-to-be vintage tee-shirts.

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