Tuesday, October 17, 2017

NARS Holiday Man Ray 2017 Collection for Art Historians & Fashionistas.

By Laura Medina

If you're stuck to what to give for Xmas or Hanukkah or Chrismukkah, NARS to the rescue.

Here are some glamourous yet affordable gifts, that not only takes the guesswork out of which lipstick to pair with which blush (lips and cheeks are always no fail reliables).  At $24 a gift set, you can afford to buy one as a gift to give away and still enough cash left to buy one, two, three, or four for yourself.

Let's be fair...and share...

Love Triangle
Dolce Vita And Audrey
Twice as nice. Two icons have a moment
—a rosy glow with red currant lips.
Dolce Vita Blush, matte dusty rose
Audrey Audacious Lipstick, red currant

Love Triangle
Double your pleasure. Because too much of a good thing isn’t nearly enough. Featuring the
universally flattering, award
shade in a mini Blush and Lipstick.
Orgasm Blush,
peachy pink with golden shimmer
Orgasm Lipstick,
peachy pink with golden shimmer, satin finish

Love Triangle
Impassioned And Anna
Pink it over. Hit cheeks and lips with a touch of cool pink in award
-winning formulas.
Impassioned Blush, pink orchid
Anna Audacious Lipstick, dusty mauve

Love Triangle
Deep Throat And Barbara
In too deep. Everyday nudes
that are anything but neutral
—in award
-winning formulas for cheeks
and lips.
Deep Throat Blush, soft pink with golden sheen
Barbara Audacious Lipstick, tan rose

Love Triangle
Hot Sand And Rita
Hot to trot. When Hot Sand met Rita: two award
-winning icons in one irresistible duo.
Hot Sand Blush, peach champagne
Rita Audacious Lipstick, scarlet

Francois Nars is a cultured, urbane gentleman.  He always studies art history, especially art as fashion photography history.
For his Holiday/Fall/Winter 2017 collection, he pays homage to ground-breaking Man Ray.
Think outside the gift box with a covetable collection of artful sets inspired by the bold minimalism and iconic muses of Man Ray’s fashion photography

NARS Cosmetics introduces the Man Ray for NARS Holiday 2017 Collection. Featuring 
surprising limited edition shades inspired by the electrifying art of modern master Man Ray. An imaginative palette of bolds and brights evokes the artist’s legendary wit, while daringly dimensional effects paint an ode to originality. Express the unexpected.

A set of classic reds in an adorable tin case.  Again, you can break and share then give while you can keep both the case and the ones you like.

Noire Et Blanche Audacious Lipstick Coffret
Talk to the mask. Four statement shades say it boldly. Featuring award
-winning Audacious
Lipstick in a portable lineup of four minis with three new, limited
-edition shades.
Include (Left to Right):
(Limited Edition) Lee, garnet
(Limited Edition
) Do
lores, crimson red
(Limited Edition)
Josephine, bordeaux
Charlotte, oxblood burgundy

Les Amoureux Audacious Lipstick Coffret
Four ravishing neutrals to make your day look. Featuring award
Audacious Lipstick in a portable lineup of four minis with two new, limited
-edition shades.
Shades Include (Left to Right):
(Limited Edition)
Ady, dusty coral
(Limited Edition)
Arden, burnt coral
Barbara, tan rose
terracotta rose

The Kiss Velvet Matte Lip Pencil Set
be a stranger. Keep tabs on touch
-ups with a rich gradient of award
-winning Velvet Matte Lip
Pencils. Featuring four shades: two new, limited edition and two existing, sealed with a golden kiss
of a cosmetic case.
Shades Include:
Endangered Red,
Toundra, rust
(Limited Edition)
Wild Ways, mahogany
(Limited Edition)
Spell Bound, shimmering pink beige

Francois Nars used Man Ray's Dadaist and Surrealist icon photographs on his collectors' items makeup and cases.  Gifts for someone special or yourself as keepsakes.
Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette
It’s my party. And
I’ll eye if I want to. Six richly pigmented eyeshadows in new, limited
shades get the festivities started
—and keep looks going light until dark with soft-
Shades Include (Left to Right):
(Limited Edition) Cryba
matte cream
(Limited Edition)
Heartbreaker, shimmering deep ocean
(Limited Edition) Loverboy, matte black
(Limited Edition) Tryst, shimmering gold
(Limited Edition)
One and Only, shimmering deep moss
(Limited Edition)
shimmering rich brown
The Veil Cheek Palette
No filter. Show more cheek with a buildable trio that contours, highlights, and pops with natural
looking dimension. Featuring Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer in iconic shade Laguna, with new,
-edition shades of Blush and Highlighter.  

Photogloss Lip Lacquer
Glisten up. Saturated color steeped in superior high
-shine. Four shades. New limited edition

The ultimate authority in blush, NARS offers the industry's best-
selling shades for cheeks, delivering healthy
-looking color that immediately enlivens the complexion and provides a natural
looking flush that flatters any skin tone.

Duo Eyeshadow
Smoke out. Dynamic duos of
modern, unique, unexpected color combinations layer on endless

Velvet Eyeliner
Artistry hits
a high point with this creamy formula, ideal for blending, smudging, and intensifying

Gold Anita
Audacious Lipstick
-selling Anita Audacious Lipstick gets even more covetable with a luxe gold case—
lips as good as gold.
Glides unstoppably bold, high
-pigment color with weightlessly silky,
saturating coverage.
-edition holiday
exclusive. Go bold. Strike gold.

Overexposed Glow Highlighter
Golden touch. Second
-skin luminosity in a universally flattering highlighter. New limited edition

Don't Flush, It's not Acne. It's Rhofade, Rosacea Calm Cream.

By Laura Medina

Since acne is more well-known, poor rosacea suffers really suffer using acne or oily products when it has nothing to do with oil sebum glands.  It's blood vessels on the face reacting.

It's a condition where puses (usually mistaken for acne) occurs on top of thick flushing, where the nose is bumpy, inflamed, and red, and the eyelids are red and swollen.

According to Beyoncé's makeup-artist, Sir John, he applied makeup to all ethnicities all over the globe with a wide spectrum of shades, who suffer from rosacea.

Since you need good skincare as a canvas to apply makeup, he's supporting Rhofade, the first facial cream to constrict facial blood vessels.  The swollen facial blood vessels are what creates the symptoms of rosacea.

Like good acne treatments, Rhofade bumps up a person's self-esteem when Rhofade constricts the facial blood vessels.

Rosacea has nothing to with oil glands with dirt and pollutants sticking.

It's more internal.

Monday, October 16, 2017

John Varvatos with Vintage Trouble Kick Off South Coast Plaza's 50th Anniversary for Charity.

By Laura Medina

When rock n' roll couturier, John Varvatos, was starting to brainstorm ideas for this current Fall/Winter 2017 collection a year ago, it was political and cultural season of angst. 

During 2016 American Presidential elections, John Varvatos sensed that the country was heading down the wrong direction. 

Always the couture provocateur that makes you think, John Varvatos' muse, for Fall/Winter 2017, was a rock n' roller who shakes things up, speak up, and make real changes in this country.

So, he and his design team start discussing this "Rebel Spirit," that is representative in the very wild as it is exquisite leopard print leather motorcycle jacket.  The old rebel reinvented for this early 21st century for the new rebels to shake things up for this 21st century, out of the establishment.

He told his design team, he really wanted to feel "Wild at Heart."  That's representative in his Fall/Winter 2017's signature print, the Leopard Spots print, seen in the Lynx Motorcycle Jacket and the Leopard print leather trench coat.

This carries over onto his current brand spokes model, British rocker, Machine Gun Kelly.  John Varvatos picked him because he's a rebel with a heart of gold.

Since the chills and the freeze of Fall and Winter approaching, can't think of a better time to borrow from the boys.

A rock n' roll army of tweed blazers, classic black fur coats, the timeless motorcycle jacket and coats meets equally classic leopard prints mingle for the new century, it's "borrow from the boys" interchangeable wardrobe for the mom, sister, girlfriend, and wife.  Double the style, half the couple's budget.

This light-weight striped V-neck cardigan can double on a female torso, paired with real and faux leather yoga pants, can be pulled off without skipping a beat.

Androgny is a practical cost-busting wardrobe option, mixing both female and male dressing.  Such as this pairing above, taking the unisex striped V-neck cardigan underneath the timeless black fur coast.  It is, also, a space-saver.

Being a godfather who puts where his "Rebel Heart" is, John Varvatos (coming from designing for Ralph Lauren) sponsors up and coming rock bands and singers and raises funds for charities such as:
For the sharp-eyed and for fashion marketing/publicists wanna-bes, outfitting worthy young bands while promoting them at charity events, is a sure bang for your advertising buck.

For up & coming bands, they happily accept the godfather-ship.

It's been a long time coming for singer/actor Ty Taylor, from  Carnegie Mellon University drama and music Broadway performer to Rockstar:INXS to landing into his niche, as Vintage Trouble's charismatic lead singer, a throwback mix to the soul of Sam Cooke ignited by the fire of Jimi Hendrix.

Finding his niche as Vintage Trouble's lead singer, Ty Taylor was happy to headline John Varvatos' charity fashion show at South Coast Plaza's 50th Anniversary.

He remembers, not so long ago, that he would save up a whole year to half a year, saving up for a John Varvatos sale.  Joking, it would be for half a belt, in cotton.  

Now as John Varvatos' Fall/Winter 2017 band, he and Vintage Trouble are so grateful for his patronage, that Ty Taylor, not only literally jive and groove on the catwalk/concert stage, he literally catwalk dive into the crowd then crowd surfed back to the catwalk, proudly flying that rock n' roll flag.

He got his jived on, dancing and grooving with this scribe.

Why Vintage Trouble this time?

Because being the rock n' roll groupie who's astute on taking society's pulse, John Varvatos picked Vintage Trouble worthy of supporting and representing his company's attitude, values, and swagger.

Vintage Trouble reinvents incendiary, transgressive as progressive rock/soul from artists like Ike & Tina Turner, Little Richard, and Chuck Berry, and Jimi Hendrix for the 21st century Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Gen-Zers.

A John Varvatos charity show doesn't disappoint.  The fashion show was just a teaser.  The real party kicks off with what's truly in his heart, the rock concert for rockers.  Then, the cocktail party with cocktails, mocktails (the juice people are more than happy to sneak in some vodka, gin, or champagne into your organic juice), mini burger sliders and cups of French fries finishes off the party.

John Varvatos is a Rebel Heart with an heart of gold.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Calling all Libras, Scorpios, Sagittariuses,& December Capricorns, Now is the Time to Enjoy Catalina Island's Birthday Specials, Before It Ends on New Year's Eve 2017.

By Laura Medina
As all good things, they will come to an end, on December 31st, 2017.

On what started as celebrating Catalina Express' 30th anniversary, back in 2012.  It was a good, long six-years ride on celebrating your birthday on Catalina Island with freebies and discounts.

So all you Libras, Scorpios, Sagittariuses, and early December Capricorns, you all better enjoy the free Catalina Express ride on your birthday. It's a fun, thrilling, yet relaxing boat ride from Long Beach Harbor to Catalina, feeling the salt sea air breezing through their hair.  Enjoying a game of cards, while sipping on mini champagne bottles.  It's California hospitality as its best.

Come to the Lobster Trap https://www.catalinalobstertrap.com/ for the freshest seafood, can't help it.  Their seafood was caught that morning.  For real Catalina treat and for your next holiday dish to impress, feast on their Catalina Local Lobster stuffed with creamy bay shrimp stuffing or try something healthy and fancy, as such their From the Sea entrĂ©e.  You pick the fish then you pick the topping.  This Pescatarian always choose the crisp macadamia nut bread topping over bass.  Oh, how this scrumptious scribe will miss you on her birthday.

Greg Bombard, President/CEO, says, “Catalina Express wishes to thank its more than 45 island partners who participated in the Birthday Island program over the past six years, offering discounts, perks and value-added products and services for birthday celebrants. This program made visitors’ special day on the island even more meaningful with other visitors, residents and business owners wishing them a happy day.

“We launched the program not only to celebrate our 30th anniversary, but to provide an incentive for visitors to get a ‘taste’ of the new Catalina, which has grown and evolved with the opening of new attractions, restaurants, culture and entertainment.”

After 2018, keep your eyes out for new promotions and contests from Catalina Express.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Will.I.Am, Joe Jonas, & Fritz and the Tantrums, All Shop and Hang Out Then Celebrate at Westfield Century City Mall.

By Laura Medina

Don't let the other tabloids and magazines fool you, celebrities are locals too...actually L.A. locals.  Before they hit it big and after they hit it big, they're still locals, who still shop and dine at their favorite stores and restaurants, whether they're unpopular or flying under the radar.  It's Century City Mall, not those independent boutiques on trendy residential streets where parking is frustratingly difficult to find

Will.I.Am said he used to shop the mall before it was Westfield.  As a struggling teenager and unknown, he used to use the shops as aspiration and inspiration.  Now as a celebrity, he can support these stores and still take his dates here for a movie and a date.

When he was a teen heart throb with his Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas used to hang out at the mall, of course as a teenager.  Now, he and his band are performing for the grand re-opening with it's all new uniquely Los Angeleno stores and amenities.  The new Westfield Century City Mall evolves with him. 

Nicole from Fritz and the Tantrums always and still shop the mall, where she bought her grand reopening outfit, the day before her band's celebration at the mall's grand reopening, sans stylist.

Mayor Eric Garcetti also calls Westfield Century City Mall, his local mall.

The mall's general manager proudly emphasized the mall's Uber lounge, along with their traditional valet lounge.  

Mayor Garcetti is proud that Mario Batali decided to make Westfield Century City Mall, the West Coast home for his Eataly Italian food emporium.

Not only that, Mayor Garcetti was brimming with pride that singularly L.A. icons are calling Westfield Century City Mall, their second homes, Randy Donuts, Compartes Chocolates, and other iconic LA institutions are all under one roof, instead of loyal Los Angelenos driving all over the place, for their favorite local cravings.

Remember, this is where real Hollywood shops and dine and snack.

Hollywood repaid the gratitude by throwing a big bash concert...

Joe Jonas's DNCE threw a free concert...

Fritz and the Tantrums are very much a LA band and here, they're returning the love back to their favorite mall.

Here's Nicole's outfit that she bought, herself, at the mall, the day before, for her grand reopening performance.

The truth be told, Westfield Century City Mall is Beverly Hills' guilty treat secret.  This is their mall.  So, it was no surprise that established Beverly Hills baby boomers went nuts for The Village People, bringing back their glory youth.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Revolution is Evolution, Levi's x Google Jacquard Denim Trucker Jacket is Tactical Interactive-Be Present Now. So Meta.

By Laura Medina

You think you're hip because you're stuck staring, tapping, and swiping on your smartphone while the world passes you by.

But, you make sure to capture it; or you're busy being the boss because you have the ability to stay on top; or you're busy enough to be "boss" to pay for your not-so-busy friends' cocktails.

Be here now and be really sharp!

Levi's with Google, just debut their Levi's x Google Jacquard Commuter Jacket for the Silicon Valley/Beach/Bay types who are ecological as they are cheap and green on the environment, because it was first made for cyclists and biker in mind.  But, anyone in a car or a pedestrian can wear it.

Instead of getting into a car wreck because you're always checking out your phone, with a brush or a swipe or a tap on your left cuff, your Levi's x Google Jacquard Commuter Jacket can:

Know when you’re getting a text or call, have messages read to you, and send calls to voicemail – all while staying focused on your ride.

Music should keep you moving, not make you look at your phone. Play, pause, and skip your way through your favorite songs. Like what you’re hearing but not sure what it is? Have the track and artist name read to you, and saved so you can check it later.

Even regular riders may want a little help getting where they’re going. Hear your next direction or updated ETA with a touch of your sleeve.

This snap on, insert able, moldable tiny electronics contained in the flexible snap tag connect the Jacquard Threads in the jacket’s cuff to your mobile device.1 The snap tag lets you know about incoming information, like a phone call2, by giving you light and haptic feedback. Inspired by a strap that you would see on a cuff, it looks and feels like it’s a part of the jacket. The tag also houses the battery which can last up to 2 weeks between USB charges.3

This snap tag is on your left sleeve cuff.

Sewn inside the cuff are conductive copper threads, too fine to be wires, that conduct and compute information and commands, synching with your phone app.

Using the textile terminology, "Jacquard" pays homage to the history of how the roots of computing goes back to textile weaving.

The first programmable computer code were punch cards first used in textile weaving to determine textile designs.

Now, two-hundred and thirteen years later, it's now a round-about-way, Levi's X Google Commuter Jacket took the simple punch card then spin it on its head becoming interactive copper conductive threads that take commands and rely messages and directions while playing music...all in one jacket.

Most importantly, how does it look, how does it feel, and what's the tailoring construction?

Google knows that if it doesn't look good, either nobody is gonna buy it or they're wasting money because it's too ugly to wear.

This is where good design meets good technology, isn't that the point of jacquard loom punch cards? So meta.

Innocuously, it appears to be a classic Levi's Trucker Denim Jacket that has been around for a good fifty years, looked good on James Dean and makes cowboys sharp.  Doesn't look weird.

But, we all know that's sharp on the outside, as it is in the inside.

Specifically tailored with the urban cyclist in mind, the Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket was designed for getting around the city. The jacket features articulated shoulders to provide extra room to maneuver, reflectors, and a dropped hem to keep you covered as you ride. You can easily access your digital world because Jacquard technology is woven right into the sleeve.

Levi's designers and Google testers put this jacket through its paces.

Made to move...

Levi's x Google Jacquard Commuter Jacket proves that you don't have to be outlandish or even super-trendy to be fashion-forward.

Remember, just like the knits in athleisure, it is the inside that counts that pushes society forward.

Now, that's a trend-setter.