Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cabana Anna Swimwear Sasheys Coachella Season...during a gusty wind storm, brave bikini models.

By Laura Medina

Accompanied by "Glee's" Bonnie Brooksbank on electric violin, bikini models in all shapes and sizes braved the wind gusts, strutting their stuff on a catwalk over Skyar's/Modrian Hotel's backyard pool.

While fashionistas and guests were whimpering about the whipping wind storm, huddling against the cold, Glee's Bonnie Brooksbank serenaded the gutsy bikini models, her electric violin holding its own.  There's more to "Glee" than just singing and dancing.

This Coachella swimwear show is more than just external shapes and sizes, it's about having a gutsy attitude to show what Mother Nature endowed you with, in extreme weather.

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