Friday, April 28, 2017

In Jodi Baker's series, You have to "Trust", to learn the "Truth." "Truth," the second book in her "Trust" series.

By Laura Medina

When readers left the protagonist/heroine, Anna, she's in the care of the
cute and charming young man, named Cax.  Readers were left at a cliff-hanger, whether she should "trust" Cax with her safety and life.

The second book in the "Trust" series, "Truth," Anna has to dive deep in order to learn the "Truth."

This is where the "Trust" series diverts from "Harry Potter." 

"Truth" takes a very uniquely New York spin, away from "Harry Potter"-London orientation.  As in when it dives deep, Anna and Cax have to dive deep in New York subway culture, legend, and dangers, the myth of CHUDs and homelessness.  Since the author, Jodi Baker, is from New York, "Truth" has a New York state of mind...and heart.

In any good Young Adult series, tracking the progress of the protagonist, Anna switches between the high-end Upper East Side of her grandmother and the low-down subway, in order to discover the "Truth."
In doing so, "Truth" deals with socio-economic class levels and status, bringing clarity among battling "libraries" and ancient cultures and forgotten histories that still affect us to this day.

That's the wonder about Jodi Baker.  Her years being a museum docent and trying to keep information fresh, is what makes her brilliant in taking various cultures, histories, and myths then weaving them in her "Trust" series, that forms a new basket in the fantasy/sci-fi genre.

J.K. Rowling may had built that fantasy path, using British/Roman mythology as bricks in the fantasy path but Jodi Baker is constructing a new fantasy road using a mortar of Meso-American history, dusted with Norse mythology, and good ole Egyptian and
Greek/Roman classics as foundation for her "Trust" series, and the latest and the second book, "Truth."


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