Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Topshop Topman Keeps It Chillin' at their "Escape" Oasis Style Lounge during the Coachella Craziness.

By Laura Medina


The most fun stuff doesn't always have to happen at night.

Sometimes, the coolest and chillin' stuff happens in broad daylight.

Yes, you all may be dismayed by the "corporate/branding" of Coachella.

They popped up, in the first place, because those do paid $500 for 3-nights General Admission and $1,000 for VIP admission, didn't bring a lot of clothes and whatever is left, went towards the hotel room.

Fashion and skincare style lounges came to the rescue, for the festival style clueless.

They'll style you appropriately for the hot, desert sun, prep your skin then bedazzle you in hologram, shimmering "unicorn makeup."  The flower crown is done.

There have been some epic hype about fashion-meets-music mergers, such as Revolve + Billboard Lounges and commercially-crazy Ulta Beauty & Nordstorm-sponsored PopSugar "Hotel".

But if it's recharge, relief, and chill before actually party-ing like crazy at the actual Coachella Festival Grounds, you can't go wrong with Topshop/Topman Escape at Korakia Resort Cottages.

Sly hidden among Downtown Palm Springs Mod Suburb bungalows, lays Mediterranean-meets-Morocco styled pensione, fancy term for bed & breakfast guesthouses, the Korakia Pensione.  The complex of vacationing bungalows and villas, done in white stucco Mediterran terra cottas.

Topshop/Topman turned Korakia Pensione into a desert oasis for the festival gypset, where they cater to festival fashion and beauty need.

It's the most civilized because it's purpose is to chill.  You save your craziness at the night.

To help you get ready,  Korakia Resort Cottages gladly offered free massages to restore your energy or release last night's energy.

To restore your sun-burnt complexion, Skin Laundry set-up a pop-up facial spa to baby-pamper your skin.

Topshop/Topman proved that debauchery can be healthy...and considerate...

After guests were swigging delightfully light, citrus-tequila cocktails for an hour...

They rejoice when they spotted the Pressed Juicery refrigerator, fully stocked.  The dehydrated grabbed them by the arm-full.  Empty then restocked on the hour, by the hour.

Go beyond the oasis indulgence and the Shangri-La escapism, you gotta remember, the Topshop/Topman Style Lounge is a service, styling people in getting Summer Festival ready.  It was a two-day lounge.

The first day lunch buffet was a light, diet-conscious Greek and Chinese vegan affair.

The vegan Mandarin Tangerine Chinese Salad with a lot of crunchy silvered almonds and crunchies was a delightfully, refreshing hit...

The second day lunch buffet has more protein yet light options.  Bowls full of crab salad, ahi tuna poke, and trout fish eggs, aka caviar...out in the desert.  Mission possible, mission accomplished.

Still vegan and Daisy Dukes friendly, Parmesan Caesar Salad, Quinoa Salad, and very Californian Strawberry Arugula Salad.

Even hangover brunch ready, greek yogurt buffet...

Then, huge chunks of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe with fried onion-rings sprinkled crab/ahi tuna poke/caviar salad and Pressed Juicery to get you refueled and hydrated for party-hopping...

It wasn't all healthy.  That would be boring.  Sugarfina brought treats...and debut new juicy flavors.

Sugarfina specially renamed their Cowboy prickly pear (cactus) juiced gummies, "California Cactus" just for Coachella.

Another juicy new flavor is Sugarfina's Pink Grapefruit Flamingo gummies.

Green Cowboy Cactus & Pink Grapefruit Flamingo gummies make for a preppy resort duo, appropriate for Palm Springs, Coachella party-central.

It wasn't all "dead quiet" in the desert oasis. DJ Avi of Naked Rhythm pumped some live conga beats over his DJing tracks.

In between being styled, bedazzled, and pampered and swigging beverages-any type of drinks-folks tossed bocci balls in the interior courtyard.

Paul Bowles must be spinning in his grave with envy.  "Coachella-ians" are doing what he tried to do for so long but too early.

Now, onto the Pandora/T-Mobile and Lucky Brand Denim pool parties...

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