Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Coachella Hair Care, Ali Fedotowky Introducing Biolage R.A.W.

By Laura Medina

The Electronic Dance Music drum beats are thumping strong, leading up to the first weekend of Coachella, filthy rich Spring Break or Easter for adults...or teens pretending to be adults because they're too old and too big for an egg hunt.

Since this is also time for Earth Day, it seems appropriate that Biolage Matrix launch their all-natural hair care line, R.A.W. for Coachella, Easter, and Earth Day,..aahhh, the Rites of Spring.

Using the latest and newest extraction technology to bring out the best performing natural ingredients, Biolage RAW collection extracts what is best out of food ingredients, such as: Coconut to nourish; Sunflower seed, rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids; Coconut OR palm is Cetearyl alcohol, an ingredient that conditions hair and contributes to the thick texture of our R.A.W. conditioners and masks and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is used as a cleansing agent.  They're also Hydrogenated Coconut Acid and Sodium Isethionate aid in cleansing.; Kiwi and Grapefruit provide shine and volume, while giving hair a healthy appearance; Pollen from orange blossoms honey helps make hair soft, shiny, and smooth; Yucca contain saponins, which aids in foaming and gentle washing. This extract, derived from the root of the Yucca plant contains carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids.  Sesame and Potato Starch help provide shine and volume, while giving hair A healthy appearance.  Shea kernel from the Butyrospermum parkii tree shea butter helps seal in nourishment for moisturized hair.  Borage seeds, Cistus oil, Olive fruit oil, and Fennel oils in Replenish Oil Mist leaves hair soft, shiny, supple, and smooth.  Moroccan Lava Clay transform the appearance of Rehydrate Mask to achieve that rich, thick sensorial texture.  Ginger root in combination with the other ingredients in Rebodify Mask, ginger root extract helps add body and volume to flat, fine hair.  Rosemary leaves, in combination with the other ingredients in Replenish Oil Mist, rosemary helps hair to be soft, shiny, supple, and smooth.

This all-natural launch, literally squeezing what is best out of food, is a big deal for the founders of Biolage Matrix R.A.W.

Guests dined on honey-mustard grilled shrimp, ahi tuna tartare on burnt rice crisps, of course, cupcakes, pistachio cannoli, and unicorn strawberries...

Unicorn strawberries are no more than candied strawberries, dipped and coated in thin layer of white chocolate then dusted in edible ruby and green glitter.

All anticipating the earthy, hippy fantasy of Coachella.

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