Friday, April 14, 2017

Alternative to Coachella and an Easter Alternative to Hard Boiled Eggs & Cheap Candy, Get Hopping to Paul & Joe Cosmetics for the Boudoir, Tres Francais.

By Laura Medina

Never a fan of pseudo hippies getting down, dirty, and earthy at Coachella or you only have the time and money for the second and last week of Coachella next weekend or you just can't deal with the pressure of dealing with both Coachella and Easter;...and you're too old for the childish, diabetic-inducing candy and jelly beans;..and hard boiled eggs' sulfur stinks!

Have no despair, Paul & Joe Cosmetics has something girly enough for Easter yet adult for the boudoir.

This year's Paul & Joe Smitten Kitten blush & eyes compact, thank god to advanced powdered makeup stamping technology, it's a complete eye & blush compact stamped into a tres chic and femme stamp of a cat and stars.  Accompanied by a fluffy puff brush, it's girly for Easter yet oh so elegant for a woman.

Being "boudoir" never means being out-dated in makeup technology.  You dab your flush with their gel blush.

This magnetic compact can hold the matching sized trio or duo or single makeup anything...

Like, this eye trio...

Both the eye trio insert and the compact have magnetic backing to attach then detach for easy securing and easy switch and change.  The compacts are a good investment into fancy, retro paper graphics.  Being femme never means dumb.

This mosaic eyeshadow with teal, pink, and bronze are the "unicorn" makeup that everybody is so hot for, now at Coachella and will be for this Summer 2017.

No look is finished unless you slick on some lip color, like this girly pink lip gloss.

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