Thursday, April 6, 2017

OK! Magazine & "Pretty Little Liars" Tammin Sursok got the party started but Steve Aoki & Burton Snowboards raised the roof...and don't forget Coachella sandals....

By Laura Medina

When you're as hot as DJ Steve Aoki, you're busy traveling as Steve Aoki.

What y'all don't know is that Steve hits the slopes, snowboarding.

As a big Burton Snowboarding (surf boards, too) fan, Steve was thrilled to collaborate on his own luggage line with Burton's family member, Gordon.

Last night was the big launch party.  Burton doesn't do parties or promotions.  For them to do this, it was a rare, big treat.  A big deal for them.

Believe it or not, Burton went all out for their most famous and popular fan.  They turned their store into a mega-nightclub.  Their party was a catered affair with hors d'oeuvres of grilled shrimp and parmesan chicken salad on crunchy toasts and two bars downstairs in the main then three more bars up on the roof.

Snowboarders and surfer got down and raised the roof, like no others since they don't usually do this every night, or every week or month.  This was once in a lifetime for Burton.

This scribe and the guests were disappointed that Steve Aoki didn't hit the deck.

But hey, he was just there to enjoy the moment and relax.

One hour before Steve Aoki/Burton's fete started, the night got in a glittering Unicorn hoof thanks to OK! Magazine's Coachella warm-up cocktail party with "Pretty Little Liars" Tammin Sursok.

It was a more intimate affair, due to the tiny but cute site.

But, it was crammed full of...

Unicorn food, cupcakes and shortbread cookies dipped in metallic icing and dusted in edible glitter...

Of course, it ain't Coachella unless your hair is braided and you're shellacked in gold foil stickers and brushed in iridescent glitter...

Since Coachella is a corporate-sponsored "hippie" event, OK! Magazine propped up a teepee and a dream-catcher crafting table, which is so essential in the entertainment industry...

Earlier, this scribe was treated to a preview of upcoming mules/platform/wedge sandals.

This cork warp, open-toe wedge is comfortable for desert-partying yet comfortable enough to keep you on your feet, party-hopping.

So, the day started with stylish wedges, warmed up with Tammin Sursok then ended with a big bang bash at Burton for Steve Aoki's luggage line.

Coachella Season has ignited...

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