Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cartier's Cannabis Afternoon Luncheon Keeps Coachella Chill & Civilized Across Generations.

By Laura Medina

Coachella has grown and evolved by leaps and bounds, from camping out on the festival's grounds to "glammping" in Palm Springs' idea of SoHo House, the Parker Hotel.

So does the idea of "hippy," it went from naturally dirty to organic of the highest order because they know how to make money.

This is represented in Cartier's idea of a speak-easy, their cannabis afternoon luncheon, where they returned cannabis to its roots, an herb to spice up a meal.

Here's the all-afternoon luncheon menu...

Since Coachella was blooming like a desert rose, there has been a few minor scuffles between the permanent retirees (some who get advantage of the festival's economic cash flow) and the party-hardy, cash-infused Millennials, who see Coachella as their Spring Break (a new-found tradition set by former Palm Springs Mayor, Sonny Bono).

Thanks to the emerging professional Millennials, this Cartier-sponsored all-afternoon luncheon, with Grey Space Art, a high-end cannabis glassware company, brought Baby Boomers, the new Gen-X establishment, and emerging Millennials together for a garden party.  A chilled luncheon that brought all generations together, in a civilized setting, a pleasant reaction to the twenty-fifth anniversary to the Rodney King and the L.A. Riots.

This new, matured use of cannabis as a food ingredient that brings people together, shows how to create peace, love, and understanding in this day and age.

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