Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Black is Back, thanks to Warbly Jets by Davines Haircare & Oak Boutique, #WeColorLive

By Laura Medina

Continuing the confluence of fashion and beauty financing music, having the "The Ramones"-sque, unadulterated pure proto-punk/early Glam Rock "Warbly Jets" headed by Marc Bolan/T. Rex-sque lead singer, Samuel Shea, proved "Les Classics" are back.

Even though Warbly Jets were "warming up" for the first weekend of Coachella, thanks to Davines Haircare and Oak, the avant-garde boutique, their pure, straight-up rock n' roll was a glass of Mexican Coke. If Mexican Coke is a throwback of what Coke used to be-effervescent powered by sugar, not drippy corn syrup,- then Warbly Jets are a throwback to what rock used to be.

Pure, unadulterated snap, crackle, and pop of pure, crystalline rock.

If you're trying to peg them into what era of rock n' roll, guess you have to go by their clothes and their fans' style tribe, as well as the hooks and the chords.

"Black is Back!" Classic and timeless black, leather motorcycle jackets, paired with equally classical black and white striped sailor tees, in either dark indigo denim or black leather jeans.

Warbly Jets just reinforced "The Ramones" straight-up black, leather motorcycle jackets, plain white tees, jeans, and really cool, comfortable jeans, expect for lead singer, Samuel Shea.

He's a Millennial answer to T.Rex's Marc Bolan, draped in a gold-flecked mesh, black tunic, mild version of Glam Rock.

Searing chords and the ripping guitars and thumping drums recalls the creative well of New York Mid-60s Mod morphing into proto-punk then splitting into early Glam Rock.

Say what you will about Warbly Jets being Millennial garage rock, but it's a snap, crackle, and pop antidote to Coachella's corporate hippy-dippiness and dreamy, aspirational hippie-dom that's conquered by one-time Spring fling, disposal clothes.

Whereas, Warbly Jets' "Black is Back" leather jackets and timeless white tees and striped sailor tees and sweaters is accessorized by classic primary colors of white and red.

This is the music and fashion that a true rocker should invest in...

Speaking of Davines Haircare, if you all are wondering...yes, they had goodie bags for Coachella.

Knowing that Coachella is when filthy rich get down and dirty in the dusty desert, they were kind enough to toss in a 0.5 oz bottle of Hair & Body Wash for yuppy-hippie pouch.

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