Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pandora's & T-Mobile's Pool Party and Lucky Brand Denim's "Desert Jam" Pool Picnic to Quench Coachella's Thirst.

By Laura Medina

Yeah, yeah, everyone who hears a whisper, a myth, or caught a glimpse, knows about the concert festival, the Coachella Music Festival itself, an all-night affair that stretches across three-nights in a desert...close to Palm Springs and the exclusive rich enclaves of the Inland Empire, normally populated by wealthy retirees...and bored teenagers.

The true "Coachella-ians" know they can be styled and prepped for the nights ahead, during the afternoon-only style lounges.

But, Coachella has now become a Rite of Spring, returning Easter weekend to it's pre-Christian, not so snobby, plain black and white roots of fertility, renewal, and releasing one's tumescence
among thousands of people who are in the same state.  Yes, it's tribal but it's glamorous hippy tribal.  It's nice and a relief to know, that you are not alone.

True Coachellians knows the real parties celebrating Spring, are the ones that involves hydrating while getting revved up for the real concert.

Lucky Brand Denim's "Desert Jam" pool picnic was a pool party that served Americana hot dogs and burger sliders. 

Reinforcing the Americana "Made in California" dream, Lucky Brand Denim monogramed bandanas to shield your face when the dust storms hit during the concert.

The people, behind the pool picnic, knows that Coachella days run straight into the nights, running long and hot.

The folks quenched people's thirsts with the hottest commodities, chilled and iced Cold Brew High Brew Coffee in Mexican Vanilla, Double Espresso, and Black & Bold.  They do all the hot brewing for you, so you can just chill and get energized for the real concert.

CORE Water knows this is an optimal time to launch their refreshingly, healthy CORE Organic flavored waters in: Watermelon Lemonade, Peach Mango, Pomegranate Blue Acai, Orange Clementine, Coconut Colada, and Orchard Pear, so the harty-party dehydrated can quench their thirst with something healthier than soda. In fact, they were cocktail bases to mix up with Deep Eddy Vodka; and that's refreshingly delicious on they're on.

People hid out in Homeaway tent and get their manicures on...

Or, got limbered for the night ahead by getting a free massage at the Zeel table...

But, Lucky Brand Denim saves the best for last.

On Saturday afternoon, Noah Cyrus, Miley Cyrus' baby sister, did a free set for an hour, right before people loaded up on the free shuttle bus to the real concert festival.

On Sunday afternoon, it was Franco V.'s turn...

Pandora's + T-Mobile's pool party was a pure pool party, more fitness than food.  But hey, who's complaining...

Their pool party is now a Coachella tradition, running for three years straight, in the same location. One reason there's barely any food, is that, it's directly behind a Target, a McDonalds, a Trader Joe's, and a frozen yogurt shop.  If you want refreshments, you can walk to either one of them...

Charli XCX manned the DJ booth at the waterfall, hovering the swimmers...

Pandora's + T-Mobile's pool party proves that you're still the boss...

Thank god, the open bar was free-flowing to keep the heat down...

This pool party was more of a fitness party, life-sized game of chess, anyone?

People leaving, were treated to customized-frosted shortbread cookies and freshly screen-printed tote bags that are good for shopping or collecting swag.

Coachella pool parties are a good way to get energized for a long, hot concert well past midnight.  You gotta get hydrated some how and some way.

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