Friday, March 31, 2017

Enthusiastic, Energetic "Magic Giant" Got Feet A' Stomping Rising the Roof at The Sayers Club, with Wolf LA's Chef Marcel Whipping Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream & Sorbet, Where Music & Food Party!

By Laura Medina

This scribe apologizes for the lack of videos and photos due to the dark and mysterious environs of the music club/speakeasy of the Sayers Club, in the depths of Hollywood.

But the heart and enthusiasm was contagious, emitting from the positive, ecstatic Magic Giant, punk rock-meets-roots/folk/blue-grass power trio, following in the spiritual, "positive love" footsteps of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

A power folk trio that rocks to emit acceptance as love, where toward the end of their Sayer Club set, they encourage the music industry insider audience to hug each other, because we all need it in this political charged year.

This scribe spoke with one of their management.  The management asked the band what do they want the most at their Sayer Club set.  They said they want Chef Marcel Vignero, from Wolf LA, to whip them up some of his liquid nitrogen ice cream, made from scratch.

Squeezed literally into a corner, with nothing but a rolling cart and his sous chef, Chef Marcel whisked up two bowls of Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream and Blood Orange Sorbet, while pouring liquid nitrogen from a kettle. 

It was a miracle, from a mere kettle, a simple whisk, and an ordinary steel mixing bowl, Magic Giant and the guests enjoyed, what this scribe describes as one of the best ice creams, a creamy carrier of Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream, then as a second-runner up and one heck of a palette-cleanser, creamy Blood Orange Sorbet.

According to Magic Giant, fresh made from scratch, liquid nitrogen ice cream is dinner.

Sure, Magic Giant bashed and banged with the fervor of a punk rock band, but the "group love" was saved at the end.

Towards the end, the band jumped off the stage then leaped right in the middle of the club, among the audience, and then did their encore. An impromptu group circle where everyone joins into the harmony.

Good vibes for all.

Magic Giant's "power folk" reminds this scribe of what Coachella used to be, a new generation of hippies and free, flowing love and acceptance, before it grew and morphed into a corporate branding bash for Bourgeois Bohemians and Corporate Yuppies unleashing their "gypset" fantasies.

It's good timing and vibrations that are in synced, for the impending Coachella season, adult Easter.

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