Monday, April 10, 2017

Glitter for Grown-Ups, Justine Skye for MAC & Tarte's #MakeBelieveInYourself

By Laura Medina

Don't judge a music festival by it's appearance.

Coachella is money, attracting corporate money which attracts even more money.

What looks like a bunch of Gen-Yers and Millennials run amok, is only the tip of the iceberg.

At $500 for basic, general admission for one night of Coachella then additional $1,000 plus for a chef-catered 5-course dinner at a sit-down picnic, that's a feast.

The $1,000 plus VIP ticket will get you proper bathrooms and gourmet food trucks of your picking, this isn't olde Gen-X or Baby Boomer "Girls Gone Wild" raunchy Spring Break of yore.  Those kids are poor.

People who "Coachella" are affluent Bourgeoisie Bohemians, tech-savy "Silicon Beach/Valley" entrepreneurs who have cash to burn.  Something that really kids don't have and what real parents refuse to spend.

Since Coachella is that time of the year for "BoBos" to unleash their fantasy hippie...with is the time for a dress code and a makeup code.

Since "Unicorn Makeup" is a reflection of cosmetic technology, glitter has out-grown its kindergarten roots then matured into wearable holograms for adults.

MAC's Future Forward for Justine Skye Iridescent Powder is too opaque to be an highlighter; and it's pure purple pigment is a bronzer that goes way beyond typical, predictable brown.

If brown bronze represent earth, ground, and dirt, MAC's Future Forward for Justine Skye Iridescent Powder is "unicorn," magical to go beyond expectations.

It's the only "purple" pigmentation that acts like a bronzer-that isn't bronze.

It's used like a bronzer, on the cheeks to contour or flush.

Moisten the eye brush and it can be used as an eyeshadow.

MAC's Future Forward for Justine Skye Iridescent Powder acts like a bronzer, but it doesn't look like a bronzer. That's why it's "unicorn," an unexpected purple that can be used all over the face that's universal for all shades, complexions, and tones.

Another "Unicorn" makeup is by Tarte's "Make Believe In Yourself" collection, just in time for Coachella.

These clay eyeliners can be smudged on as eyeshadow or dabbed on as blush.

Unicorn makeup goes beyond of what is to be expected...

Not your kid's glitter, it's subtly holographic for adults.

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