Monday, June 1, 2015

Full Bloom Makeup for the Prime Time in Your Life, Vapour Beauty & Colorescience.

By Laura Medina

If you're at the prime time of your life, meaning you finally have a job or a career that you enjoy and you enjoy the excitement, the demands, and the pressure that comes along with it, what you demand from your makeup shifts.

Vapour Beauty is based on and consists of medicinal Chinese herbal ingredients.

Since this scribe thrives on a go-go life, Vapour Beauty was given the test spin on durability and breathability.

Yes, this Vapour Beauty makeover at Beauty Cirque was impeccable, something most mere mortals can't achieve so...there are times this scribe does sleep in her makeup...for one night only.

Having a face that's ready to roll, first thing in the morning, is important.  Having your face not break out overnight is even more important.  Don't worry, come second night, this makeover washes off with soap and water.

More importantly, how your skin texture is enhanced from wearing these herbal ingredigents from 12 to 24 hours.

So far, no break-outs after rinsing it off. &

Vapour Beauty may be rich in herbal ingredients and Colorescience has built-in sunscreen, but they're both breathable. 

The color palette is earth-friendly, appropriately influenced by the desert.

The minerals don't sink in and clog the pores while the antioxidants, peptides, and vitamins do get absorb into the skin, further enhancements.

Before getting the Colorescience makeover, this scribe's tresses were treated to an Iles Formula treatment.

The nourishing Iles Formula Serum feeds the hair with vitamins while it smooths the flaky hair scales.  The very texture that makes your hair frizzy.  Unlike leave-in creams, this serum doesn't weigh hair down.  The thirsty tresses drink it right up for a polish but light-weight hair.  So light-weight, you can apply a couple of times and your hair wouldn't be greasy.

So, this is 24-Hour beauty, vitamin-enriched makeup with benefits that breathes and light-weight hair serum that the hair drinks up like juice.

Great for a 24-Hour woman.


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