Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hofsas House, California Hospitality.

By Laura Medina

Rich in Central California history, that's singular within the state, Hofsas House is a sixth-generation owned hotel owned by the Theis Family.

Carrie and her brother, Scott, carry on the family tradition of Bavarian-Californian hospitality that Carmel-by-the-Sea is well-known for.

The Hofsas House Hotel is so warm and accommodating...and built like a multi-tiered, pink frosted cake...that it makes for a great Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and anniversary gift.

The hotel rooms are more suite than a standard hotel/motel room.

They're spacious enough to have a combination bathroom sink/microwave/mini refrigerator and coffee pot.  There's a coffee basket of coffee, creamer, and sugar on the counter.

With a village packed with gourmet restaurants and cafes and bakeries, trust this scribe.  You'll need the microwave and mini frig to store and heat your gourmet leftovers.

Every morning, Hofsas House kindly puts out a Continental Breakfast of fresh local fruit and flaky, local pastries.  Never miss the almond croissants or the ham & cheese croissants, encrusted in cheese.  They always brew up a hefty helping of coffee.  They always tell you can pick up a basket and tray to bring the pastries and the coffee or tea back to your hotel room.

Upon checking in then settling in, you are kindly greeted by either a wine, two glasses, and a box of local Lula's Wine Chocolate Truffles or the "Monterey Wine & Cheese Pairing," a bottle of wine and cheese, two glasses with crackers.  

Hofsas House is located in Carmel-by-the-Sea, and the town and the neighboring Carmel Valley, are part of the fertile Central California Country, a.k.a. "The Wine Country."  A agriculture region that is  rich enough to be the world's product basket, where the soil both grows grapes, almonds, and the cattle to milk for gourmet cheese.  Yep, with Hofsas House's welcoming snack packages, you're tasting the local culture that sets the global standard for basic gourmet cuisine, cheese and wine...and don't forget the nuts, almonds and pistachios.

The Monterey Wine & Cheese Pairing for $30 is nice to snack by their pilot-gas fireplace.  The neatest feature is that the fireplace comes with a "off & on" switch like a light switch.  This scribe has left the fireplace on overnight for warmth on cold Carmel-by-the-Sea nights.  Guess what, the fireplace is well-controlled and you can switch it off when you wake up in the morning.  Neat.

For the sweetie, whether it's your significant other or yourself, you can either fork out $60 for the "Beach Fire & S'mores Bundle" with a blanket and a flashlight that the staff provides or you can get it for free when you book Hofsas House's"Family Reunion Package," where the whole family roast S'mores on the picturesque Carmel Beach where the sea breeze constantly blow west to east, keeping Central California well-tempered.

Carrie and Scott and their staff are cupids when it comes to activities, packages, and much-needed directions for stressed-out Los Angeleno escapees who seek tender, loving care in forms of fresh, regional cuisine, produce, and outings.

Carmel-by-the-Sea is pretty darn close to San Francisco; and Carrie can point you in the right direction.

There are all sorts of activity packages for all sorts of tastes.

If driving up north for 5 to 8 hours leaves you dry, tired, and thirsty ,you can park the car for good at Hofsas House then tour the town's "wine tasting tour" when you purchase the $65 "Wine Tasting Passport," a deck of wine flight card entitling the holder to 4 tastings per a card, that are good for 14 various wine bars scattered all over Carmel-by-the-Sea.  You can buy the deck at Carmel Chamber of Commerce between 5th and 6th.  How's that for gourmet bliss?

Mind you, Carmel-by-the-Sea is no place to be loud and rowdy.  It's a place to slow down and chill.  Carmel folks are proud to be polite, warm, and easy-going.

If you snag Hofsas House on Father's Day or the Family Reunion package, the preppies wouldn't feel left out.  In fact, they'll be tickled pink...and green...when they find out that Carmel-by-the Sea is directly below the world famous golf course, Pebbles Beach.  Yes, the one on TV.

Do tell Hofsas House that you need the fresh air of golfing and they'll hook you up with two of the golf courses they partnered up with, when you get their "Golfer's Delight" package.

When you book a minimum two nights stay, you can pick either the Quail Lodge Golf Club for $50 for a 9-hole round of golf for two with a cart and range balls.  Use this code HHQUAIL to get this course....

Or, you can splurge $185, per a golfer, for the NCGA sanctioned Poppy Hills Golf Course in Pebble Beach, including cart and the free usage of Poppy Hills Golf Course's rental clubs.  Use HHPOPPY code for this.

If real estate sight-seeing is more your thing, Carrie can suggest doing the 17 Mile North Drive.  Pebble Beach Corporation's main beautiful road.  For a mere one-time $10 entrance fee (it costs nothing to leave and return on one day), you can either impress a date or go day-dream about the grand mansions and the unique winds-swept Californian beaches when you drive safely, looping around the Monterey Peninsula.  The $10 one-time fee is worth it.

If your significant other is your dog or "fur baby," and you can't bear to leave her or him behind, Hofsas House welcomes them with their "Doggie Welcome Package."

It requires a minimum of a two-nights stay and $25 for one dog and $40 for two dogs.  Your fur baby is greeted with: an Hofsas House Dog Frisbee, a collapsible dog bowl, a special dog bed, a letter from their Pet Concierge, Cajun; a walking and hiking guide, a treats package, tips for your doggie's stay, and a free issue of Coastal Canine Magazine tailored to the doggie tourist. A great way to treat Fido on his birthday!

Letting go of Carmel-by-the-Sea can be tough, like taffy, so Hofsas House tosses in a "Third Night's a Charm" package where the third night is 1/3 off.  It's good through November to February excluding holidays and the AT&T Golf Week.

Each room has a back balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Carmel Beach.  If you asked politely, Carrie can loan you Hofsas House's pink binoculars.  Remember to return them when done or checking out.  Just the fresh ocean air and the view is worth relaxing in the balcony, sipping hot cocoa or coffee or tea and milk.

Hofsas House's unique Californian Hospitality, so close to Central Valley's Wine Country, is so worth a warm and cuddly get-away from Hollywood's hustle and bustle.  Yes, you can guzzle all the wine you want and munch on local, yummy pastry carbs to really calm down your jangly nerves.  Hofsas House wouldn't mind.  In fact, they'll help you be cozy.

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