Saturday, June 20, 2015

Combatant Gentleman for the Young Man Rising Up in Life.

By Laura Medina

Since Father's Day is about matured manhood, let's chat about the emerging men entering the first stages of adulthood, nailing that first job then keeping it long enough to get married.

There are plenitude of young ladies entering the job market clothes but what about the young men?

Combatant Gentlemen fills in that wardrobe gap between baggy College slacker and the established but expensive senior executive.

That transitional stage or years is also when a young man falls in love and marries his first wife.

These young men need a good starter wardrobe that will last them for, at least, a decade.

This is why William Morris Endeavor stepped in to be an investor for this upstart Combatant Gentleman, named after Entourage's Ari Gold, the peppery but damn good talent agent.

William Morris Endeavor recognized their potential Young Turks needs a decent wardrobe at a decent price point.  Remember, starter jobs have matching starter salaries.

When the talent agency firm recognized what Combatant Gentlemen co-founder and CEO, Vishaal Melwani, a third generation tailor whose family ran Versace boutiques in Vegas for nearly two decades, is trying to do.  They, along with VegasTechFund (led by Zappos’ Tony Hsieh); William Morris Endeavor; David Marcus, current president of Paypal; and Tom Ryan, former CEO of Threadless, jumped right in.

Their headquarters are in Orange County with fitting rooms outfitted with a fitting-room mirror displaying the prices with an embedded Microsoft Kinect camera to give you a second opinion. 

“We want to be the bad-ass version of Men’s Wearhouse, and disrupt fashion in the suitmaking world by providing modern cuts at affordable prices. We call it retail 3.0,” Vishaal Melwani.

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