Sunday, June 14, 2015

Lip Plumpers Don't Have to Suck.

By Laura Medina

Glo Therapeutics Lip Revival

Plumping your lips don't have to suck, literally.

For all those Gen-Z tweens, you don't have to bust your lips bloody sucking on shot glasses to emulate Kylie Kardashian's rosy pucker.

Truth be told, plumping lip glosses have been around since Kylie has been alive, a good fifteen years.

Except you can get all-natural, now, at various price points.

Glo Therapeutics' Lip Revival cream imparts an all-natural, subtle rosy sheen while plumping the lips naturally through:

Aquaphyline® A new generation active ingredient that can provide an intense moisturizing effect to the epidermis. Contains oligosaccharides from wild daisy that assist the natural hydration processes of the skin, aiding in optimal hydration.
VoluplusLip Revival Contains Macelignan, a natural plant active from Nutmeg, solubilized in Macadamia Oil. This powerful combination increases the density of adipose tissue, causing a noticeable volumizing effect. Offers antioxidant protection, smoothing and moisturizing benefits.
Maxi-LipLip Revival A peptide designed to help stimulate collagen and glycosaminoglycan synthesis. Moisturizes, smooths and better defines lips.
Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil Rich in nutrients and Linolenic Acid, this emollient helps guard against lipophilic loss and benefits dry, chapped lips.
Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) and Dimethicone Conditions and protects the skin while helping smooth superficial epidermal layers.

Lip Plumper

For that added-on collagen injected look, layer Glo Minerals' Lip Plumpers in Clear, Copper Shimmer, and Sheer Berry, with from:

Marine Collagen Atelocollagen spheres, which trap water and swell to provide volume to the skin structures. Pepper-derived Capsicum Extract stimulates lips, resulting in a 'tingling' sensation and rosy tint. Safflower Oil, which is high in Linoleic Acid, helps soften and condition lips.

Plump 'n' Shine Lip Gloss

Since we're talking about tweens' plumping their lips, safely and all-naturally, they go the more affordable route and shop Palladio's Plump n' Shine Glosses at $6.00 a pop.

For $6 a pop, you can get tingle of Collagen, Maxi-Lip Formula, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to maintain hydration, keeping the mouth looking sleek and full.

Whether you're an adult woman who wants to scientific upscale with Glo Therapeutics and Glo Minerals or a tween just starting to wear makeup, there are safe and fun lip-plumping lip glosses and creams for any budget, without the busted lips sucking on shot glasses.

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