Friday, May 29, 2015

A Super Natural Summer, ABC Family's Crime/Sci-Fi Thriller series, "Stitchers."

By Laura Medina

ABC Family is growing up alongside their audience.  It's turning into a Young Adult network.

If Millennials and teens, especially the young men, like their women to be whip-smart as they are hot then ABC Family knows what they're doing when they premiere their new procedural crime/sci-fi thriller series, "Stitchers."

Think "Minority Report" meets "Quantum Leap," "Stitchers" is about the analytical computer whiz but emotionally-stunted and disassociated Kirsten Clark.  

A troubled Cal Tech grad student with room-mate problems (typical twenty-something problems), Kirsten is unwittingly and grudgingly recruited into a top-secret crime-solving program, run by a government operative senior official, Maggie Baptiste, functioning as the "adult/parent" figure that Kirsten grew up lacking.

Maggie enforces tough love on this top secret experiment crew, full of eager-beaver Millennial techies driven to prove themselves.

They all depend on emotionally-obtused but objective Kirsten to dive into a crime victim's dying, residual memory to figure how a crime has started then race to either solve it or stop the crime in its track.

This is where "Minority Report" intersects with "Quantum Leap," the lab crew would take a dying victim's residual memory then "stitch" onto Kirsten then they expect her to leap into that memory, essentially being a third person observer, watching the crime unfold, witnessing the drama while catching clues and hints.

But she can't stay too long in the dying person's memory or she'll be mentally damaged.

Once the crew yank her out safety, Kirsten, then, has to report to them the scenario/story and various hints and clues in solving the crime.

From there, it's a procedural/spy/crime thriller that has the viewer sitting on the edge of their seat.

But for the protagionist, Kirsten, her experiencing the victim's emotions is her coming-of-age moment, and it's a moment she is not too thrilled about.

Experiencing the victim's emotional pain is a pain that Kirsten, sometimes, just can't bear, causing her to quit several times.

But, the cause for the greater good, solving crimes and stopping more, brings the peace of resolution to her and the team.

ABC Family's "Stitchers" will premiere on June 2nd at 9pm then will air at 9pm, every Tuesday.

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