Monday, June 29, 2015

Father of Disco, Giorgio Moroder Got Toasted by Dita Von Teese on His Birthday.

By Laura Medina

DJ Adam 12, left. Giorgio Moroder, middle. Bryan Rabin, right.

Giorgio Moroder, the father of Disco and Electronic Dance Music threw a two anniversary
 of his namesake nightclub at the Standard on Sunset in West Hollywood.

Naming a nightclub after him wasn't good enough.  Nope.  The generation of DJs, such as DJ Adam 12 and Bryan Rabin, honored him with an exclusive party that most would envy because they invited Giorgio's friends.  His legacy span decades and includes a who's who of former club kids turned celebrities, the ink of RuPaul, Rose McGowan, and Jared Harris.

Dita Von Teese did her classic bath tub strip-tease act as a present to the Father of Disco.  She's the resurgent pioneer of the classy burlesque.

On Saturday, June 27th, producers Bryan Rabin and DJ Adam 12 celebrated the 2-year anniversary of the now famous, Giorgio's, A Modern Discotheque named after famous dance music producer Giorgio Moroder on at The Standard Hotel, Hollywood (8300 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069). After a remarkable two years of creating one of the most exclusive and sexiest nightclubs in the country, Bryan and Adam have continued to bring out the who's who of fashion, music, lifestyle, movers & shakers, it-girls, drag queens, celebutantes and debutantes on the eve of one the greatest civil rights decisions to date, the legalization of same-sex marriage.

This night was no different as Giorgio's was bursting with once in a lifetime performances and DJ sets that rang to be truly magical. The event also served as the only album release party for Giorgio Moroder's Déjà Vu, which is getting rave reviews and already has a number one single on the books. The crowd of disco lovers looked on and danced the night away as Giorgio performed a tremendous DJ set. All of the sudden one of Giorgio's famed songs "Love to Love You Baby" began to fade in and surprise performer Diva Von Teese performed a riveting number to the song in a sensual, fun, white-porcelain bathtub sequence set up on stage. Dita Von Teese was a true vision and the intimate performance sent the night into a tailspin as DJ Adam 12 took over the stage proving why this is the most epic on-going dance party in Los Angeles.

The night culminated with a celebratory cake and candle moment bringing the 2-year anniversary celebration full circle with confetti blasts raining on the disco dancers that have supported this party since it's inception. As Giorgio Moroder so eloquently said, "There is a club in Los Angeles called Giorgio's. It's owned by a friend of ours. It's the most 'in' place right now, and they only play disco. It's only Saturday. It's always full, almost impossible to get in. I think disco is not a dirty word anymore."

Giorgio's is a weekly Saturday night dance party for people who want to express themselves through fashion, beauty, and dance and is located on the famed Sunset Strip hidden away behind the kitchen of The Standard Hotel, Hollywood. 

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