Wednesday, June 3, 2015

PRIV Beauty & Wellness Service App at Your Service, at Your Finger Tips, for the Busy Woman.

By Laura Medina

Got an big event to go to at the nick of time?  Don't know a soul to do your makeup and hairdo for your wedding in a new and remote location?  Need an hair cut or a trim or a work-out or a massage but can't drive because your chained to your desk, negotiating a deal or you're a real stay-at-home mom with kids yanking at you.

Earning a living shouldn't prevent you from enjoying life.  Let life come to you, whenever you are.  

That's the point of PRIV, the beauty and wellness app allowing you to pick whatever you desire (Fitness, Massage, Lashes, Makeup/over, Nails, Blowout, Haircut, Spray Tan, and for Father's Day, Men's Grooming), select a group of professionals in that service, pick which day and time, then they'll show up wherever you are.

These beauty and wellness pros come to you, like a genie.

If you properly schedule your appointments, you can have a whole team of makeup artists, manicurists, hairstylists, and spray tanners magically appear and get you ready for your big day, like Cinderella for the prom, the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, or any big event for any day and time.

However, it is best to select and schedule your services the day before.

These PRIV pros have seen it and done it, from weddings to awards shows to doing a beauty and grooming party.  Hardy souls they are.

Right now until June 20th, PRIV has aligned itself with eSalon in offering a  list of Summer Hairstyles:

eSalon x PRIV Spring/Summer Hairstyles
 Glam Waves – 60 minutes – Channel old Hollywood with this screen-siren inspired look.
 Beachy Waves – 45 minutes – The summer fave that looks good on everyone.
 Faux Bob – 45 Minutes – Fool your friends; trade your long locks for an elegant bob for one night only.
 Crown Braid – 30 minutes – Ditch the bejeweled headpiece—this summery look is just as radiant.
 Braided Chignon – 30 minutes – This versatile updo puts a sophisticated twist on a classic look.
 Messy French Twist – 30 minutes – Classic glam meets modern cool with this undone twist.

Whichever PRIV pro hairstylist you pick and schedule, you'll have to pick whichever style you want.

The services are pretty reasonably priced and way cheaper than going to a salon or a gym.

The stylist will show up wherever you are and do the selected hair style on you.  Once done, as a Summer promotion, she or he will give you an eSalon travel kit hair care kit.

Since this scribe had a glam event to go to that same night, she figured why not?  Why not test out PRIV & eSalon's Summer PRIV program?

Selected the stylist, schedule the day and time, provided the stylist with necessary location information then waited with great anticipation.

Since this is sunny L.A., why not have "at your service" service poolside in au naturale sunlight and air to make it easier and more enjoyable for the stylist.

She appeared on the dot, ready to roll with her carry-on suitcase, pack for every hairstyling situation.

Wondering if styling hair poolside is a good idea, she assured this scribe that she had done multiple bride and bridesmaids in hotel rooms and busy women at home, with dogs barking and sniffing around.

Doing hair poolside, in a low-key apartment, under the California sun is pretty relaxing for her.

Since there are no curling irons or electric gadgets to plug in, a hair-cut or trim, braiding, or up-doing is safe enough to do poolside.  Even, having a professional makeover is nicer, easier, and better under the au naturale sun.

What this scribe loves is the combination of ease, convenience, the hardy professionalism, and the pampering that PRIV professionals provide for you.

At your finger tips, PRIV can give you the Cinderella treatment at your home, your office, and anywhere, anytime for most occasions.

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