Friday, June 12, 2015

Fab Fit Fun Spring 2015 Edition Goody Box Getting You Ready for Swimsuit Spring

By Laura Medina

Fab Fit Fun Spring 2015 Goody Box

There's the pioneering monthly delivery Birchbox sample subscription service to tease you with beauty/travel-worthy trial samples, from beauty to home entertaining.

But for the "beauty comes from the inside" folks, you'll feel great with health and wellness treats from Fab Fit Fun.

Seasonally-coordinated,  the quarterly gift-subscription service stock their goody boxes with what you need right now at that time.

Spring is ripe for gardening and growing your own produce for your own smoothies and juices.  In the care package, Fab Fit Fun has a Miracle-Gro® Gro-ables® all-in-one seed podTM, containing everything you need to grow your own veggies and herbs by simply removing the lid and placing in the soil. Earn a green thumb with Sprout It, an app that makes gardening easier with reminders and tips from planting to harvest, customized to your location and garden.

For those who don't want to get their hands yet crave fresh vegetables and fruit,  this season's Fab Fit Fun box carries a $40 gift card for Hello Fresh.  It is a weekly meal-kit delivery service providing fresh ingredients, easy-to-read recipe cards, and delicious meals right at your doors.

It ain't "Fit," unless there's a work-out program.  For this Spring edition, MERRITHEW’s Intense Body Blast three-part DVD set gives you a full-body workout by taking basic HIIT (high intensity interval training) principles and combining them with simple STOTT PILATES® moves for an effective and rewarding workout! Head over to and put your $25 gift card toward one of their 500 fitness products!

Most people know that diets and deprivation fail...big time!  Balance out and ease out the cravings with Cosmos Creations Premium Puffed Corn made with all-natural ingredients. With non-GMO corn, no hulls or kernels, and totally gluten-free.  Add a splash of milk, they're like a guilt-free version of Sugar Corn Puffs.

Since you did all the hard work cleansing and exercising, it's time to pamper and be "Fab."

Palmetto Derma Collagen Booster increases collagen growth, rapidly slows down the aging process, fills fine lines, and minimizes wrinkles that you acquired while going out there and be fit.  Let Palmetto Derma soothe out the damages.

Orly BB Creme Treatment for Nails smooth, moisturize, and brighten natural nails with a super cute sheer peach tint for that wholesome, youthful, all-natural manicure, after roughing it and sweating it.

Don't worry, Fab Fit Fun got you covered for Spring 2015.

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