Monday, June 29, 2015

The W Westwood/Los Angeles is Revamped with Help from Evan Ross, Trina Turk, & the new STK, the Disco Steakhouse.

By Laura Medina

The Sophie Blake & M Dot Studios presentation was a warm-up to STK's and the W Los Angeles' (The W Hollywood is across town and not the same) revamp.

At the Sophie Blake's jewelry trunk and M Dot Studios' runway show and a performance by Quin, the attendees, such as this scribe, were treated to what the W Los Angeles is up to.

The STK at the W Los Angeles in Westwood.

Gone are The Whisky Blue Restaurant and Chef Dakota.  In are the new DJ stage (small enough for an intimate acoustic performance), a larger main stage for a band (such as Evan Ross and his back-up band), a bar, and an inner courtyard for "performance art/painting/graffiti, then lo and behold, the brand new STK at their brand new home, the W Los Angeles in Westwood.

In a need of a rejuvenation for both parties, the W Los Angeles needed a new restaurant and STK needed a new, larger, and fresher space.

To celebrate the new relationship and the new stage (literally and metaphorically), W Los Angeles and STK invited loyal fans and influential tastemakers to the new W Los Angeles & STK.

Folks were treated to a Trina Turk fashion/resort lifestyle presentation ringing around the pool...

in the booth tents...

as a Midnight Summer's Dream...The women got a kick posing with the young lad swinging in the tree. He didn't mind...

No.  These weren't enough in fashion eye candy.  A painter is lucky to paint and color in a blank Trina Turk dress printed with Trina Turk patterns waiting to be filled in...

That artist is living every artist-wannabe-fashion designer's dream.  She gets to just paint, not construct the blueprint patterns nor sewing the construction nor figure out the pattern. Just relax and paint the dress in any color combination.  Fun.

Remember, this is STK's revamp debut too.  The food, the food is a beef-lovers/paleo/Atkin's Dieter's dream.  Skewers of filet mignon marinated in pineapple juice.  Burger sliders as teasers of course.  Fries thick as bricks and crunchy.  Two buffets of dry-aged Italian beef, cheese, and crudo with three dipping sauces.  Ever since returning from Carmel, California, this scribe acquired a taste for garlic/artichoke dip.

"Discotheque" must the reigning theme of the year because two nights after the W Los Angeles/STK debut, Giorgio Nightclub celebrated its two years in being at the Standard on Sunset with a Dita Von Teese performance,"Father of Disco, Giorgio Moroder Got Toasted by Dita Von Teese on His Birthday."

If the Trina Turk fashion presentation and the STK returning as a "Disco Steakhouse" for the "Sex & the City/Entourage" set, the W Los Angeles maximized its new space by throwing a special performance by Diana Ross' son, Evan Ross and this band on the W Los Angeles' new full-fledge stage.  

With a full stage, a DJ/solo performer stage, and a jazzed-up steakhouse with a deep experience in feeding rockers (STK catered the headliner at last year's "Made In America" Festival in Downtown Los Angeles), the W Los Angeles will be filling up with music industry events and parties in no time.

Remember what Marky Ramone told his scribe when selling his tomato sauce at Whole Foods, "We musicians gotta eat."

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