Monday, February 1, 2016

Anne Hathaway Opens this Year's L.A. Art Show 2016

By Laura Medina

Mom & Dad to Be, Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman.

An expecting Anne Hathaway made her formal as a mom-to-be in a black and white, geometric scale Marc Jacobs Trapeze Mini Dress, proving that pregnancy can be classy and chic without being frumpy or dumpy.

Her husband and father-to-be, Adam Shulman provided moral support when they hit the red carpet, right before they entered the L.A. Art Show supporting St. Judes Research Hospital, the beneficiary of the opening gala.

Covering L.A. Art Show for a good six years, this scribe has witness the rising profile and metamorphosis  of the Los Angeles Art Show.  It went from making do with Spoleto USA-sque performance art with nary a celebrity in sight to a major art show gradually attracting Hollywood's rising starlets and today's New Guard, Amy Adams from last year to Anne Hathaway this past Wednesday with significant charities aligning themselves with a major international art market.

The exhibits themselves have gone more risque and heading where only New York art galleries...or Art Basel Miami would dare to go and had gone before.  Los Angeles is just catching up.

Melanie Pullen re-created one of her "high fashion set" as an installation for her "High Fashion Crime" photo exhibit heavily influenced by Guy Bourdin for French Vogue and his old co-hort, Helmut Newton for American Vogue.

Melanie Pullen is the new generation of this genre.

Yes, there were performance art popping up at the Opening Night of the L.A. Art Show.  The typical artist/muralist live paint a work-in-progress, the L.A. Art Show has up the ante with the infamous performance artist, Millie Brown.

Millie was Lady Gaga's "puke artist" who vomited on Lady Gaga during Jimmy Kimmel at SXSW in Austin last year.

She was much more formal last Wednesday by simply resting naked on a floral garden, subsisting on water for the entire duration of the L.A. Art Show.

Her performance is titled, "Wilting Flower."

It wilted on Sunday, yesterday. 

The Los Angeles Art Show only gets better.


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