Thursday, February 4, 2016

Be the first #SchickMagnet

By Laura Medina

Not is the new Schick Hydro 5 is now available in stores, Schick Hydro has teamed up with Sports Illustrated and model, Sam Hoopes in search of America’s first #SchickMagnet – a social media contest that launched this week.

To celebrate this launch, Schick Hydro teamed up with Sports Illustrated (SI) Swimsuit to search for America’s ultimate #SchickMagnet via a week-long social media contest. Guys can enter for a chance to win to be upgraded #SchickMagnet status and attend the SI Swimsuit launch in NYC to walk the red carpet with SI Swimsuit Model, Sam Hoopes, and get a professional shave from the brand’s official barber.

To enter, simply upload a photo of your clean-shaven selfie, reply to @SchickHydro on Twitter or Instagram, using #SchickMagnet and #contest, and tag a buddy you’d like to bring along to the event.

The #SchickMagnet contest is a social media contest hosted through the brand’s Twitter and Instagram channels, 2/1 – 2/5. Guys 21 and older can enter for the chance to win a trip with a buddy to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit launch party in New York City. In New York, the winner will be upgraded to full #SchickMagnet status, including a perfect shave from the official Schick Hydro barber and a walk on the red carpet with SI swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes.

The NEW Schick Hydro 5 Features:
  • Improved Hydrating Gel Reservoir: Schick Hydro delivers 40 percent less friction, reaching 80 percent greater surface area to provide more advanced lubrication throughout your shave and hydrating* skin up to one hour after you shave. Now featuring a wider gel dispenser for improved protection, Schick Hydro 5 uses proprietary ingredients to pack lubrication – with aloe vera and vitamin E – into the Hydrating Gel Reservoir that sets it apart from the traditional lubricating strips found on most razors today.
  • Wider Guard Bar: Schick Hydro 5 redesigned the guard bar at the base of the cartridge to make it wider, to help better stretch the skin, providing a smooth shave with each stroke.
  • Reduced Blade Span: The five Ultra Glide® Blades have been moved closer together, minimizing skin bulge between each blade to better protect against shaving nicks and cuts.
  • Bold New Color: Schick Hydro 5 brings back the same ergonomic handle with a comfortable grip and balanced feel – now with a sleeker, bolder look.
  • Same Signature Flip Trimmer: Some things are too good to change, so the new Schick Hydro 5 continues to feature the signature Flip Trimmer, which offers a unique design for those hard-to-reach places – just flip the top back to let all five blades touch the skin compared to a single edging blade on most razors.

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