Friday, February 5, 2016

Winter Hair Care & Hair Care Year-Around.

By Laura Medina

For my blizzard-bound beauty fans up in the Northeast, here are very affordable and very reason priced hair care that can pamper your tresses in arid conditions.

If you believe cleansing conditioners are out of your league...wrong.

Thank God for Carol's Daughter, they make affordable hair care that isn't cheap on quality.

If it's too cold to wet and wash your hair or you're still in a middle of a drought, for a mere $12 with a simple combing and brushing, you can wash your hair while moisturizing it with Carol's Daughter's Cleansing Conditioner.

This sulfate-free, color-safe, and no lather cleansing conditioner rinses away impurities as it deeply moisturizes and quickly detangles curls, coils, kinks, and waves so your fingers can do the combing. 

It’s made with Agave Nectar to detangle, deeply moisturize and condition hair from root to tip, plus Pro-vitamin B5 and Biotin to strengthen.

Short on time and money, you can get a lot done with Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk 4-in-1 "Combing" Creme.  It untangles, moisturizes, defines, controls frizz, adds shine while prepping the hair for styling.  Made with Agave and Keratin, this lightweight leave-in gives your curls the glide they need to style with ease.

After years of globe-trekking on high-profile fashion shoots and campaigns then jet-setting fixing celebrities' hair, prestigious hair-stylist, Wendy Iles noticed it'll be easier on herself and her clients to make an hair system that is simple to use and follow that brings a lot of effectiveness and results.

Once she decided to embark on her endeavor, Wendy shop the world for the best and most efficient all-natural ingredients that brings the best results for the least amount products and steps.

This is how she come-up with her simple 1-2-3 steps Iles Formula.   There's a reason why she calls her line, "haute performance," quality ingredients for quality performance.

The First Step, the Shampoo, was created by selecting the most exclusive, high performing antioxidant-rich ingredients to work for ALL AGES and HAIR TYPES. It immediately detangles + repairs + protects hair while providing manageability and a luscious silky texture. This delicate formula cleanses without ever stripping colour or drying. You will immediately feel the goodness of ILES FORMULA by the bounce and lustre you’ll have after just one shampoo. For the final touch, silk proteins will nourish the hair resulting in sumptuous volume and body.

The reason your hair feels immediately silky soft is because in the First Step Shampoo, it's sulfate-free.  To maximize the most use out of this sulfate-free shampoo, you must really soak your hair to apply the product and distribute it through your hair.

A little goes a long way and you'll save money on usage of product, apply more water, instead of more product. The water will help activate the shampoo and spread it through your hair. In the case of Iles Formula, the root juices we chose to clean really awaken and form a great lather just with the addition of a few more drops of water.  Rinse your hair thoroughly. Any residue from the sulfate-free shampoo may make your hair feel heavy.

The Second Step is Conditioner.   It's the jewel of her haircare line, this CONDITIONER is the reason ILES FORMULA care range was born.

Ideal for ALL HAIR TYPES, this conditioner was designed to INSTANTLY turn damaged, straw-like hair into spun silk perfection. Put to the test on the world’s most famous women – on the sets of prestigious directors and photographers – this formula repairs + revitalizes even the most damaged hair in less than 60 seconds.

One application and you will immediately see any dullness and rough texture disappear. Silk proteins create an immediate voluptuous effect on the hair. You will see that even when wet, your hair feels smooth and silky. Knots and tangles slide away, leaving hair beautifully healthy, with a delicate perfume of white flowers.

After using the Iles Formula shampoo apply the Iles Formula conditioner.  Comb your conditioner through from mid lengths to ends (no need to condition your scalp, especially if you have fine or oily hair).

If you have old color in the ends of your hair, or very dry damaged ends hold these away in the palm of your hand as you rinse off the scalp and mid lengths allowing some conditioner to stay in the ends. Think of this conditioner as gourmet food for your hair, a little residue left in the problem areas won’t harm, it will repair.

The Third and Final Step is the Serum.  It protect ALL HAIR TYPES from environmental assaults with the signature FINISHING SERUM. Hand-picked, custom blended ingredients including vitamins, nut oils, silk, and ceramide, feeds hair without weighing it down. This paraben-free formula creates a screen against UV rays, humidity and free radicals – strengthening hair as it repairs split ends while preventing color fade. Lightly scented with white flowers.

This can be used before and/or after drying.

Apply a small amount throughout the mid length and ends of your hair before blow drying or styling.
Comb through for even distribution as it contains your UV protection, your color fade protection and protection against heated tools, as well as the most precious cocktail of vitamins to keep your hair as strong and as healthy as possible.

One can apply small amounts daily to control humidity problems like frizz.

Fine lank hair: This serum with its base of silk will envelope your fine hair giving the feeling of
thicker voluptuous hair. They have found that customers who normally cleanse their hair every
day to create volume, go several days before shampooing, just because of our serum.

Frizzy curly hair: For customers who like to let their curl dry naturally.
  They advise to use more quantity of serum, comb through for even distribution and allow your
curl to dry naturally or with a diffuser. Do not disturb the hair until dry. The curl will dry with a
beautiful form, will feel soft like silk and have much less frizz.

Thick course hair: Be sure to use enough product to accommodate your thick hair. The silk inside the serum will make your course hair very pliable and supple, aiding your hair to hold its shape once coiffed.

Color treated hair: It’s a must for you to use the finishing serum. It contains color saver protection and UV filter protection.

Greasy oily hair: Once hair has dried, apply a small amount over hair surface like a buffer. It is not necessary you apply before drying your hair, unless your hair is very thin and lank.
(please read notes on lank hair ) This will be enough to add the protection your hair needs against harmful UV rays.

Combination Hair greasy roots dry ends: Concentrate the application of serum on the
problem dry areas more and less on the greasy areas .

Very dry damaged hair:  Transforming your hair on each application to their sumptuous spun silk signature finish. Apply before and after drying and if necessary apply a small amount over hair surface and hair ends each day.

You can continue using Iles Formula long-after the winder doldrums are over.  Tough enough to tackle Winter dryness, soft enough to use in Summer, Iles Formula is the new year-around basics.


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