Monday, February 22, 2016

Oscar Beauty for All Budgets, from the Upscale to Next Door Approachable.

By Laura Medina

Just in time and very canny and keen of Mr. Zac Posen, the contemporary gentleman couture designer knows the right makeup has to coordinate with Hollywood's most formal awards show, based on years of dressing and designing A-List actresses.

Him releasing his Zac Posen for MAC Cosmetics Collection matches his timeless yet contemporary gown designs.  Zac knew there was a need to fill in the makeup gap.

The color palette is neutral to vanity table classics yet the vibrancy of the pigmentation makes the eyeshadow palette and the lipstick youthfully "pop of color."  It's makeup for the upcoming ladies on the horizon.

Your clothing brings a certain type of fantasy to women’s lives. What do you think fantasy shows us about reality?
Fantasy is essential to reality. It helps us escape, dream and to actually create reality itself. For me, nature is as abstract as it gets — it is a primary source of inspiration for me. Women as well, their character, fantasies, neuroses and desires are all elements that continuously inspire me.

You live and work in New York City, but how do you keep your inspiration globally relevant?
I try to think about what moments are going to hit people viscerally. There are unifying factors that women and people are drawn to. Beauty is obviously very subjective, but there are references that become ingrained on a larger global scale. There are forms that humans are drawn to, shades and colours we are chemically turned on by. So, I try to make things that are approachable but still surprising. Instead of trying to chase ways of fitting in, being what I call the “chic banal.”

You grew up downtown…how has that shaped you as an artist?
I grew up three blocks from where we are right now, on Spring Street, in SoHo. My parents moved there in 1972 because they could afford the rent and there was great light for painting. Half our household was my dad’s studio, so I was immersed in the creative process, learning how to give privacy and respect to the process — that’s something that’s ingrained in me. You can’t just knock on the door and yell, “Dad!” There were things that were not allowed so he could concentrate. My friends growing up, all their parents were creative in some aspect.

You were surrounded by visual artists, but what about fashion?
My first love of fashion came from film and from theatre — my dad recorded everything on VHS. My first day of school — I was really nervous, a really big nerd, dressed like Charlie Chaplin — and I had done all of my homework and there were some really beautiful, interesting-looking girls in the room. They looked very fashionable and were working in fashion at the time, as models. They were like grown-ups, and I was certainly still a kid. That was the beginning — I said no more musical theatre summer camp. And so I got a job on Seventh Avenue, an internship sketching, and from there I started working in fashion. Then, I went to Parsons and interned at the Metropolitan Museum of Art every day after school, working with fashion and costume designers. I’d skip school when John Galliano and the Dior team came in and help research with them. And when Alexander McQueen and his team would come in, I’d be there. I learned the importance of art and fashion, and how they work together. That idea was very foreign.

I know you have a real love for food. How are food and fashion similar?
To me, there are a few essentials in life. Family first, food second, friends, and then we put fashion last. It’s not a mystery that what you put in your body is how you feel. I love the creative process of cooking — my detox and meditation is getting in the kitchen and cooking. It’s tactile and I’m using my hands, but it’s such a great way of showing love, creativity and emotion. It’s like imagination science. I used to want to be a baker, but I wasn’t allowed to use the oven, so I’d make everything out of clay next to my mom who was baking.

What do you think is better — a great dress or a great meal?
If it’s a great meal, you probably won’t be able to fit into the great dress.

What goes through your head when you see a moment of fashion gone wrong?
The first thing that goes into my head is they better stop following trends.

Why are trends bad for fashion?
Trends aren’t necessarily bad for fashion; they keep it evolving and changing, but trends are to be interpreted personally. I believe that everybody, pretty much, has some form of creativity. They have to find it and have the confidence — that type of expression has to be nurtured internally. Some people don’t like potatoes, and that’s a form of creativity, a form of personal choice. You just have to evolve that into other aspects of your life.

This is your first foray into makeup — what excites you about that?
I’m so excited for people to have a new way to experience my brand and our vision through elements that are more accessible than our top line. Beauty is a sensory experience. It’s not about fit, although you do have colours, it’s the essentials so you can have that wonderful red carpet moment every day — when taking your kids to school, you put on your lipstick. When you’re taking a selfie, you put on your invisible powder. I’ve worked with so many actresses, performers and superstars over the years that I know the things they need. You need everything able to be carried in a clutch, or in your date’s pockets, which is usually what happens with my date’s lipstick.

Tarte's Double Duty Beauty Collection only at Ulta.

Just released last Sunday night on, Tarte must had been thinking about this glam slammed scribe, dashing from one glam event to another.

  The collection literally says it all, "Double Duty Beauty;" and it doesn't skimp on Tarte's trademark vitamin-rich but durable Amazonian Clay that will last you from afternoon to night.

 The plum, lilac, and black Star Power eyeshadow and blush kit doesn't disappoint, for that Oscar evening party in that simply but smokey kit.  Take your full face of fabulous from day to night with this full face eye & cheek palette. With two separate versions for neutral and smokey looks, each palette includes a full size blush and five shadows in mattes and lusters to create a range of looks to flatter any complexion. The pigment-packed formulas are powered by Amazonian clay to help balance skin so your makeup stays put, and each travel friendly palette includes a special message to inspire you to take on the day or night with confidence.

 Each limited-edition palette features a mix of lid, liner, crease and highlight shades and a step-by-step guide to create classic courage looks for day or sultry star power looks for night.

If you want something even more simplified because you need something for stash & dash touch-ups, can't go wrong with double-ended. 

 Double Duty Beauty The Lip Sculptor Double Ended Lipstick & Gloss sculpt and seal a perfectly contoured pout with this 2-in-1 longwearing lip essential. It's a full coverage, satin matte lipstick and a coordinating, pigmented lip gloss in one double-ended tool. Powered by nutrient-packed coconut oil, it helps condition and reinvigorate lip volume, smooth the look of fine lines and deliver decadent hydration with a lightweight, non-sticky texture. Ideal for on-the-go tartelettes, this travel-friendly lip essential delivers a dose of color and high-definition shine in a range of complementing shades with a sweet vanilla finish.


  • Coconut oil: Delivers intense moisture and known for its conditioning properties
  • Maracuja: Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin C for firmer, brighter, smoother skin and maximum hydration
  • Vitamin E: Natural preservative that also acts as an emollient and antioxidant
Double Duty Beauty The Eye Architect Double Ended Liner and Shadow in Black/Slate has your powdered sponge in plum-silver pewter eyeshadow then you can line your lids with the no-fail classic black eyeliner.  Master a stunning stare with this 2-in-1 eye essential featuring a waterproof twist-up liner and cream shadow in one versatile tool. Ideal for on-the-go Tartelettes, the silky, blendable formulas come in a portable stick for brush-free applications and are powered by Amazonian clay and essential oils to help smooth and condition skin, while locking pigment in place. The crisp liners and creamy shadows are available in three complementing shades to take the guesswork out of creating complete eye looks.

Double Duty Beauty Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara & Waterproof Bottom Lash Mascara is a Swiss Army Knife of mascara.  Lengthen, strengthen and volumize the appearance of lashes from top to bottom with this 360 degree lash tool. It includes the best-selling Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-In-1 Mascara and Tarte's Bottoms Up Bottom Lash Mascara with a lower lash-targeting formula to make even the tiniest lashes go from blah to bombshell. The custom targeted wand separates and coats the hard-to-reach lashes on the lower lashline and inner corners with a quick-drying formula that's waterproof and smudgeproof. This travel friendly tool includes a lash-loving blend of natural waxes, vitamins and conditioners to help nourish, treat and protect lashes anywhere.

Tarte's Double Duty Beauty Collection is clutch-friendly when you need touch-ups and when you need to advance your makeup from Girl-Next-Door Afternoon Look to Amped-Up Night Glam.

So far, until March 6th, it's only available on but will hit Ulta stores on March 6th.

Now that you're in the home stretch and the Oscars are the finishing line, you probably already spent the most of your budget on the Golden Globes and the recent Grammys, can't forget Christmas.

You might be in a mood for something chic and cheap but you refuse to skimp on healthy makeup.

Don't stress, Palladio has always have botanicals  and vitamins in their makeup, all under $10.

 Palladio's Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick are rich as they are durable, long enough to last a whole Oscar night, kissing cheek-to-cheek but your smackers will still stay soft while sipping wine after champagne.

Palladio's Dreamy Matte Lipcolor in Velvet Wine is traditionally deep enough for eveningwear but in Aloe Leaf Extract and Safflower Oil,  Vitamins C and E,  Coconut and Palm Leaf.

 If you're really busted your budget and you're short on time and money, you can pick Milani Makeup at any drugstore (24 hour ones are the best) and snap up Milani's Fierce Foil Cream Eyeliners that come with a nifty liner brush.  They shimmer as they are rich and deep.

Milani's Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss are a fast slick when you need it the most at $5.99.

There, from high to low, you can get red carpet ready for the Oscars. 


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