Friday, January 29, 2016

EcoLuxe Lounge teams up with Choices Recovery at Sundance Film Festival 2016

By Laura Medina

 Kendra Wilkinson

When you're in the middle of nowhere, it's good you don't have to worry about appearances because you have little resources.

This is where producer extraordinaire, Debbie Durkin, comes in with her EcoLuxe Lounge.

Yep, she brings Hollywood into the heart of Sundance, Utah but they're quality stuff that attendees need as they slog through the snow, from one indie film to another.

Debbie is the leading producer of sustainable product placement in TV and film, and organizes celebrity events like the EcoLuxe Lounge at many red carpet events like Sundance through out the year. Promoting healthier living for the world by showcasing ecologically sound, holistic products and services, the EcoLuxe Lounge is always packed with entertainment professionals and industry leaders. The 2016 Sundance EcoLuxe Lounge was held at the Blue Iguana in Park City on January 23rd and 24th

Chariot Travelware's durable but hip suitcases and luggage on wheels come in handy for attendees hauling necessary gear from lodging to screening.

LaCroix Water kept everybody hydrated.

Because she aligns eco-conscious brands with celebrities in the movies she produces, it makes sense she aligns good-hearted charities with celebrities she has worked in the past.

Los Angeles Shriners are one of the beneficiaries of Ms. Durkin's EcoLuxe Lounge.  Here's good-hearted Jason Ritter goofing around with LA Shriners' patient, Abassador Marius Woodward.

The wife of legendary musician  and Motley Crue bassist, Nikki Sixx, Courtney Sixx became an accidental socialite when she married Nikki Sixx.  Through him, she became acquainted with Choices Recovery where he is a strong supporter.  Now using her unique and privileged position, Courtney is one of the champions for Choices Recovery.  

Debbie Durkin also supports Choices Recovery at her EcoLuxe  Lounge,  raising awareness as well as helping to promote a holistic and sustainable lifestyle.  

Some of those who took a few moments to sit and chat with Courtney Sixx included Sam Neill of Jurassic Park fame, Aldis Hodge from box office smash Straight Outta Compton, Katie Maloney of Vanderpump Rules, and Monique Coleman of the High School Musical series.

Debbie Durkin's EcoLuxe Lounge, Sundance 2016 edition, nourish the outside and the inside. 

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