Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mineral Fusion for Winter Care

By Laura Medina

Spent this past Holiday Season and this Winter to get better acquainted with Mineral Fusion.

Better known for their healthy nail polishes, there's more to Mineral Fusion than that.

 Limitless Beauty Cream

This is their answer to petroleum jelly, coconut oil cream made better.  Unlike most coconut oil, this doesn't freeze solid.

It stays consistently creamy.

Since it's a more wholesome version of oil jelly, Mineral Fusion's Limitless Beauty Cream can:

1. Night Cream.  Nourishing Rosehip Oil, considered a dry oil, easily absorbs into the skin without feeling heavy to nourish dry skin. Nutrient-replenishing Mineral Water helps restore and retain moisture deep within skin cells. Apply to entire face prior to bed and wake up to supple, radiant skin.

2. Heal Chapped Lips.  Sunflower and Jojoba Oils form a protective barrier that helps prevent moisture from escaping the delicate lip area while restoring soft, soothed lips.  Apply a small amount to the lips and outside the immediate lip area. Don’t forget the corners of the mouth - these areas are prone to cracking and sensitivity.

3. Tame Brows. Apply a small amount to fingers and gently sweep across brows to groom unruly strays.

4. Dewy Glow. Before applying makeup, dab Limitless Beauty Cream on the apples of the cheeks or under eyes to create a dewy glow.

5. Create Cream Shadows or Blush. Mixed with powder blush or eye shadows to create long wearing cream shadows and blushes.

6. Heal Dry Elbows. Dry elbows have met their match. Limitless Beauty Cream combats flaky, cracked elbows leaving them smoother and softer.

7. Rich Hand Cream and Cuticle Treatment. Dry hands and rough cuticles will welcome this soothing superstar. Apply Limitless Beauty Cream to the palms of the hands and massage into hands and cuticles.

8. Restore Dry Knees and Cracked Heels. Don’t hide your legs due to dry, coarse skin on your knees. A little Limitless Beauty Cream will help hydrate and renew these trouble spots.  TIP: At night, after applying cream to heels, slip on a pair of cotton socks and wear to bed to seal in moisture.

If you're a DIY Beauty crafter, Mineral Fusion's Limitless Beauty Cream comes in handy.  Obviously, #5 is this scribe's favorite tip, making your own creamy eyeshadow and blush&lipstick cream by simply mixing loose powder eyeshadows, bronzers, and blushes for your own healthy beauty, or as another form of home-made crafted beauty gifts that goes beyond bath salts and bath bombs.  Buying lots of Limitless Beauty Cream does come in handy.

Believing the simpler, the better especially when it comes to flying and traveling, this coconut oil cream has: Flax Seed Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Rosehip Oil, Argan Nut Oil, Chamomile, Cucumber, Borage Seed Oil, Calendula, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Lemon Peel Oil, Geranium, Vitamin B5 and E.

Just like #1 and #2 suggested, it makes a quick eye cream for crow's feet, good lip cream,  and a decent face cream for all-over chappiness.


SPF 16 Age-Defying Treatment Serum

For those in transition from purely oily in a sticky, humid climate to you got spots that are drying up, you can dab SPF 16 Age-Defying Treatment Serum on those emerging crow's feet without the fear of clogged pores or pimples where you least need them.

Alpha Lipoic Acid, natural antioxidants, and their powerful wrinkle-fighting, collagen-boosting, dual-peptide blend help firm skin and restore natural radiance.

In the morning-after, you can start your basic routine washing while nourishing with creamy cleansers like their Ultimate Moisture Facial Cleanser and Creamy Brightening Cleansers. Cream cleansers gently remove makeup and impurities while leaving skin hydrated.

For those in dry, cold blizzards, just in time for Valentine's Day, you can smooth Intense Hydration Face Cream then  Face Primer.

This is how you get your Winter Glow, effectively and naturally.




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