Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fable Cry, There's More to Nashville than Country & Bluegrass. Nashville's Hidden Gem.

By Laura Medina

Fable Cry

Digging deep beyond Country-Pop and Bluegrass revival, Fable Cry is a locals' insider secret.

Representing Nashville's alternative scene, this Tim Burton-sque band, consisting of a cellist,a violinist, and an accordionist with a typical guitarist and drummer, proves there's more to Nashville than corporate, mainstream Country and Bluegrass.

The multi-talented Zach Ferrin, banjo-player, guitarist, and accordionist, proudly informed this cabaret fan, that there are pockets of Nashville people who rebel against the Country & Bluegrass cliche; and they want something local that is different and good.  Otherwise known as "breaking out of the box."  Nashville's alternative scene takes to Fable Cry very well.

Fable Cry certainly do that.  

Describing themselves as a "theatrical scamp rock quintet,"  they see themselves as reviving Victorian Americana Vaudeville in regards to the costumes and the instruments they play.

Their deep-seated fans like them for "breaking out of the box," performing zany but gallow humor in their videos and concerts.  Fable Cry is mining the same vein as fellow cabaret performer, Amanda Palmer.

It's timely when Fable Cry's lead performer spoke with this scribe because Zach's main influencer was the iconic David Bowie, who put theatrical in every stage of his metamorphose and development as he evolved as an artist. 

Zach Ferrin developed his signature "Victorian" Full-Mustache persona at a Clue-themed costume party in which he went as “Mr. Mustache” (an original character he had invented just for the party).  Soon, the kindness of strangers were giving him fake mustaches and mustache paraphernalia.  Since that time, his upper lip has never been lonely.  The hair around it has migrated - beards, chops, goatees, all have come and gone with the changing of the seasons, but the handlebars have remained. 

They're pretty recent, having formed six year ago in 2010.  Paying their dues while building their fan base as an house band for a puppet show.

Their current fan base stretch as far as Portland, Oregon.  Zach added, "Nashville and Portland are very similar.  Their biggest fan base are in Atlanta, Asheville, Portland, and Seattle.  They're going to tour New York, Boston, and Biltimore for the first time. 

After watching their Victorian, Danny Elfman-sque/Tim Burton-sque music videos, this scribe affectionately recommend to Zach, that he should give avant-garde festivals, such as Spoleto USA, a try, because they're hungry, fertile ground for their theatrical, throw-back cabaret-rock band persona.

When they do hit Los Angeles, Zach was quite taken when this scribe also recommended Los Globos and Satellite to get their feet wet, so Fable Cry can hit the ground running.

Go to Fable Cry's to discover Nashville's hidden, burgeoning gem.  There's more to Nashville than country and bluegrass.  Once you get over the wacky, gothic image and realize these kids have musical chops, Fable Cry is the next generation of theatrical rock that Alice Cooper and David Bowie had formed.

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