Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine Day Stuff You Can Use Long After the Holidays.

By Laura Medina

If you want to win somebody's heart, be thoughtful and be considerate, watch, learn, and listen or...
learn to love yourself (get your mind out of the gutter) so you'll attract the right person.

Quit playing the "gray area game" and gift something appropriate...within your budget but will last long after the dating and the marriage, get a Charriol's Banglemania Bangle in sturdy Celtic cable braids that you can build upon, that pretty soon you'll get a collection.  This is way easier to start than taking a plunge with an engagement ring.

CHARRIOL’s New York-based Creative Director, Coralie Charriol-Paul who, with her understanding of what modern women want, offers fabulous ways to wear these versatile styles, as she explains: “I personally love bracelets, and the trend for stackable, personalised jewellery is here to stay. By mixing and matching these pieces, women can create their own signature style, whether they prefer a statement cuff from Forever Young, or my delicate intricate Tango designs: they can be a rock-chick or romantic, depending on their mood!”

Coralie took her family's signature Celtic twists and cables, torques and cuffs then modernized them in colored or monochrome, wrapped with wires or plainly elegant, adorned with stones or embellished with hearts and clasps, slim or broad, there are six variants to choose from in a spectrum of tones, including silver, bronze, black and gold.

Coralie's "Forever Young" Bangles and Rings in contemporary, fun, and urban is for the young junior literary and fashion/beauty editors and publicists rushing the new generation of "Sex and the City" set in television shows such as "Younger" while re-visiting the hip, the cool, and the resourcefulness of Seventies' emerging punk, disco, and rap in HBO's "Vinyl."

"Forever Young" Bangles and Rings evoke fairytale-meets-rock mood, these new colored bangles and rings are framed by rose gold or black, in rainbow shades that echo the urban-folk trends that continue to populate the runways. One of CHARRIOL’s most popular jewellery lines, the Forever Young bangles come in a narrow cuff style, and the fresh new shades add a dash of French chic to any outfit.

For an edgier look, bracelets with a black frame provide a canvas for bright cables in fuchsia, cobalt blue, pistachio green or charcoal in what is our most modern interpretation yet of our signature motif. Small CHARRIOL insignia in rose gold or black discs add a final sophisticated stamp to these stackable bracelets.

If you want something subtle, dainty, jaunty, and causal, Coralie offers the lighter Mouni collection, Introducing a very personal collection from CHARRIOL jewellery designer Coralie Charriol-Paul, Mouni is inspired by the nickname given to her loved ones. Delicate and sweet, Mouni introduces a new way of using CHARRIOL’s steel cable that is thinner and more refined, proving the endless versatility of this iconic motif. Made up of rings, earrings, bangles and necklaces, girls and daughters, friends, wives and mothers will be won over by Mouni’s sweet style, and its abundance of pretty hearts, that lends a truly romantic feel. Be inspired by Mouni to start a precious story for your own loved ones.

If you ain't ready for the jewelry, you'll have an easier gifting at Whole Foods.

Just dash into your nearest Whole Foods then pick: 
Weleda Jardin de Vie Rose Eau de Parfum
Evan Healy Rose Cleansing Milk
Jason Invigorating Rosewater Body Wash
Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant Plus
Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel
Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Heavenly Night Cream 

If you're really clever, you can build a Valentine's Day Gift/Care Package, which makes your admired even more admiring of your effort. 

Naja Lingerie

Here's a gift that keeps on giving...that they might want and need.

Sexy doesn't have to expose skin and shapewear doesn't have to be frumpy.

Well-crafted underwear or lingerie can sexy when peeked while giving shape and form, much needed for the Grammy and Oscar Awards.  "Mad Men" has proven that retro lingerie can be classy as it is sexy.

If comfort is more your thing, nothing says sexy than being comfortable in your own skin which mean sexy but comfortable bra and panties that move with you..  

  Fiera® Arouser for Her™ developed by Nuelle, Inc.

If you and your partner are stuck,  Among committed couples, intimacy is important for both the health of the relationship and personal wellbeing. Sex, however, is often a tough subject to broach with partners, health care professionals and friends alike. Co-created with women and healthcare professionals to bring back excitement to connect sexually with her partner, Fiera® Arouser for Her™ is the first wearable intimacy enhancer before a sexual experience that is proven to increase desire and spark physical arousal among women. Fiera is worn by women to get in the mood, but created with couples in mind for revitalized intimacy.

Want a fresh environment for fresh ideas?  Go up to San  Francisco for "On the Edge 6" for ideas, appropriately set during this Valentine's Day.

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