Friday, September 11, 2015

"Sipp"ing Adult "Dry" Sodas on Sweltering Days & Nights during an Heat Wave.

By Laura Medina

Sipp Eco Beverage,, left.  DRy Sparkling Soda,, right

Back-To-School was supposed to signal the cyclical return of Autumn, what with the jump-leap of heavy, fuzzy, wool knits.  Wrong.

Mother Nature still decides it's still Summer, the hottest, the stickiest, and the driest Dog Days of Summer.

How to cool down while saving water during a drought?  How to guzzle down while saving money.  How to swig without the sugar.

Easy.  Keep your eyes out for these adult, alcoholic-free but friendly bubbly spritzers that can quench your thirst healthy...or not.

 Sipp Eco Beverage,

Ever fallen in love with a cocktail?  More specifically, you fell in love with the base of the cocktail and wish you can guzzle it all day long without the alcohol then with the alcohol as a night cap before bed?

Beth, Sipp Eco Beverage's founder, thought so too.

She was searching for a mature mocktail base mixer that her and friends can guzzle, without getting drunk, that can be paired with their favorite adult appetizers and meals, such as sushi.  Since she's mixing for an adult audience, Beth swap out traditional sugar and it's evil cousin, corn syrup, for the more natural and healthier sweets of honey and agave syrup (yes, the stuff that tequila is fermented from).  The flavor base are mix of fruit extracts, teas, and herbs.

Since Beth had to make whip everything from scratch and there was a demand for it, she thought why not pre-mix everything then bottle it conveniently then have the drinker drink it straight-up or use it as a cocktail base for their favorite alcohol, such as gin, vodka, tequila, or even with wine as a sangria.

Sipp Eco Beverages was born.

Dry Sparkling Sodas,

Dry Sparkling Sodas were in the "adult" soda market far longer.

They replaced the sugar and the corn syrup with spices, herbs (juniper berries), fruit & vegetable essences, and florals (lavender).  This is where the "Dry" comes from, heavy on flavor, less on the sugar.  Ideal for diabetics.

Since both Sipp and Dry Soda were made for foodies in mind, both have meal and snack pairings.

Sipp suggested you can pair its Summer Pear with grilled Pork Chops.  You can go to Dry Soda's Pinterest for food pairings,

Either way, you can guzzle down them to cool down under the sweltering sun during the day then cool further more with your favorite alcohol at night.

Sipp Eco Beverages and Dry Sodas are double-duty drinks.




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