Friday, September 25, 2015

Ed Begley Jr., Scott Bairstow, and Fred Koehler at EarthFest 2015

By Laura Medina

Summer wrapped up in Los Angeles,..Culver City to be precise...with EarthFestLA 2015, a showcase of the latest and the hippest in environmentally-conscientious lifestyle.

Before it was hip, there's Ed Begley Jr.

He's proud to be a poster boy and pioneer in "green living."

"This is something I've been doing comfortably.  I've been an environmental activist for forty-five years.  Not only is it good for the environment, it's good for my pocket book.  It factors in.  If you live a sustainable life, you'll have a sustainable wallet, too."

With regards on the mainstream acceptance and popularity of the "green movement," Ed is proud to point that there are more people working in the solar industry than the coal industry.

Ed was an early-adapter of wind and solar energy-user since the mid-eighties and the early nineties. He's even one of the first to own and drive an electric car.

He's more than happy to be a poster boy for environmentalism at EarthFestLA 2015 in up and rising neighborhood of Culver City.

EarthFestLA 2015 also has concerts running through-out the whole afternoon.

A great setting and literally, a new stage for a debut of "Party of Five" actor turned musician, Scott Hamilton Bairstow.

His concert set at EarthFest 2016 was the biggest audience he played to, as a musician. Before this, he and his band have tested the waters in cafes.

He joked acting pays better but he has more control and being himself.

Scott said the biggest difference between being an actor versus being a musician is that you're playing a character, not being yourself; and you're saying what the writer writes for you to say.

As musician, you can be yourself but being out on stage as yourself, can be nervous too.

Right before the holidays, he's planning to release a new CD with ten songs.

Scott describes his music as rock n' roll yet laid back and cool, pretty much like the man himself.

Since he thinks about music all the time, Scott just wants to focus on music for now but he wouldn't say "no" to a good script.

There is a new world opening up for him.

For all you tv trivia fans, have you all wondered what happened to "Chip Lowell" in "Kate & Allie"?

He's thriving as a reliable character actor, Fred Koehler, who's now playing dramatic heavies in "Lost," "Criminal Minds," and "NCIS."

He's also married to "Trust" book series author, Jodi Baker.

Here they are, soaking up the sun at EarthFestLA.

After all the concerts and festivals,  summer in Los Angeles was neatly wrapped up at EarthFestLA with sincere celebrities. 

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