Monday, September 7, 2015

Jess Tyler Ferguson & Ethan Suplee Feasting at Hedley & Bennett's 3 Years Birthday BBQ where Food Meets Fashion.

By Laura Medina

 Jesse Tyler Ferguson of ABC's "Modern Family," showing the love for designer/chef,
Ellen Bennett of Hedley & Bennett at their
3rd anniversary party.

Have you noticed, now a days, that whenever you're chowing down and partying down in an hip, cool restaurant or chilling in a cafe whatever, you spotted seeing the chefs and the baristas wearing some really cool aprons and chef shirts made from some really stylish yet durable fabrics and constructed in some really cool top-stitched tailoring, enough to make you want to buy one or a couple for yourself in your own home kitchen?

Well, you can blame ex-chef/apron and chef workshirt designer,  Ellen Bennett for this.

Like any other designer, she recognized there's a hole in the market for tough but fashionable chef aprons and shirts that her fellow chefs, men and women, yearn for, so they feel better about your appearance while sweating it out in the kitchen or behind the counter.

She sought to remedy the situation. Like any entrepreneur, Ellen took it upon herself, and using her knowledge and experience as a chef, to cut and sew aprons from fabrics that were tough as they are chic, American canvas, raw Japanese selvage denim and European linens.   She was lucky to get 40 orders for aprons to kick start her business.  She did all in her living room.  

Pretty soon, her business out-grown her living room then she had her own workshop-design company-playground for big kids and little kids.

This her and her business partner's company; and they'll run it any way they want it to be which means...

Happy three years anniversary/birthday to Hedley and Bennett.

Her fellow chefs showed their respects and gratitude by returning the love by giving her an awesome fete.

Barrel and Ashes showed their love by throwing a mouth-watering BBQ feast of BBQ pork, tri-trip, mac n' cheese, and hearty heart-warming Frito Chili, a down-home favorite where Barrel and Ashes stew and stir made-from-scratch chili then ladle this ground stew into bag of crunchy Frito corn chips, the combination of crispy corn chips and savory chili...yum....

Vegetarian hipster weren't left out.

They, too, got a decent meal.  Not just a decent meal but a fresh, gooey pizza buffet by Urban Oven, a mobile wood-fired pizza oven.  These pizza masters were slinging a slew of crispy-crust pizza, the old-fashion way in a new-fangle way, a steel fire oven fueled by firewood.

Locovores of all types feasted and nibbled on Hungry Bear Catering's well-rounded cheese, fruit, and vegetable buffet.  

People fell in love with the blueberry coated log of goat cheese.   They were mystified by real figs, dried and fresh.

Even with all these buffets, they still have waiters serving nibbles of Hors d'oeuvre.  The hot hors d'oeuvre of the night? Crunchy, round beds of crispy rice topped with fresh, pink Ahi Tuna.

Hedley & Bennett must really have good taste, literally.

They selected the best of the best from Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival from the previous week.

First, they got Barrel and Ashes barbecuing pork and tri-trip and stirring chili.  Then, Hedley & Bennett took care of the kids in all of us by hiring McConnell's Ice Cream to do dessert, dessert, dessert.  At first, they were kind and generous to do double-scoops of their tangy but creamy Eureka Lemon and Marionberry Ice Cream and Chocolate & Peanut Butter Ice Cream.  As the night went further along and the crowd grew, they reduced down to single-scoops.  At the end, they were reduced down to sample spoons; and people were still smiling scrapping from the bottom of the ice cream barrel.

Yes...celebrities do eat.  They're just picky about the quality of the food.  This scribe shares the same principles, as long it is of good and highest quality...make it a good one..; and we did.ABC's "Modern Family" Jesse Tyler Ferguson and "My Name is Earl" Ethan Suplee joined in the festivities while standing in line to chow down on the awesome food.

Once folks founded Hedley & Bennett were the apron and chef shirt suppliers to the top restaurants in Los Angeles and the nation, they got wise and lined up for the BBQ and the fire-grilled pizza, the exotic, fancy cheese, fruit, and vegetable buffet and the cool ice cream.

This party went on well into the night.  It's hard to get rid of of people when there's fresh pizza and cool brews of beer.

After for the chefs, they party-ed by finally trying on and tying on the Hedley & Bennett aprons and fitting on the chef shirts, seeing which ones they want to buy...or take home.  Hedley & Bennett is a chef's playground.

Cheers to Hedley & Bennett's third year anniversary and to many more bbqs, pizza buffets, and ice cream for many years to come!

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