Thursday, September 3, 2015

Enjoying the Fruits of Summer's Labor, Healthy, Double-Duty Cock/Mocktails by Nektar on the Rock & Paleta Pressed Potables.

By Laura Medina

 Nektar on the Rocks, left.  Paleta Pressed Potables, right.

Ah, it's so depressing to see Summer's carefree liberation and fresh, juicy libations fade away.

This is why Labor Day was invented, to enjoy the waning days and nights of Summer for  workaholics.

Since Labor Day is meant for workaholics to chill and reset for a new season, two pressed juice companies are making it easier to them, Nektar on the Rocks and Paleta Pressed Potables.

This scribe knows that ready-made cocktail base mixers suffer from a lousy reputation for artificial flavors and texture and overly-sweet, fake taste.

Those were from the Seventies.  This is 2015.  Ready-made cocktail mixers are better and healthier.  Healthy enough to do double-duty as a pressed juices during the day then base cocktail mixer for a much-deserved night cap before bed.

These two companies make it easier for you workaholics.

They did most of the work for you, buying the fruits,  the pressing, the squeezing, the mixing, and adding basic flavor ingredients.  All you have to do is either guzzle them as a healthy mocktail or simple add your favorite alcohol or spirit then sip.

Nektar on the Rocks' Margarita recipe is on instagram, using their ready-mixed So Cal Margarita mixer of lime, lemon, orange, and agave.  See, they already do all the shopping and mixing for you.  All you have to do is buy the tequila then follow the recipe and instructions on...

This scribe's favorite is Nektar on the Rocks' Bubbly Beach Berries where Nektar already puree Blueberries, Strawberries, Basil, Agave, and Lemon into a bright smoothie then you simple splash in a vodka then fill it in with sparkling wine, a champagne adult slushie!

Simple follow the easy steps for Nektar on the Rocks' Bubbly Beach Berries on Instagram...

If it's more flavors, textures, and variety you crave, you'll get them on Paleta's Pressed Potables.

This scribe discovered this smoothie/juice collection at a FitFabFun seasonal launch event then became intrigued.

Paleta Pressed Potables just don't just only Spring and Summer.  They're also thinking about Autumn and Winter with their Apple Orchard 'Tini....

 They're also thinking for that much-needed Holiday cocktail to ease off the holiday stress...

Paleta's Holiday 'Nog mix was the one that this scribe was intrigued with, an organic, gluten and lactose-free, nut-milk mixer that isn't fruit-derived...without eggs.

If you're a chocoholic like this sweet-tooth scribe and getting burnt out on berries and citrus-overload yet craves something ice cold and Summer-y, give Paleta's Magic Milkshake Mudslide, an healthy alternative to Adult Chocolate Milk,

Paleta already did the sweat labor in pressing and squeezing the almond, hazelnut, and coconut milk then pureeing the dates for thickness then sprinkling in the spices of cinnamon  and cacao and sea salt for balance and to enhance the sweet flavors.

All you have to do is add in your preferred adult spirit: vodka, rum, coffee liquer, etc...

See, Nektar on the Rocks and Paleta Pressed Potables already got you covered for this Labor Day weekend and well into Fall and the Holidays.

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