Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fox's "Rosewood," African-American Sherlock Holmes

By Laura Medina

Morris Chestnut as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr.  The character behind "Rosewood."

With the revamp of Sherlock Holmes, being set in modern-day London, it only seems fitting that America has its own "Sherlock Holmes," in a form of an urbane, analytical pathologist, Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, set in hot, sultry Miami.

Another than he's African-American, this "Sherlock Holmes," is more socially apt than the original British one.  In fact, he uses his sharp observations and insight to smooth and ease his way into then out of situations much faster and easier than the aggressive and spunky Miami Police Detective Villa.   Think of him as the brain and her as the brawn.

"Rosewood" is not without spunkiness.  The equally brilliant but plucky kid sister, Pippy Rosewood (played by Gabrielle Dennis) who works as his medical assistant in his private practice, alongside Pippy's girlfriend, TMI.

Since Miami has earned it's ungainly nickname as a murder capital, the city is ripe pickings for Dr. Rosewood, a murder a minute.  That's how tomorrow's premiere pilot opens, potential suicide/murder that Rosewood solved in a minute.

The pilot doesn't get rolling until Dr. Rosewood's mother, Donna Rosewood (played by Lorraine Toussaint) comes to her son to solve a murder of her former and favorite student.

Lead actor Morris Chestnut with Gabrielle Dennis & Lorraine Toussaint warm up the audience.

This is where the series gets rolling.

Along the way we discover Dr. Rosewood has a host of physical aliments that led him to become a doctor so he can remedy his own health problems.  So, this isn't no surprise that Dr. Rosewood leads with his head.

He is quickly introduced to the feisty and no-nonsense Det. Villa, a hard-nose woman police detective who is assigned to the murder case.  If Dr. Rosewood uses his intelligence, Det. Villa is the muscle who throws no punches because...she does throw punches...and kicks...and head butts which Dr. Rosewood finds so adorable.

But, if you want to know what happens next and how Dr. Rosewood and Det. Villa get along, you just want to watch "Rosewood" tomorrow night, on Wednesdays at 8pm on Fox.

You'll be glad to know "Rosewood" precedes the second season of "Empire."

This will be enough to string you along.

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