Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Disco Before the Break of Dawn. DAYBREAKERs anniversary party on Hornblower Party Yacht. Wake Up LA!

By Laura Medina

Party thrill-seekers and party snobs always go to great lengths to throw or discover a ground-breaking party.

For some, it's their way of thumbing their noses at the establishment and the conventional.

For others, it's a way to liven up their spirits.

For Millennials who been there and done that and Baby Boomers who did everything underneath the sun, they always find a way to use parties as spiritual and well-being expansion.

Daybreakers are no exception.

For the experienced party-er, nothing says "pedestrian" than wasting the night away, standing in line, knowing you'll never get into that cubby hole of a club; and that cop moonlighting as bouncer, doesn't make things easier.

Nope.  Daybreakers found a way to get their "party" on while cramming in some physical fitness.

Yep, you heard right.  Why go clubbing at the break of dawn then refresh and refuel with healthy juices and snacks.

Now, Daybreakers parties are, also, for the "party harty," whose party tumescence just keeps on going continuously after the clubs shut down at 2am.   Some just have to "party" into the break of dawn.

This is where Daybreaker comes in.

In the cloak of darkness, this scribe spotted the top secret of the Daybreakers Anniversary party when she saw an army of Bai5, Hint Water, and Nosa Yogurt trucks loading up breakfast up the ramp into the Hornblower Yacht at Fisherman's Village in Marina Del Rey.

Daybreakers are kind and understanding.

They warmed up with a 5:30am yoga classes to warm up the joints.

Then, there's a legion of hard-core Daybreakers who went straight from the night club to the pier, rushing the gangplank, dying to get in.  

 They warmed with tribal body and face paint, worth of Coachella.


The Hornblower, the yacht, is pretty cool as it is luxurious.

This scribe has been aboard a many yacht parties; and this is the most luxurious and most party-appropriate yacht with the main room as disco/ballroom where they held the yoga class then the impromptu jazzercise class, Millennial-style.

At the bow, the jazz band hired to add life to the DJ's bass beats was chilling.  They, too, thought this was a hip and surreal experience.

Once they hit the discotheque, they opened up with a brass jazz/hip-hop beat version of "Gilligan's Island" theme.  Watch and listen to the video below.


A natty young gentleman in a gray chambray dress shirt and a straw bowler hat was the unofficially cruise director.


He really "break in" by throwing himself into traditional head-spinning B-Boy break dancing then swing right into Brazilian Karate-disguised as dance, the awe-inspiring Capoeira.  Oh, those Millenials.

Ain't no stopping, he segue straight into leading an impromptu Millennial jazzercise class, where they cheerily mixed Eighties jazzercise, the La Bomba, then Coachella/Burning Man tribal dance steps with the synchronicity worth of a Bollywood Choreography.  You gotta envy twenty-something coordination.

That young man in the gray chambray shirt and straw bowler hat has the makings of a damn good cruise director.


This scribe thought these Millennials using Hint Water as hand weights while jazzercising is ingeniously cute.

Even though Daybreakers Anniversary party was a Millennial majority, Daybreakers welcome anybody.  Since "Daybreaking" is all about partying (as fitness) at the break of dawn, there was an healthy sprinkling of Baby Boomers busting moves alongside the kids, teaching them a step or two.

In fact, Daybreakers is ideal for Baby Boomers and the career-driven Gen-Xers.  Both can catch their favorite late-night talk show, hit the sack, party instead of going to the staid, ole gym, shower, and go to work without their boss or co-workers knowing.

What's really cool about Daybreakers' Anniversary party, out on the deck, folks of all ages burst into spontaneous Sun Salutations when the sun was literally rising up on the horizon.  How's that for spirituality?!

Remember, these Daybreakers are a special party breed.  They flowed Sun Salutations yoga positions into Vogue-ing dance moves.

Daybreakers prove they have a sense of humor.

These bathing mermaids made fun of fitness-neurosis Los Angeles by making fun of pilates and yoga.

How's this for a sense of humor?

There is nothing like waking up the neighbors-especially the Baby Boomer neighbors-by blasting hip-hop/dance beats in the middle of Marina Del Rey bay, with decks full of all-age partiers, getting their cheers on.  There's nothing like Baby Boomer playboys and cougars waving "good morning" to their bleary-eyed neighbors.

Whereas, the younger co-hort finally took a break from dancing and party-ing to really the natural beauty of Marine Del Rey.  Look!  There are yuppy otters bobbing in and out of the water.  Both the party-ers and the otters were cute and bright-eyed.

Sadly and sneakily, the party ends when the Hornblower docked precisely at 8:30am.  After busting a sweat and moves, people felt the time was right for coffee, juices, and smoothies.  The nearby Starbucks and Jamba Juice made a killing that morning.

Daybreakers is the latest movement in "party-as-fitness" or "fitness-as-party."

If you really want to see what a Daybreakers party is all about, go watch and shake your booty to these videos..."Party Hearty."

Jazz/Hip-Hop band playing brass beat version of "Gilligan's Isle" theme.

 Break Dancing/Capoeria dance circle.

Millenial Jazzercise Class.


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