Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's a Plaid, Plaid Fall, Adam Lippes for Target. Limited Edition Designer Collection.

By Laura Medina

Desired for its timeless quirkiness and zaniness yet a representation of tradition and individualism while denoting clan and style tribe, women who want to rebel subversively, are also attracted to tartan or plaid.

Plus, these style "Tomboys" are attracted to the androgynous functionality and original masculinity of plaid.  It's the quintessential  "borrowing from the boys."

According to Lizzie Garrett Mettler, author of "Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion," Tomboys are confident, rebellious, and adventurous. They are bold, brazen, fierce—and sexy. They aren’t known for following rules, they are known for doing—and wearing—whatever they want." 

Today's Tomboys also know Autumn is arriving.  They can't think of anything better, warm, and fuzzy than a plaid.  The preppy Tomboys save the cotton-based madras for Spring and Summer.

Marie Claire, Senior Fashion Editor, Zanna Roberts Rassi,...
"As an editor who's been attending the fashion collections for ten years, I don't think there's ever been a fall where I've not seen plaid on the runway."

It's such a versatile fabric. It truly is everybody's best friend.  There isn't a decade that we haven't seen plaid. I mean, it just keeps on giving.  So we styled the look book in a way that I think appeals to everyone. So we wanted to do plaid looks for the day, kind of a bit more street than we've done it, right, with the blazer and the ripped jeans and the cool shoe, and it's kind of like a bit more of an '80s vibe. "

"Then we've done it also for the office, so we've got some really cute, fun, playful looks but will work in a business environment. Then we've done it for evenings, which is more unexpected. We've got this cool fringe leather skirt with a plaid shirt. "

In anticipation and knowing it's a lifestyle general store, Target is going "mad for plaid" where limited edition Listerine Mouthwash and lip gloss are going "mad for plaid" in plaid printed bottles and tubes.

"I mean, the entire store is plaid." 

The lucky designer on this limited designer collection, Adam Lippes,...
"I think the plaid trend has never really gone away. It's always kind of been in the undercurrent of American sportswear. "

"Uh, but over the years, it's been infused from sort of working shirts up to high fashion. And Target is kind of mad for plaid for fall, which is great when a brand takes a risk like that and does it in a big way. "

"So Target came to me and talked to me about this whole idea of the store going sort of mad for plaid, and then the challenge to me was, can you and do you want to create a collection based around buffalo plaid? "

"I'm an American sportswear designer, so plaid is true to my DNA as a designer. So it was a challenge that I was excited to take on. "

"But over the years, it has really invaded high fashion. So now there's been great plaid gowns worn to gala events. People wear plaid to work. They wear it out on a Saturday night, and they still wear it, you know, for a real workman's shirt, so it's sort of all over now, which makes it so fun. "

"It looks great with, of course, a pair of jeans--a plaid top--but also might look great with black miniskirt to wear out at night." 

Tomboys also know when a good deal is coming on.  They're fashionistas and stylistas too.  Like any good fashionistas, they'll either going to hit the sale at midnight or be in line, first thing this Sunday morning, to snatch some rare limited edition item at some really great prices...the original prices.

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