Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Soft, Sleek Hair Do's by ghd Hair Care on Oscar Awards' Red Carpet...on a Moisturizing, Refreshing Rainy Night.

By Laura Medina

Good, professional hair stylists know how to deal with the weather and the elements...and that the show must go on...

You can tell that Los Angeles is thirsty because we cheer for much-needed rain.

But, we're also wise to know that it comes when you least need it...as in on Oscar Night.

Have no fear.  ghd Hair Care professional hairstylists know what to do on a rainy, keep it sleek and soft that it'll look great in the rain.

David Babaii, Brand Ambassador for ghd, North America for Kate Hudson...

To create this look, I first dried Kate’s hair using the ghd airhairdryer and a round brush. I then parted the hair down the center and divided into three sections: two in the front and one in the back. Starting with the section in the back, I took one inch pieces and wrapped the hair around the ghd curve™ creative curl wand. I held each piece around the barrel for 10 seconds, then released the curl and stretched it out for 2-3 seconds until it cooled. I continued all the way to the top alternating the size and direction of each curl. The tapered barrel creates perfect, beachy waves and with ghd’s patented tri-zone™ technology, I was able to quickly create long-lasting curls without much need for product. To finish, I ran fingers through the hair to loosen the waves and lightly misted hair with a light hold hairspray. 

PRODUCTS: ghd air™ hairdryer ($225); curve™ creative curl wand ($245)
RETAILER: Sephora, Sephora.com, ghdhair.com/us

Keira Knightley's soft, wavy tresses for this scribe...

Ben Skervin for ghd, North America,..

“Relaxed and romantic. I wanted to keep Keira’s cool edge so it was important that the hair not appear professionally done, and more like she could have done her hair herself.”
TIPS/TECHNIQUE: “I first sprayed Keira’s hair with a blowout primer, then used the ghd air™ hairdryer which with its ionic technology gives a smooth, frizz-free finish. When drying, I took sections of hair and twisted them to give loose texture. Once each twisted section dried, I used my fingers to comb through which helps to deconstruct the look so it’s not perfect. I then wrapped 2 inch sections of hair around the ghd curve™ classic wave wand and with ghd’s patented tri-zone™ technology, the whole barrel had the same temperature ensuring no hair was left un-waved. The unique oval shaped barrel also created perfect, large and loose waves. Once I had the right texture, I brushed out the hair and sprayed a beach spray all over. To finish, I used the ghd air™ hairdryer once more over the top layer to set the style before adding the Chanel headband. 

PRODUCTS: ghd air™ hairdryer ($225), ghd curve™ classic wave wand ($245)

RETAILER: Sephora, Sephora.com, ghdhair.com/us

Robert Vetica for ghd, North America for Marion Cotillard.

 “Marion is the perfect muse and she inspired me. I wanted to keep the hair simple and chic, with a 20’s vibe.”

TIPS/TECHNIQUE: “To begin, I dried Marion’s damp hair using the ghd air™ hairdryer in the direction of the style, focusing on a low side part. I then used the ghd eclipse™ styler to bend and shape the hair. ghd’s patented tri-zone™ technology, allows for perfect heat distribution and superior fast styling. I then pulled the hair into a low side ponytail over her right ear, and simply rolled the hair behind her ear, pinning as I went along. To finish the look, I sprayed hairspray all over and used the diffuser attachment to set the style. 

PRODUCTS: ghd air™ hairdryer ($225), ghd eclipse™ styler ($245)

RETAILER: Sephora, Sephora.com, ghdhair.com/us

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