Friday, February 20, 2015

Oscar Spray Tans, Warming Up for Spring.

By Laura Medina

St. Tropez Pop-Up Spray Tan Suite.

Oscar Week, the week leading up to the Oscar Awards on Sunday, is an experience to be lived.

This scribe calls it, "Cinderella Week."

Yes, there are "Golden Globe Week" and "Grammy Week," but the Oscars is the first and the most prestigious awards show.  The elegance is upped the ante.  It's the week more appropriate for the "Downton Abbey" set.  Charleston, are you hearing this?

Why "Cinderella Week?"  The evening parties are black tie and the ladies have to wear ball gowns and some serious jewelry, usually diamonds, "Forevermark Diamonds Making a Mark at the Oscars and Beyond."

What a better backdrop for ballgowns and diamonds than a golden, radiant tan...all in one week when you just flew from cold, grey, and dreary New York Fashion Week or London to sunny, warm Hollywood. 

This is when the world's best spray tan brands and their highly skilled and trained tanners descend upon Hollywood and starting painting and spraying.

St. Tropez literally popped up a tent in a fashionable hotel so presenters and nominees can have a healthy aloe vera-based spray tan that dries up in 8 to 9  hours then you can either take shower right before bed or first thing in the morning and it never washes away...unless you want to...more on this later.

Much to this scribe's relief, St. Tropez's professonial tanner, Sophie Evans reassured this scribe, the spray tans are becoming increasingly all-natural and that dreaded "orange streak" is literally disappearing.

These professional spray tanners have skilled eyes to know better.

They normally go one shade darker, no more than two shades, and the formula has more of a golden glow, not brown or orange.

Because they're misting you (this misting feels so good on a hot Summer day), these professional tanners instruct you when to breathe in and out so you wouldn't be breathing in the spray.

While spraying, Sophie said spray tanning is a great and easy way to "sculpture" your flaws when you're too busy to hit the gym, say busy event planners, publicists, talent agents, and managers.  People who run this town.

If you want your spray tan to be more durable, sleep in it then take a shower when you wake up the next morning.

Obviously, since it's temporary (thank god), your spray tan will gradual and slowly fade into a healthy, radiant golden glow that looks normal and warm.

Within 5 days or a full week, you'll fade back to your real skin tone.
Vita Liberata Spray Tanning Equipment & Gear.

Whereas St. Tropez is aloe vera-based, Vita Liberata's Fiona Locke informed this scribe that Vita Liberata's formula is fruit acid and sugar-based.  Good, ingredients you can pronounce without a Ph.D in chemistry. Whew!

Since Fiona is based in the Santa Monica area and one of her clients is Gwyenth Paltrow, she can either set up her equipment in the fanciest of marble bathrooms and the furriest of white shag rugs in the nicest mansion; and that spray tan formula will never stain your floor or carpet; or...

She can meet you at sunshine-filled, light and bright Saulino Smith Salon, on Ocean Boulevard in Santa Monica, where they have a room for spray tanning.

Both St. Tropez's and Vita Liberata's spray tanning feels really good and refreshing.

This scribe likes the idea these spray tans are incorporating more healthier ingredients that are also durable yet fade into a subtle, golden glow.

Both tanners and this scribe lament that these spray tans have yet to incorporate sunscreens into their formulas.  This would be great.  

Both brands have fun and convenient lotions and mousses for you to do in the privacy of your own home.

But, nothing beats being "misted" on a hot Summer day for Summer's White Parties; and you need professionals to properly "tan" you evenly and not go over-board.

Both St. Tropez and Vita Liberata have sites where you can either locate a salon with rooms and an expert for a spray tan,; or you email them directly, such as Fiona Locke,  Her tanning studio is located inside the airy and bright Saulino Smith Salon on 1431 Ocean Avenue in perfectly sunny Santa Monica, CA 90401.  

She's part of a top-notch team that includes two former Fred Segal hair stylists.

If you have no choice and gotten a really bad spray tan, both Sophie and Fiona recommend Dove Body Wash is a great spray eraser.  Soaking in a bath filled with body oil is also a good way to erase away a bad tan.

If you fell in love with your spray tan, like this scribe, best to preserve it in a shower with the gentlest of baby washes and shampoos.

This is how nominees, presenters, and those lucky guests are getting "golden" for the Oscars.


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