Friday, February 13, 2015

Love Shawls Wishing You Love All Year Around..;and It's the Type of Love You Want.

By Laura Medina

There are reasons why holidays and resolutions fail...They're not instant cup of soup and that actually warms the heart.

To actually attain your heart's intent, you can make the wish now, today, keep on wishing and be real about it.  Eventually, a year from now, it doesn't have to be on an holiday, it'll show up...bigger and better than expected.  It'll sure as hell wouldn't win the popularity contest among your clique but you really don't want them.  You want your wish to materialize.  Don't fret, your friends will understand.

Love Shawls will help you initiate your wish the day you start wearing.  Since it's so normcore inconspicuous, you can wear it year-around as a hip wrap/scarf  that most wouldn't notice you're wearing your wish consistently.

Love Shawls is a two-in-one.  It's a shawl/scarf/wrap meets jewelry.  It's meant for people who normally don't wear jewelry but need something to bump up their basic uniform.  Whether, it's turtleneck in Winter or a tank top and jeans in sunny Los Angeles, Love Shawl can enhance or protect.

Their Navy Blue Shawl is professional while it's Evil Eye charm shields you from jealous haters or colleagues.

For Hearts Day, the Red Shawl with the semi-precious red stones and raw pearls and those Dancing Rumi Dervish Dancers charms you with enjoyment of life while pursing love.

The different colors with their different gems and charms vibrate different energies for different goals in life.  Neither is better or worse than the others.  Simply buy and change as you morph through life.

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