Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Grammy Beauty, Health, & Snacks for Real Folks who are Stuck in a Blizzard.

By Laura Medina

For my readers suffering in the endless blizzard and "California Dreaming," this scribe feels for you all.

This is why this scribe scoured Red Carpet LA Grammy Gifting Lounge 2015 for trends and stuff that you can use now.

Last week's Grammy performers and nominees burnt a lot of calories dashing from rehearsal to fittings to gifting suites.  At Red Carpet LA Grammy Gifting Lounge,  they healthily snacked on lightweight Naan Chips, the new pita chips and the savory Kind Bars, rich in fiber but low in sugar.

Zico Coconut debut their new Mango and Orange-Flavored Chilled Juice Blends.

Okay, knowing this is Grammy Suite, the Zico folks dressed up these Juice Blends with champagne, double-usage!


For performers and average people who want to be good, spinach-based Appethyl is the new line of green smoothie powder that curbs your appetite while clearing up your stressed out complexion.  This is what this scribe is guzzling pre-and-during Oscar Week.


If you want something soothing, cozy, warm, and sweet...sans calories...with benefits and nothing weird, go coffee!

Using coffee as a rinse is an age-old remedy for brunettes.  Coffee scrubs are known to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Java Skincare packaged a special care gifts for Winter-weary Grammy performers who just left the blizzard.
Their Grammy Gift Kit is great for travel (especially for Christmas Holidays) and for $25, it's pretty darn affordable for us non-Grammy performers.

This limited edition Discovery Kit was inspired by and created for the 57th Grammy Award Nominees. With deluxe packaging and updated size, let our Discovery Kit Grammys Edition get you RED CARPET ready by tightening, brightening and nourishing your skin.
JAVA Body Scrub is made of Green Coffee infused Organic Argan Oil & Artisan Roasted Coffee blended with Organic Raw Sugar, Sweet Almond, Rosemary and Vitamin e to exfoliate, detoxify, moisturize and soften skin.
Fragrance: Coffee & Honey
JAVA Serum is full of Green Coffee infused Organic Argan oil combined with botanical extracts. What we love is the structure of molecules in our Serum are smaller than that of a lotion or cream, which allows the serum to penetrate deeper than and deliver targeted antioxidants to your skin.
Fragrance: Orange Blossom
JAVA Bath Wash will increase circulation and deliver powerful antioxidants while providing a gentle clean to your skin.
Fragrance: Sweet Almond
Our Soap is made in small batches from nutrients that don’t strip the protective layer of oil to protect you from the effects of sun and wind.
Fragrance: Original


Want something even more holistic and homeopathic yet calming your cracking, itchy skin?

Rod Jackson of Nuwati Herbals uses age-old herbal knowledge, passed down through generations, to alleviate modern day ails.

He transfers his herbal teas then distill them into convenient balms, creams, and oils, all in all-natural olive oil base and beeswax.  Nothing weird.

The balms soothe aching muscles and joints, help relieve burns and minor skin irritations, promote sleep and relaxation, moisturize dry or cracked skin, assist in opening blocked nasal passages, fade painful bruises and spider veins, and help relieve the pressure of headaches.

The creams are prepared by cooking the herbs of the accompanying tea (Cloud Walking, Laughing Coyote and Moon Cycle) in Extra Virgin Olive Oil to infuse the oil and then it is blended into a thick cream. You apply the creams to pulse points, under the nose, back of the neck, bottom of the feet to draw into the skin. 

If you want extra-luxurious pampering, Rod suggests using his tea & cream packages!

The Nuwati Oils are prepared the same way as the balms, minus the beeswax. They offer 4 Body Oils and one Massage Oil. The Body Oils can be used 3 different ways; as a body oil on dry or damp skin or as a bath oil. The Body Oils have an emulsifier added so the oils will blend with water to help cover the skin more evenly when wet. The Massage Oil (Indian Blanket) has extra oils added to assist in massage.


Here's a "dirty" little secret nobody is talking about...some of your favorite singers and musicians have gray hair and their roots are coming out and they're busy!  What to do?

Fortunately, their "secret" is pretty attainable and within budget reach, Brush-On Tinted Dry Shampoo, both by Ambience Cosmetics and Jonathan Products.

They came in a nifty travel-sized container that's refillable and it's attached to a powder brush that you can tap and puff those gray hairs while refreshing them.

These tinted dry shampoos are also a great way to experiment with different hair colors before you make the "plunge" with dyes, bleaches, and highlights.

Thank god, they're as cheap as $9.99 and no expensive than $19.99; and they're available at Kmart and Target for the normal folks who need them...now!

If they're good enough for Grammy performers, then they're good enough for you.


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