Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rocker Chic is Also Haute & Hot Valentines Chic, Grammy Fashion 2015.

By Laura Medina

vintage grey rabbit fur coat, size S, $198, red bandage top by Cavortress,  size XS, $88 / black bandage skirt by Cavortress.

Thanks to the trifecta of perfect timing, it's okay to be sexy on Valentine's Day; and Grammy Week is right now and people will finally watch "Fifty Shades of Gray" in the movie theaters on Hearts Day, all in the same time sequence.

It's happenstance that fellow fashion/lifestyle, San Francisco-based writer, Maggie Winterfeldt Clark of "The Editorialite," profile "Rocker Chic" a.k.a. "Grammy Fashion" as Valentine's Day Fashion, assembled and profile four outfits for Valentine's Day that would be ideal for the Grammys.

The ensembles she profiled reflects when Hollywood Rockers dress up for their version of High Society, Grammy Week and the big night itself, The Grammy Awards this Sunday on February the 8th.

The Cavortress Red Bandage Top and Black Bandage Skirt that "The Editorialite" pulled, above, is polished for rock's most formal night.

For Eighties vintage lovers a.k.a. "Vintage Cyndi Lauper," This Eighties Beaded Bustier with a Forties Caroline Skirt would be perfect for pop's emerging starlets.

The Editorialite didn't pull this out for her Valentine's Day article but Cavortress' Leather and Velvet speaks to the Boho Hippies of the Hollywood Canyons who wants to be taken soulfully and intellectually as their idol, Stevie Nicks.

Whether you're the Spiritual Rocker, the Hard Rock Chick, or the the ultra-stylish Video Vixen, follow The Editorialite's lead to Cavortress, where they have everything you need for music's big night, The Grammys and they're way better and much more fun, Grammy Week.

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