Thursday, February 19, 2015

Forevermark Diamonds Making a Mark at the Oscars and Beyond.

By Laura Medina

Kate Hudson wore these drop-earrings at the Golden Globes.

DeBeers have supplied diamonds to Stephen Webster and numerous other jewelers.

They figured "Why not, do our own jewelry line?"  This is when they formed Forevermark Diamonds;..and they only do diamonds.

For this week only, Oscar Week, Forevermark Diamonds has transformed a drab, industrial location into a diamond forest, rescued but polished driftwood, branches and flora, draped in diamonds into a diamond Wonderland.

This top secret pop-up Diamond Wonderland is a secured showcase where Sunday's Oscar presenters, guests, and nominees will either be shopping or borrowing for the film industry's big night.

The diamonds this scribe has personally seen and worn (to try on and imagine) will be on the red carpet and on TV this Sunday, Historical Trend-Spotting....aaahhhh.....a fashionista's and a stylista's favorite spectator sport.

If there's any "slip-up" or "slip-down" or a starlet decided to get "clever," there's no way around it.

Forevermark Diamond engrave serial codes into their diamonds for shopping and archival references.

For the very nice who borrowed then want to buy, they can go by serial number later on to shop.

For the naughty, tough luck.  This microscope can read the 4 C's: Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity, clear enough to see if it's a fake and if there's that Forevermark serial number.

Just be nice.

Speaking of nice, since folks are more conscious than ever and some ethical-minded celebrities are shying away from "blood or conflict diamonds" fueling civil wars, Forevermark Diamonds sent their representatives to the diamond mines to see how the miners are treated then financially support the miners' nearby villages, funding health clinics and schools.

Just think about how much money we pay for diamonds, wouldn't it feel better if all that money goes into a worthy cause?

This is real "paying it forward."

So, there is more to the interior design and decor of Forevermark Diamond's top secret retreat.  The rocks and the branches and the floral arrangements remind celebrities, starlets, and the lucky guests that diamonds are rocks and we should give back to the earth and society.

Remember, diamonds are forever, make a good lasting effect.

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