Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Smell like Katy Perry. Have lips like Mily Cyrus. Grammy Beauty, the 2015 Edition

By Laura Medina

Smashbox Double Exposure Palette


You don't have to wait long or wait behind a celebrity to get this rockin' Grammy beauty products.

They're already on the market or the just hit the market.

Makeup artists in Hollywood, already working the Awards Season, are loving the dry/wet duality of Smashbox's Double Exposure Eye Palette.

It's a dream eyeshadow palette that works like a watercolor set.

Brush it dry for a sheer, soft, natural look.  Swept it wet for an opaque texture, a darker shade of the same color or a brighter tone.

What's even better, the eyeshadows themselves don't get ruin or cracked when in contact with water.

Hence the name, Double Exposure.  The double-usage in one palette means a lighter weight load on those makeup artists' shoulders.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water


This scribe has been writing about toners being your new best friend, growing beyond erasing extra greasy on your face.

Toners, today, are more like light-weight moisturizers, spritzing minerals and vitamins on usually oily skin that doesn't need the extra fats and emulsifiers that clog pores but thirsty skin needs a "drink."

Smashbox finally jumps on board with Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water,  free of silicone, alcohol, and oil, it’s packed with revitalizing electrolytes that work to reawaken skin and restore moisture. This enriched water instantly absorbs into skin for lasting hydration, leaving skin looking refreshed and ultrasoft while it locks in makeup.

Lori Taylor Davis, Global Pro Lead Artist,..

“I always used to mist models’ skin with plain water as the first step in any application, but now I don’t know how I lived without this primer. It’s a triple threat. I use it as a super sheer primer before makeup, as a setting spray to help keep makeup in place, and as a misting spray throughout the day to refresh skin. It’s like a spa in a bottle!”

Flash Tattoos

This scribe saw this trend coming at Coachella last year, glamorous, pasted-on tattoos in gold foil. 

Just as classy but way cooler than traditional jewelry and so much more classier than traditional tattoos, Flash Tattoos are hip enough for the Grammys yet will fade away just in time for the more conservative Oscar Week. 

Ardency Inn

Influenced by the streets and the rock scene of Downtown New York, Ardency Inn thinks what the New Yorker Rocker Chick needs and wants. 

Born in the New York music scene, ARDENCY INN offers a line of color cosmetics that brings makeup artistry within reach of every woman. Every formula offers unparalleled attention to color payoff, long wear, and ease of use. With imagery that captures the edge and free spirit of downtown New York, ARDENCY INN represents a true lifestyle that will resonate with music and makeup fans everywhere.

Just released is Miley Cyrus Viva Glam MAC Lipstick and Lipgloss.  Anything Viva Glam becomes an instant classic.


As mentioned earlier in this site,most rock stars are hard-core vegans who care what they put in and on their bodies so they perform at their best every night.

Don't judge a compact by its appearance, they may not look like it but Tarte's Rainforest After Dark and After Hours Statement Collections are healthy enough, packed with antioxidants, durable enough to withstand sweat thanks to it's Amazonian Riverbank Clay, and the colors dark and sultry enough to create that rockstar look.

Tarte's After Hours Statement Essentials Set

Three qualities that matter the most to rockstars rocking it out on stage, healthy enough to soak into your skin, tough enough to stick through the sweat, and sultry enough to be make them look sexy.

Can't forget Urban Decay, the edgy but inventively healthy makeup line that's proud to be vegan and utilizes high technology distillation technology to derive anti-aging chemicals from watermelon and other good stuff.

Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance Set, 3 pc 


If smelling like a rock star is easier for you at work, Kay Perry's rich and fierce Killer Queen Fragrance Set is more up your alley.

Sweet and spicy, the top notes of plum, bergamot, and forest fruits that transfer into a spicy heart of red celosia, jasmine sambac and frangipani. A delectable base of praline, cashmere wood and patchouli gives this unique women's fragrance a woody finish that stays close to the skin.

This is how this scribe is gonna rock the Grammys.


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